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Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.


Gymnastics is definitely the hardest. All the people that play ball sports and hokey at my school think that their sport is so hard because they train for two hours in the sun and do ten sprints on a hard practice. *snort*. Gymnastics requires so much more than a simple ball sport. It requires insane amounts of strength, but also grace, flexibility, endurance, balance, speed, control, mental strength like focus, and much more. Then there are little annoyances like let's see RIPPING YOUR ENTIRE HAND RAW. People at my school are so baffled that I train 25 hours at minimum every week. I have been since I was 6 years old. (But I started gymnastics at 2 years old). I look forward to the fitness tests at school so I can laugh at the "tough" boys do 10 push-ups and then complain that their arms hurt for the rest of the day while I am not breaking a sweat at 80 push-ups because that's what I do at practice everyday. You don't understand. On different sources comments said that ...more

To the other athletes saying, " gymnastics is a joke! " Or "gymnastics is easy! " you made laugh so damn much, saying gymnasts have easy conditioning and all they do is dance and jump and flip, you have no idea how much EFFORT and DEDICATION goes into gymnastics, we train over 10 HOURS a day and we do crazy insane conditioning, 150 push ups, 200 pull ups, running around till you fell like puking and that's not even a thent of it, we do four events so its basically 4 sports in one, floor, bars, beam and vault, each one a different routine, I would LOVE to see a cheerleader, equestrian, footballer or wrestler do FLIPS and SPINS on a 4 inch wide plank of wood without wobbling or falling off, or spin and flip and do different tricks on just 2 bars, flipping from one to another while your hands literally POUR WITH BLOOD WHILE CHUNKS OFF SKIN RIP OFF your HANDS and I am not exaggerating because it happens to me every practice, or I would like to see you run full speed ...more

1st hardest is definitely the hardest.
You cry, bleed, break bones and sometimes die!

I'm a gymnast too, and gymnastics is definitely the 1st hardest sport. We work so hard to do what we do, and people may think its just fun, its blood, tears, sweat, broken bones, and rips. No sport is harder then gymnastics

I've been doing gymnastics since I was 4, and I can honestly say nothing compares to gymnastics. I'm now 16 and still in love with the sport, event though I have made massive sacrifices for gymnastics, such as missing sleepovers and parties etc simply because I have the responsibility of going to gymnastics training where I get stretched until tears physically leave my eyes.

Gymnastics is 80% mental 20% physical. Without the mental strength you simply won't make it, just like in any other sport. But what sets gymnastics apart from the other sports is its uniqueness. Gymnastics comprises of all the skills needed in all other sports! You need the stamina of a marathon runner, the strength of a weightlifter, the finesse of a horse showjumper and the accuracy of an archer.

I broke my leg in January doing a 2.5 twisting straight back on floor simply due to one bad take off, and that's all it takes for everything to go pear shaped! I had done that skill a million times before, ...more

Why would I vote for any other sport to be the most difficult! After all, I've done it for 12 years and I know that it's not easy. Gymnastics is every sport ever created that has been rolled into one perfect little package. It is full of physical and mental challenges that only the people commuted to the sport could possibly complete. Many people say that gymnastics is so easy and girly and wimpy. Why do you think the gymnasts boss the school fitness tests? It's because we have muscles! I condition hour after hour until I'm so sore I can't walk. We aren't wimps. We are probably stronger than most people on the planet. No exaggeration. I have also been told that gymnasts have no endurance and we aren't very durable. They point out the fact that we are always broken. Have you ever considered that we break bones because we try incredibly hard and dangerous skills? Breaking bones has nothing to do with durability. A durable person is a person who gets hurt and then gets back up and does ...more - Thxforthecoffee

I'm speaking for the gymnasts. And sure when your in classes all you do is cartwheels handstands handsprings and maybe 50 pushups or Sit ups, but when your on a team you do endless conditioning over and over until you do it with proper form. And I'm not talking 50 pushups ten chinups and all that I'm saying 260 pushups three sets of fifteen chinup pullovers two sets of thirty leglifts three rope climbs (and by the way the rope is sixty feet tall with out knots oh yeah and did I mention you can't use your feet or legs whatsoever on your way up and down the rope) 100 arch body lifts ten straight hollow body chin up levers a twenty minute set of weight lifting eighty heel drives twenty full press handstands in a row from a no rock sit three sets of twenty handstand pushups if a four foot tall beam that's four inches think, and should I go on? And let me just say we tend to do more difficult running drills than football players do, our practicing hours average to 28 hours a week while ...more

Gymnastics is definitely the hardest. You work so hard only to break your bones, get hounded by the judges in terms of points, and retire at the age of 20 at the latest. Sometimes I wonder if its worth it. But the funny thing is, I love it so much. I love the blood, sweat, tears, breaks, now I can go without being hounded by judges, but you get my point - Thegymnastgirl16

Gymnastics is definitely all-around the hardest sport in the world.

