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On top of rigorous workouts that are targeted towards muscle failure, very similar to Cross Fit, wrestlers must remain under a strict diet and a strict discipline. There's no shortcuts in wrestling, it all comes clean on the mat which wrestler worked harder day in and day out. Every wrestler will tell you that after wrestling most things in life seem easier. Wrestling has a very unique and unparalleled competition level. In gymnastics, one competes in their event and waits to see if their opponent does worse, in track and field, races can be fairly easily predicted beforehand, in team sports no one player can truly take responsibility for a victory. In wrestling, on the other hand, the goal is to literally break the will of the opponent, one must use every ounce of their might to physically force someone to do their will. I'm not sure if you've ever tried to force someone onto their back when they're fighting with all of their strength, but not something that comes from 'gut'... ...more

I haven't competed in many other sports, I was a wrestler, I also ran cross country bus that was just to add to my conditioning for wrestling. So because I have not competed at a high level in any other sports it is hard to sit here and type about why wrestling is harder than another sport. I can only use examples from my experience in wrestling. I started wrestling in the 8th grade, I wrestled in Oklahoma which is a well known state for wrestling. In wrestling one of the hardest things I encountered about the sport was making weight. I have pulled as much as 20 pounds in a one week period. It was not easy and I don't know if I could have done it weekly but 10-12 pounds was a weekly thing until my senior year when I really got my diet under control. At that point it was only 4-5 pounds a week which I would lose in 2 hours of a 3-4 hour practice. Practices regularly consisted of 2-3 hours of drilling and live wrestling and then 30-45 minutes of conditioning at the end. Jog sprints, ...more

Come on. The only true sport that takes endurance to it's limits. It takes every attribute you have to win. These guys work their buts off and what do they get. They deserve to be number one 'cause they can wrestle despite all these flaws.

Wrestling for life.

Hardest by far this sport takes so much dedication and no one watching cares or anything

In a competitive wrestling match there is no time to stop and think, it uses all your energy and much more. On average, I leave the wrestling room four pounds lighter than I was when I came in, but there are days when I lose about six or seven pounds after a practice. My wrestling team is only average, so we don't have extremely difficult practices, but we still have intense workouts. We start the practice with a two and a half mile warm-up run, a stretch, more jogging inside the room at an 80 degree temperature, sprints, running with someone on your back, climbing ropes, sit-ups, push-ups, THEN we actually start practice. The main part of practice is so difficult that one starts to feel dizzy if they put in effort, after all this we do intense lifts. Within a month of wrestling season I dropped six pounds (doesn't sound like much, but I was only 112 lbs before and I had almost no fat) and now I have a six-pack. I gained significant muscle mass and I learned what hard-work truly ...more

Competition cheer leading? Are you serious? How does that make any sense? You are competing, you have to have spot on timing and accuracy. But wrestling you need not only your own accuracy, you have to be precise to a tee. Mess up a move and you're broken, I'm talking metal plates attached to collarbones and potentially life ruining accidents broken. There is no one else to help you, there is no "team" on that mat. Just you and the other guy, 9 minutes, and a lot of pain. If you get hurt you keep wrestling, if you're bleeding you keep wrestling, I've watched guys with broken collarbones continue wrestling because they felt as though they had too. He level of dedication it takes to wrestle is unmatched by any other sport, period.

To add onto the physical challenge of wrestling you have the mental pains too. When someone is taking your arms and bending it behind you in an attempt to make you move and you're not supposed to it takes as much mental strength as anything ...more

Why wrestling isn't at the top of this list I don't even know. It's literally an all year sport. You can't take any days off if you wanna be good. In wrestling you don't always control the match, you are going one on one with someone else. It takes so much conditioning, strength, and agility. You can't whine you have to push through all the pain and do whatever it takes to win your match. We get brutally beat up physically and mentally. My coach always says he doesn't care if we have had a bad day, have a headache, or even have a broken bone. He says if your bone is sticking out of your skin you find a way to put it back in place and get right back to work. If you've ever been to a wrestling tournament you would know how tiring and painful it is. Wrestling is one of a few sports I know of where you have to make a certain weight. I believe that if you don't have to make a certain weight before competing you can't say your sports harder. After the long painful hours of practice and ...more

I'm a girl and have been wrestling for seven years now I am only 11 years old. I don't wrestle girls I only wrestle guys. And I am also wrestling at an age group of 13 and 14 year old kids. I go to practice Monday through Friday every week and on weekends I go to wrestling tournaments Sunday is the only day I have off. Every day you have to give it your all or you don't get nothing accomplished. I've tried other sports before like soccer tennis volleyball and basketball but nothing compared to the exhaustion that I get on the mat. I wrestle with people that are two years older than me. During the summer I weigh like 125 but when the rest of the year I only weigh like 100 lbs. We wrestle all year round but don't have any tournaments after July. Then wrestling tournaments start up in October again. Wrestling doesn't only teach how to win a match it teaches discipline and endurance. The only People that think wrestling is easy are the people that have never done it before. Like my coach ...more

