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American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.


Football is one of the most difficult sports because it requires incredible physical and mental ability. While a lot of the sports listed are almost purely physical, football requires players to process a lot of information and react very quickly, all while 300 pounders are coming at you. I know that it may not be top 5, but it deserves top ten. Also, the comment that a football player would lose in a rowing competition is irrelevant. Any athlete would lose when against elite competition in a sport they've never played.

I don't even play football. I swim, but there is no denying that football is hard. You are practically just getting smashed on the ground( or doing the smashing). I don't understand the people that are like " I have harder workouts than football". No you don't. My brother had football training and now he is probably going to have back problems for the rest of his life from weightlifting. Now tell me football is easy.

Perhaps it is harder to throw a person than an object yeah of course, but football requires mental and physical strength. It requires not only physicl prescence but also you have to get hit every play, and get right back up and do it again. For a football play to work 11 pklayers must all be in sync and as a game goes on and you are worn down you must keep going and doing the same thing. It takes a certain type of person to have the courage to collide with another human being at full speed every 30 seconds. You have to have mind and body in sync, reacting quickly is essential nomater how physically gifted someone is. One player makes a mistake it effects the whole team.

This is the worst list I have ever seen. Football at 20? Really? Competitive Dancing is ten spots higher, let alone swimming being number two. I played football in parks and rec when I was a lot younger, and it was hardcore. One time some kid got hit so hard he broke some ribs and they had an ambulance come out onto the field to bring him to the hospital. This is Parks and Rec for middle school, not even a Middle School team. Bring it up quite a few notches to the pros, and people are tearing ACLs left and right, breaking ankles, and getting concussed every week. Football is without a doubt top 2 or 3. - Vinyl

I totally agree even in middle school ball I got a concussion and was out for weeks I agree this is the worst site ever

The plays get so confusing! We have like hundreds. When it is hot outside imagine being in about 20 pounds of gear and still being expected to run fast. Get plowed into the dirt by a lineman. Messing up on a play means the whole team messes up. The helmet is heavy and is hard to catch with. You are getting hit every single play.

Football is not just about throwing a ball in the air and catching it! Every play you line up against someone and hit them with all your power as tey do the same. And you must know your routes, blocks, plays, audibles, signals and all. This should be at least top 5.

I'm no Football player but my boyfriend is. I sometimes go and see his games and trust me this is a sport! I think it should be higher on this list. This sport is VERY demanding and to me very difficult but I am no one to judge that is just my opinion.

Injury happen in almost every game. It has to be the toughest sport!

I've played a lot of sports and I can tell you that football hurts the most. Imagine waking up and just feeling pain all over. Now imagine that happening every time you have a game. There's so many ways to get hurt. Hurt your leg running, hurt your arm throwing, hurt your spine getting tackled. - spiritofhiphop

Football isn't hard! I can tell you now, Rugby is harder. You play 80 minutes without any breaks instead of getting a break every 10 seconds! Rugby is hard, tough, but NFL isn't hard. They even added helmets and pads all around the body! - micahisthebest

This sport is not hard! If any of you knew this stuff is scripted and a certain team is supposed to win meaning anyone who plays does use skill to make an illusion that they are "trying their best" point is its scripted and should not be a sport - Pom6universe

Football is nothing. you get breaks and pads. Yeah you get tackled but don't give me the mental toughness crap... Cross country requires 10,000 times as much mental toughness... And who cares if football is a contact sport? That's the excuse people always make to say it's hard but your really just complaining.

I play football in. High school for conditioning we run about 1000 yards and sometime carry guys who weigh twice as much as we do on our backs and run half the field

Football is a rough sport not a tough one. Swimming deserves its spot right where it is but I can agree 100% that dancing shouldn't be that high and football should be higher.

I'm sorry for you guys. I don't think its number one but it should be higher than 24... I mean power tumbling is not harder than football

I do 3 of these and have friends doing the other 15 or whatever and there is no way that most of these are harder than football

Football is stupid. I am a swimmer and I have tried football. It is just a bunch of idiots trying to his each other in the head. In swimming if you stop you drown in football you get hit which is worse

This is horrible why is it so low it is clearly a top 10 hardest sport. The fact that people run with all their might and hit each other.

Football is not easy at all and is much harder than dance in dance yeah you have to be strong but you don't have to block a 200+ pound guy

Do you know how hard this sport is? You know key factors of becoming a sports player? Imagine all of them in one. That is football.

Are people stupid?! Football is one of the most physically demanding sports played by people who are 300lbs and run a 4.8 second 40 yard dash. These people are freaks of nature not to be found in any other sport.

Football is a hard game to play. You have to know the plays and most of all be fit.

Football players have one of the hardest jobs and its very dangerous

Football is so hard you get hurt really bad it should be the 3 hardest

Definitely should be the toughest sport