Figure Skating


Alright.. So I'm a figure skater myself, and to be a competitive figure skater, it takes more hen just stepping out on the ice, jumping from forward to backwards, its harder then that, you're throwing yourself up in the air trying to spin 3-4 times in the air, there's spots in it where you're going to wanna give up, but you really can't give up, its something you're going to fall in love with, and something that you're really going to hate, but you just need to push your self through it and say, 'i know I can' because its just not something simple, its not something you can just learn in a day or two, I've been skating since I was 2 years old, and I still haven't got to the level I need to be at.. It takes skill, you need to have dedication to the sport and determination. I'm at the rink 5 days a week for longer then 3 hours. I personally think figure skating should be near the top, not number 7. So I think everyone should sit back and think a little bit harder on what the hardest ...more

You guys don't have to think in your sport you memorize the routine and that's it there's no split second decisions or pressures you just go do your performance (no dude racing at you at 90 mph) it might be hard but once your memorized there's not a lot left to add.

Figure skating is definitely the hardest sport. If you're thinking figure skating is just gliding on one foot and doing a little turn, it's much more. When you start learning to glide on one foot for 4 yards, doing a bunny hop and little turns, I don't think that even counts as figure skating. The real stuff starts when you start doing the flying sit spin, the illusion and jumps with 1-3 revolutions. You need to have precise leg, head, hips and arm positioning and impeccable timing to have enough rotation to the jump and land it. Personally I think it takes way longer than 4 years! When I was on freestyle 4 (which took me almost 4 years) I still felt I was on an extremely low level because I barely fell down and personally I think it is. I was only beginning to learn single jumps. If you don't fall at least 90% of the time while learning something new, you're not trying hard enough. Practicing takes dedication and pain. Some skaters wake up before school to practice. Some skaters ...more

I am a very good skater and my first time on ice I need to learn one week to begin to skate.

I'm a figure skater and let me just say it is not easy at all what so ever! It takes a lot of practice, off-ice, determination and passion! Some people don't even consider it a sport which hurts me and makes me sick because figure skating is definitely 100-percent purely a sport! One of the stupidest dumbest comments I ever got was "you don't sweat! " Really, really... You can sweat! And all you do is skate around! You have jumps and spins and edges and transitions and competitions! It's not easy! People are like oh it's so easy! Oh yeah, you try doing a jump or spin! You have to train hard if you want to skate! Everyday you skate that's your opportunity to practice, prepare and be ready for things! You have the off-ice training you have to do everyday! If you do figure skating you have to either work your butt off or don't! Cause if you are not going to even train or put the work into it then why are you even doing it and why even bother to show up! You have test sessions ...more

I have a friend who has been figure skating her entire life. I hardly ever see her because she is always training. I'm really busy with tennis anyways so yeah. But I definitely consider figure skating a very hard sport. You can get really injured though.

For anyone who questions figure skating as one of the 'top three' hardest sports, I ask you to do three things.

Go to your local rink.

1. After stepping on the ice and going around the rink a few times, try to jump up and land on two feet. See if you can jump 3 to 4 feet high and land with poise and good posture. Now, imagine doing this at top speeds with length as well as rotating while thousands of people are staring and judging your every move.

2. Now, lift your leg up on the ice as if you are doing an arabesque. See if you can hold it for 10 seconds. Now, Imagine that you must balance on one centimeter of your blade and master spinning in this position both backwards and forwards (i.E., forward and backward camel) at top speed while keeping the spin centered. This is just an example of one of main positions you MUST master. Oh yeah sit spins, real sit spins not the ones you see young children doing at your local rink. The quad strength you need for mastering ...more

