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Sorry, but Formula 1 is not a sport. I am in no way dismissing how incredibly difficult Formula 1 is (I would jump off a cliff before getting into and driving a Formula 1 car) but I would not consider it a sport. Sports concern feats of physical athleticism, agility and/or endurance. Formula 1 is a test of extreme skill, dexterity and nerve. They're different things. It disappoints me that something like Formula 1 makes number 34 on this list, pushing other (more worthy) sports like badminton and curling down into the 120ths and 130ths. By the way, I have nothing against Formula 1; it's very impressive and can be amazing to watch.

24 Of the best drivers in the world drives formula one, obviously anyone can drive a car, but not at that speed lap after lap. To get your super license takes immense amount of time and money. Definitely only talented drivers make it into formula one.

imagine having more strain on your neck than an astronaut at take off and having to keep a perfect line all over the track in fear of losing 0.2 seconds to someone. I'd reconsider so called 'soccer' (btw its footbal ;) )

Driving formula 1 is not driving NASCAR. Formula 1 is like a ballroom dance that has to be executed perfectly, or else the driver (and maybe spectators) could pay dearly. The mental prowess needed to shift, brake, accelerate, turn, pass, follow, pit or even blink is intense

The amount of stress your body goes through is much greater than any other sport. A F1 driver typically loses 10L of water every race, and is subjected to as much as 5 times his bodyweight each lap. Under these conditions the driver must make split second decisions at over 300kmhr and maintain his awareness. The concentration levels required every second under the stress they are subjected to is the most out of any sport.

The thing is, with most of these other sports, anybody could do it - they only become difficult once you get to high levels of competition. But with motorsports, even the lowest entry-level competitions require incredible skill, perseverance and hard work to have any sort of success.

F1 in my opinion is the hardest sport, if you think about it football players allot of the time just walk around taking in the breath, in Formula 1 they are in 100% concentration for 2 hours (half an hour longer than a football match and miles longer than a Boxing match), plus all the G-Force that they have to go through.