Whoever ranked these are nuts. Gymnastics & Wrestling should be at the top - with wrestling ranked higher. These sports require the use of every muscle, mental clarity, speed, balance, agility, flexibility, endurance, strength. Wrestling always has an opponent working against the athlete (as a complete unknown) countering every move, and the wrestler not only has to be aggressive, offensive and defensive - at the same time. A wrestler can't decide to compete only in competitions which support their strengths - he must participate in neutral, defense position, and offense position- (For example: a wrestler may be strong at double leg takedowns, but has to wrestle an opponent who wrestles from knees in neutral - completely taking away his advantage. Whereas, gymnasts choose to compete in their strongest areas. A person who cannot balance on the beams doesn't have to compete & can stick to the floor competition. ) Bars, mats, trampolines - these are all known entities and do not equate ...more

OK I do think wrestling deserves to be 4th but it is NOT harder than gymnastics, in fact gymnastics was proven that it is the hardest sport by ESPN sport science so get your facts right -_- watch gymnastics training montages like: gymnastics run boy run, gymnastics glory and gore, gymnastics marching on, gymnastics remember the name, gymnastics why do we fall, and more if you have time because it shows the hard work and dedication that goes into gymnastics and that we aren't just girls jumping around in pretty leotards. We train 10+ hours a day, so that's 60+ hours a week, and we do 2 hours of extremely tough conditioning ( which is so hard at the end of it at least 3 girls are crying because of the intense pain and at least 2 girls have puked and ALL the team ( 8 girls ) is in extremely severe pain. IT IS NOT EASY, like seriously how is flipping on a 4 inch wide beam easy, or even just flipping easy? We loop and spin and do tricks in bars until our hands rip in chunks and bleed hard ...more

Wrestling is hands down the hardest sport out there. When I first started wrestling I really didn't think it would be very hard. There's no running involved, and no real hitting, so how hard can it be? I was dead wrong. This isn't wrestling your brother who's 5 years younger than you in your living room. This is going against somebody the same weight as you, using every muscle in there body to keep them up and you down. Think of arm wrestling. You know the feeling where your both the same strength, pushing as hard as you can to see who will quit first? Now imagine your whole body feeling that. And if you lose, you walk away after feeling that pain with nothing but embarrassment. And that's just the matches. Don't even get me started on practice, where you're worked even harder than matches, in around an 85 (or more) degree room to cut weight. It is grueling. The other sports ahead of this (other than maybe gymnastics) don't require the strength and will to compete and win as wrestling ...more

Dude yea I agree wrestling is thew hardest sport ever even tryed we work are butts off and nobody even watching and then they go right ahead and make jokes

Why the heck isn't this in the top 3? Along with rugby and gymnastics! What other sport besides possibly gymnastics do you have to worry about weight as an issue, you have to sometimes wrestle on an empty stomach after cutting weight for hours, have to compete as an individual to help the team as a whole? Other sports don't require the tough mentality and drive it takes to be a wrestler. Wrestling is by far the hardest sport, reason why I think it is ahead of gymnastics? Because many wrestlers have a gymnastics back ground that gave them flexibility and strength. Put wrestling up there!

You are obviously stupid if you don't think wrestling is the toughest sport first you have to condition more than any other sport second losing ten to 20 pounds to make weight it is extremely hard to be losing that much weight yet function at full capacity third wrestling practices especially in collage or a club are extremely hard and will be one of the toughest thing you will do fourth you are out there by yourself so when you lose all the blame is on you and it wears on you mentally fifth you have to be extremely mentally tuff being you are out there alone sixth you have to be extremely strong and fast and have skill overall wrestling is the toughest high school sport mentally and physically anybody who disagrees should just wrestle for one month if they could last

No other sport is the same as wrestling. In wrestling every ounce of strength, speed, conditioning, and technique is tested. If you're a little weaker not quite as in shape or mentally not all there you'll get your ass kicked. Wrestlers get hurt constantly most guys who wrestled just in high school can't run anymore because of all the hip and knee injuries. The conditioning in practice is insane, sprints till you puke. Running dozens of extra miles to cut weight, in addition to not eating for days. To even compare horseback riding to wrestling is ludicrous no sport can compare with wrestling in terms of the amount of will and heart it takes not only to win but just to compete. And people wonder why wrestlers are insane once you've wrestled everything else in life is easy

Agreed. Heck, I'm lucky I never had to cut weight since I'm already so light.