I've been skating for 5-6 years and I have a lot of experience. It takes determination, hard work, and you can't be stupid and play around. If you want to REALLY skate you need to do EVERYTHING the best way possible. You want to be really competitive and if you want to make the cut, you need at least 2 or 3 silver medals in competitions. You need to practice at least once or twice a week for 3-4 hours and you need to practice, practice, practice. I am 11 and waiting to do axels, a lutz, and double or triple loops or double or triple toes. When you watch the Olympics, everything will seem easy but when your on the ice, it takes hard work. Those people are really good. You can never EVER feel intimidated. You need to accept the fact that those girls or boys are better than you. If you don't accept and say "Oh, they are just show offs! " you are obviously a dreadful skater. No one is a show-off, we just practice. It is very hard to handle the intimidation, I am not as flexible ...more

Figure skating is a VERY hard sport, I think it's harder then swimming because I'm a figure skater and a swimmer, but in figure skating, it takes a long time to do something and it took me about 6 months to just land an axel and you have to have a lot of stamina to keep going and keep trying and that's what makes skating tough and a lot of people don't have stamina. It is also very hard because you get a lot of injuries from skating like my legs are in very bad shape from falling a lot and when I'm older, I might have to get knee surgery because my knees hurt ALL THE TIME and my knees bend a different way. Like swimming, your body also hurts, but try skating for almost everyday for 3-4 hours of falling over and over again and your coach yelling at you to get up even you though your about to die out there. Skaters also have to be flexible like dancers and gymnast to be able to do spirals and spins. We also have to be very strong like a gymnast so we can be able to do high jumps. People ...more

Figure skating should be higher on this list. To be honest anyone who thinks figure is "just twirling around" is an idiot and needs a toe pick to the head. Figure skaters train harder than football players and must skate faster than hockey players. What figure skaters do is harder than what any other sport and they must look pretty while doing it. People think figure skating is easy because skaters work hard to make their programs look effortless. I would like to see one of the idiots who think figure skating is easy to just go and do a bunny hop or waltz jump, they'd probably give up after their first fall. No other sport can cause as much physical pain as figure skating. Skaters hurl themselves in the air and fall thousands of times to get to the olympics. Most skaters don't go to the olympics because they quit or injure themselves, or both. In gymnastics, hockey, football, and every other sport the athlete has some kind of padding or protection in case they fall but in figure ...more

I totally agree to that because I am 10 and have been skating since I was 4 and for me when I first started it was hard and it took almost 6 months just for me to be able to learn how to stroke correctly but with a lot of practice I can do really good spirals and I'm working on a double axel

Skater for 6 years, that's me. And when people say gymnastics is hard, I say "It's a help to ice skating. " It takes 2 other sports to be really good at figure skating which is dance and ballet. I don't really take either because I want to focus on my skating, I really don't need to get so hardcore. But it is really hard. I had to go through 8 basics which took me 3 years because there is A LOT of basic moves. Right now, I'm on Freestyle 3 and I'm improving a lot. But how I got here, was I worked hard. I have gone through over 7 coaches and 4 of them weren't helpful, but 3 were. It is sometimes hard to leave a coach because you feel pressure that it personally hurts them, but it doesn't, they always want you to improve. Now to the moves. You need to learn first the two-foot spin, then the one-foot, then you start a scratch spin. After that, you go onto sit spin which is actually very hard. Then you go onto camel spin which seems easy but then you see how you look, and you ...more

There's so much you can say about figure skating, about strength of skaters, their flexibility, that they can't be only athletes, because these years, if you want to win you must also have amazing interpretation, flawless step sequences and that something that will make audience love you. Figure skating requires tons of hard work, self confidence and huge amount of hours you spend on extremely cold rink. There are terrible crashes between skaters, some of them leave blood stains on ice. There are a lot of thinking. If you fall, you must stand up in 5 seconds, smile and continue your routine. If you don't have enough speed to make that jump clear, in split seconds you must decide if you are going for the original jump risking terrible fall or would you rather take easier jump that you can land clear. And if you fail that jump, you must in place change your whole layout because hey, if you would make that jump twice instead of this awesome ten mark you got zero points. People that never ...more

Ok, 3rd really? Figure skating is at least 2nd. I mean your literally on ice with a boot, balancing on a blade. Figure skating isn't just twirling and jumping around. When you watch figure skating on T.V. it looks "so easy" but lets be real, its not. To get even the easiest jump you have to have the right amount of power, a certain body position, a certain amount of speed, the right amount of hight, a certain way to push off the blade and a lot more. Doing spins takes balance, control, a certain amount of speed and power, a certain position of all your body, a strong focus and much much more. Everything in figure skating requires all your body part to be in a specific position to make whatever your doing be the littlest bit correct. To get ahead in skating you need hours and hours a day/week practicing and practicing. And its not just freestyle, ther is ice dances tests, ice dance freeskate, moves in the field tests, pairs, synchronized skating, freestyle teams, figures and anything ...more

Figure skater is so hard phisically and mentally, its difficult to describe it. Figure skaters are more athletic than football players. The conditioning is harder, more muscle is required, and much MUCH more. I am a figure skater and I spend 5 hours at the rink. Even if you're a low level skater, you will find it difficult. You can't land the jump unless you're using all of your body strength. It takes tons of muscle to pull in for a spin and pretty much all skaters have a six-pack. I'm the only figure skater in my school and my school is made up of mostly soccer and hockey players. They think that I am not athletic at all when I'm the most athletic person in my whole school. People say they judge you on looks but they don't. What do they expect? Us to skate to beautiful music in knee pads and a Jersey? NO WAY! We HAVE to wear dresses or we could fall. People say the outfits are too crazy. Everyone likes dress up right? Why not let us have a little fun. I saw this thing that said ...more

Okay so figure skating is definitely the hardest sport. Just think of it this way in figure skating you need extremely high cardio (jump rope straight for 4 minutes and don't stop and think of it as the equivalent to a long program, believe me it's hard) then you need to have the highest jumps, fastest rotation, coolest spins, most flexible positions, and you need to connect with the judges, because if you don't have a ton of artistry you'll just finish in like last. Oh and think of it this way, in nearly every sport you have more than one chance. Swimming you only really need to be good at a few strokes and it is the same in nearly every other sport besides figure skating. In skating you have a long and a short, but normally your two scores are put together and if you get 1st in the short and do bad in the long, you could end up getting like fifth. SKATING IS THE HARDEST SPORT. That is all I have to say

Alright so I'm sick and tired of everyone saying figure skating is just hopping in little dresses and drooling at hockey players, then saying football is harder. I've pretty much done every sport and I can say for sure figure skating is the hardest. Think throwing a ball and being tackled is hard? Maybe it is but it doesn't compare to figure skating, where your on 1/8 of an inch of metal, practically a knife, and the jumping 3-4 feet, rotating 3 revolutions with minimal to no padding. Things people don't get about figure skating is they make the claiming their sport "when you fall you break your arm, a girl T my gym had that happen 1 year ago." Honey, I've seen about 3 bones crack, seen a trail of blood on the ice, gotten a concussion personally, people leave crying, and it's a perk to have a coah who has a medical degree just in case. But you fall every single day, no if thens or buts. And don't even get me started about people saying it's hard to win. In pairs, partner chemistry is ...more

In figure skating, you must have strength, balance, flexibility, gracefulness, endurance, all these elements plus be able to jump up into the air and make rotations. I definitely believe figure skating is in the top ten hardest sports because it requires a lot of hard work and lots of practice. Landing that jump takes a lot of practice espeacially when you get into your doubles and triples. Everything must look and turn out perfect and there's a lot to think about (height, rotation, air position, foot&arm&leg position, landing, etc...). It's not only a very physically demanding sport, but also mentally demanding and needs complete dedication of an athlete. Figure skating is those early morning before school, waking up and 4 AM to go to practice, spending more time at the rink than sleeping, you can see it takes dedication. Repeating the same jump over and over again till it's perfect, bruised knees, legs, arms. But at the end, it's all worth it because I'm the girl who's in love with ...more