Go ahead make jokes... But when you get on the mat with an experienced wrestler you will die! Wrestling is undoubtedly the hardest sport. Football-take a break every 7 seconds. Basketball-jogging and standing still the entire game. Baseball-not really athleticism. Cheer-what? Cheer not even a sport. Your lungs will be gone after a 6 minute match honestly. Every muscle in your body. The sport is about 3 things. Strength, mindset, and technique. No other sports need all three.

Wrestling should be way above these other sports, I mean come on, horse back riding? It's extremely physically demanding to slam, lift and use quick feet for a three hour practice and to sweat for hours in a snowsuit when you've been dehydrating for days. You literally use most of your muscles all the time when you're wrestling in a match and you go completely all out, physically with maximum nerves for those 6 minutes and when you're not in a match you have to face the challenge of weight cutting. Any weight-class sport should be above all others, because this is an additional challenge before you even start to compete. There's also a risk of injury and joint deterioration over time. Needless to say thus countdown is incredibly inaccurate.

Alright this is a joke right? Water polo, gymnastics, motor cross over wrestling? Wrestling is the continues use of every muscle in your body for 6 minutes at a time. I have had practices where I have lost 8 pounds. Plus, the practices are just as hard as the matches, with your coach being the equivalent of a sadistic prison guard. I had one practice where our coach said to us he was going to work us until someone puked. 15 minutes of sprints and push ups later, we had 2 people rush out the door. Our coach said "remember when I said I was gonna make you work until you puked? Well, I lied" and pushed us another 10 minutes. Add that to 1.5 minute injury times, players competing with broken legs, torn tendons, etc, and you have the hardest sport there is

I have been wrestling for only three years and never have I met a person who thinks that wrestling is not the hardest sport that they have ever done. All the other athletes in my school think the same thing, they see us killing ourselves doing are conditioning and go back to there practices thanking themselves for not wrestling. The worst part is not being on weight the night before a meet. I have had teammates have to drop up to 7 lbs in a single night. Which means no food or water and almost a full night of sweating off water weight. Most wrestlers I know are cutting weight throughout the week, that is just as bad because your hungry after every small "meal" and you still have to practice.

People have already most of the main points with how tough wrestling is physically and mentally. To add you need to be constantly thinking. Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Horseback riding and figure skating you have routines that you can practice till there perfect. With wrestling your constantly thinking each competitor is different with a different stile and strength. you have to think on the fly and change your plan constantly and your opponent is trying there hardest to stop you and also changing there plan no mach is the same you have to try to practice to deal with everything, not just learn a routine.

Wrestling has to be the mentally toughest sport from hard grinding out practices with 100 degree wrestling rooms and steamy windows to not drinking any water for week because you need to cut 20 pounds my Friday morning so you run every night in a sauna suit so you can lose that weight. I would say that the training and the practices and the cutting weight is what makes wrestling the toughest sport and not the competition because you train so hard and bust your ass the completion comes easy so it's define toy the preparation the kills you and you just have to stay mentally and physically. Tough tru it all.

Wrestling is not an ordinary sport. It requires plenty of discipline to be a wrestling. It requires dedication and respect. It requires you to be attentive in learning session in order to perfect each moves. Not only is it based on your learning curve, you also need strength and endurance. Wrestling may not be the HARDEST sport, but it is the TOUGHEST sport. Unlike any other sport, wrestling is more of an individual sport where you can not call for your team mates help as you are by yourself on a one on one match.

I agree with everything stated about wrestling. I was a first year wrestler in my senior year. My coaches broke me down mentally and physically then they rebuilt me into a tough wrestler. In the begging of the season throwing up is perfectly normal and if you did not feel like throwing up then you did not practice hard enough. Almost cried 2 time at practic, that was fun! I almost quit but the changes I was noticing with my self kept me going and I could honestly say it was one of the best but hardest sport I have have participated in, and I have played football, soccer, swimming and others and nothing compares

No way wrestling not the hardest! I've wrestled for 3 years and my leg and shoulder have been messed up.. My shoulder is dislocated and I don't know whats wrong with my leg! I also messed up my heels! And horseback riding? What the heck is up with that! And I have a gymnastics background and gymnastics is about 1million times easier than wrestling! And swimming I could probably crush all the swimmers in middle school and I'm 11! I mean come on this chart is really inaccurate! I could do all the sports above wrestling. I wrestle year round no break! Almost every tournament I leave hurt! Wrestling should easily be #1

Gymnastics? Wrestling is the purest form of sport. It is one person against another to see who is physically technically and mentally better. We literally throw around and are thrown around by people of equal size. I doubt you've ever lost six or seven pounds in a gymnastics practice. Believe me, from conditioning to strength to wear on the body to the mental aspect. From that first head butt to the hand raise wrestling is the hardest sport. -wrestler from Iowa