It's very difficult because its not only physically demanding, but mentally demanding. Most of the time you aren't with a team so it's all on you to do your best. Everything has to be prefect in your technique to be the best and even if you have great jumps and spins, your expression has to be perfect too. They don't care if you're smiling or not in football. Also, when you are synchronized skating, like me, you have to work together as a team mentally and physically. If you don't, you could cause a collision and someone could get seriously hurt. Judges judge you on the ability to perform movements in unison. There are many other things that go along with figure skating: dance, moves in the field, freestyle, synchronized, and pairs. Figure skating is my favorite Olympic event by far because its actually entertaining to watch. It's not fun to watch football because you know what they're going to do: run across the field with a ball and maybe throw it a few times. In figure skating, ...more

Figure skating is for sure the hardest sport. In addition to what everyone else has said, there is a huge mental aspect to it, something that most sport players don't even understand. Sometimes you can be so afraid to fall on that hard ice that you psych yourself out and can't even do the jump you are attempting for years! Gymnasts and cheerleaders feel pain but the floor they work on gives in and is slightly bouncy. Ice is 100% hard, and hurts much worse than any fall I've taken doing gymnastics. I have a bruise that was been on my knee for at least 2 years and I keep falling on it so it will probably never heal, it hurts sometimes when a put just a tiny pressure on it. People often think that once you learn how to skate you will all of sudden be able to do all the spins and jumps we do, but that is ridiculous, you will break something if you try to figure skate after just learning how to stroke around the ice.

I've been figure skating for for about 10 years and let me tell you it is not just a hobby. Once you commit to being a competitive figure skater, it becomes your life. I train 6 times a week, sometimes up to 4 hours. Imagine how devestating it would be to spend your life dedicated to a sport and falling in front of a huge audience. It is crazy the amount of courage skating takes. Most people can't even stand on the ice, yet they aren't impressed that someone can jump 4 rotations in the air? Figure skating not only takes strength, but it takes precision. Without technique a skater won't be able to know which muscles to use or where to put your arms. Do you know how you get that technique? From private coaching which can cost anywhere between 30 and 50 dollars for half an hour. SO not only is figure skating the most physically and mentally demanding sport, it is also the most expensive. (you also have to deal with the snobbiest girls that will put you down every second... Just saying)

I am a figure skater. I started 4 months ago and I am now in free style 1. It is so hard! When you fall sometimes you don't want to get up. But you have to! ' To be able to do any jump you must flexible! When you watch the Olympic the girls legs are born flexible they made it that way. The height is so hard. One of the most basic jumps the waltz jump isn't that easy to get high without making it look ugly. It looks so easy, but the reason it looks easy is because the skater is so good. Don't judge a sport until you tried it. You might not get tired if you have never ice skates before and you are going for fun. But you have to admit it is hard! Just skating is hard! Not to mention that more than half the people that go ice skating don't even skate they walk on ice like they were walking on the floor! They can't even do they easiest thing: skate. And most people don't even know how to tie their skates!

FIGURE SKATING IS THE HARDEST SPORT! In order to be the best, it takes YEARS of practice! When most people first step on the ice, they can't even stand up, so then imagine getting A LOT of speed, then springing up in the air, and rotating 1-4 times in the air. It takes just as much strength and practice as any other sport. If you think it's easy, go out onto the is and do just a single jump! It'll be REALLY HARD. Then imagine if you rotated 1-3 more times in the air. Jumps are for sure not the only hard things, don't forget, spins, footwork, spirals, and also performing in front of MANY people! So I think figure skating is the hardest sport.

Are you kidding? What makes it hard is having to throw your body up into the air, rotate up to 4 times around, and land on a quarter inch piece of metal. You think it doesn't take skill to have to do all that in a program? Even a 1:30 program tires you out. You also have to spin, do field moves, and be graceful all at the same time. It takes a lot of control to maneuver those crazy edges. And you may think it's funny to see a figure skater fall but it can hurt. I see more recreational skaters complaining about wanting to go on the ice because of falling, but actual figure skaters, aren't afraid of the challenge. And it should be in the top 3, maybe even the top.

No one can judge unless you've been to a real skating practice, the competitions on TV won't do you justice.

Figure Skating is definitely the hardest sport. I am a figure skater, and after 7 years, I am STILL working on an AXEL (the last of the 6 single jumps). It takes YEARS to learn how to figure skate, and no, going to the rink in rentals (they aren't even proper skates! ) and holding onto the wall when taking steps, scratching the ice doesn't count as figure skating. I DARE those people who think figure skating is easy to try and do a Lutz jump (I bet most of y'all don't know what that is). Can you even do back crossovers? Can you even GLIDE on your outside edge?! Do you even know what that is?! A lutz isn't even that hard. In fact, most figure skaters will say that it's not even a real competition figure skating jump, because it's too low-level. Let's take it up to a double axel. 2 1/2 rotations in the air, and you have to keep your feet crossed, and your body tight, as you sail through the air, rotating super fast. Try it! No, not on the ice; on the ground! Start on your left foot, and ...more

Umm...people...figure skating is definitely the hardest. Although I'm saying this from someone who has only done 2 years and stopped going to the rink for a long time, it is still extremely challenging both mentally and physically. The amount of bruises and blood spots I have on the sides of my hip bones, knees, shins etc. is crazy. Seriously, the scariest moment is when you know you are about to fall but can't do anything about it but waiting for that pain to come. It's THE WORST I'm telling you. And also when you can land a jump but in your head you are telling/warning yourself you might fall and you actually fall is so frustrating. Always so close yet so far after so many hours, weeks or months of practicing. Still can't do my sit spin to be honest since I have no quad muscles. it takes forever just to get the feel of a move and then it takes even longer to build up the courage and do it. I always feel that I'm not falling enough times during every one of my training sessions ...more

People need to stop hating on this sport. Figure skating is one of those sports where you have to try it to know what it is really like. Because behind all of that glitter and glam, is harder work than you could imagine. You need the flexibility of a gymnast, the endurance of football and soccer combined, the agility of a hockey player, and the unbelievable strength of well, a figure skater. Planks for fifteen minutes, splitz every way, push ups, sit ups, any skill you could think of... Figure skaters need it all. Figure skaters core's are so strong, I bet you could throw a brick at them and nothing would happen. Also, during spins, when your spinning that fast, you wouldn't believe how strong your legs have to be to pull in. And during landings, the weight that is put on their legs is eight times their body weight! When I learned that, I'm like take that, hockey players! Didn't think figure skating is hard? Think again.

FIGURE SKATING ISN'T AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. I used to be a figure skater. I was spending 4 hours at the rink for 5 days a week. You spend about 1 hour off ice, and 3 hours on ice. I'm sure other sports are hard too, but I believe figure skating is the hardest. Not only are you on ice, but having to spin, and jump 1-4 rotations isn't as easy as it looks. And 90% of the time during practice is spent falling. You will never fall as much as a figure skater has. Figure skating takes a lot of dedication. And when you're finally done with practice, you have to go home and stretch & do homework as most skaters are also students. You miss out on all the fun parts of growing up like parties, because you're always at the rink. Plus the programs. You have to memorize them. Breaking in new skates. All the blisters, bruises, glitter. And it's one of the most expensive sports. It's about $40/hr for private coaching, plus ice time, plyus skates which can range from $500-$1000 for advanced skaters. The ...more

I am a figure skater and people really underestimate the sport. Just for a single element, let's take a jump, there is so much to consider. first you have to have skating skills in order to do the entrance before the jump. Next you have to push into the jump the right way, with the proper speed, with your body in a certain position and so on. After you have to get inky the air and get unit a certain position within a half a second. After you need to rotate the desired amount of rotations. Your body needs to go through the process of learning when to stop the rotation in the air. Next you have to land the jump a certain way, with A. Certain body position and so on. Now this is a simple jump imagine how hard all the other elements are for solo skaters. And now imagine how much harder it is for pair skating. I say that swimming is hard, but pretty much your goal is to not drown. Skating has so much more at risk, in fact its very possible to paralyze yourself skating. Skating or ...more