What I see a lot of people doing when they compare sports is they just put in how much people perspire, and just standard strength and running endurance and such. People know nothing about gymnastics. It requires immense strength in every single muscle strand in your entire body, and if you are slightly weak in one area, you could tear the whole ligament or muscle. Not only this, but there is no padding, and when I am doing releases on high bar and mess up or release at the wrong time, I frequently find myself smashing into a steel bar, or falling ten feet onto thin mats, so talk about durability. We also have a deep muscle memory that requires years and years and years of repetition to develop, so we do not just have strength, but we have complete and utter control over our muscles.

Another reason why gymnastics is so hard is that we do not have to master a single or several skills like being a wide ...more

I was in gymnastics from the age 5-10 and I was a level six when I quit due to injury (Two of the joints in my wrists snapped. One in my left one in my right. And one shattered in my left. I was going from the high bar back to the low bar practicing a flip back and I missed the low bar with my hands and it hit the top of my wrists. The doctor said that if I wanted to use my hands ever again I had to quit. ) Since then I have healed and have competed in many other sports such as cheerleading, diving, track, swimming, etc. I can say from experience that none of them have even a inch on the rigorous training gymnastic has. Many people think of it as equal to cheerleading but it is infinite times harder. Cheerleaders are just stunt and flip. In gymnastics you must be perfect in every turn, every toe point. You must get over the fear of flipping yourself from two bars and knowing that there is a possibility that if you get it wrong you could injure yourself forever. (ie. how I injured ...more

Gymnastics is definitely one of, if not the most difficult sport. An immense amount of strength is required for even the simplest skills to be executed properly. Every muscle group in a gymnast's body must be strong. Runners for example, primarily strengthen their legs & minimal core work. Gymnastics requires upper body strength, core strength, & lower body strength, along with all of the little muscle groups that most don't even realize exist. Similar to climbers, gymnasts must do grip strength training for bars. Rope climbs are a great tool for this & building the extreme upper body strength that is vital to gymnastics. Gymnasts need endurance & power. So gymnastics training encompasses the training of distance runners & sprinters. Additionally, gymnastics is the most mentally demanding sport out there. Knowing that a slip in focus for even one second could lead to paralysis is not exactly comforting. Mental blocks are so common and drive many gymnasts to quit. Gymnasts have to ...more

I am a gymnast and for those who think we just do two minute routines then we're done for the day... Wrong! We do the routine then immediately go and work other harder skills or work on improving skills in the routine already. ESPN Science calculated Gymnastics being the hardest sport because it takes the flexibility of a dancer, the upper strength of a football player, the endurance of a swimmer and a runner, the force of a football player and wrestlers, the speed of a sprinter, the timing/calculations of a figure skater etc. As your are flipping, your mind is subconsciously calculating the timing or the speed of a skill, all while remaining constantly aware of your center of mass and your surrounding as you flip two times in a twist in the air with the world spinning around you. We go to practices for 5-6 hours every single day. You make one bad turn, miscalculated something or mentally lose it halfway through a skill, you fracture your spine or break your neck. We flip blindly ...more

Gymnastics is a challenging sport; mentally and physically. Gymnastics can die or face being paralyzed just by a misplacement of a hand. I am a gymnast, and its hard to keep up with school & friends but its worth it. I go to gymnastics everyday right after school, not getting home until 8:30 then getting to do homework. 3-8:30 is a long time to be flipping around and conditioning. And no we don't just flip, it takes a lot of energy to throw our body's up in the air high enough to do a double back or twist during it too. We also have to have the strength to do backflips on a four inch beam to balance ourselves. And we have to have to get over those mental blocks; when your scared for a skill and won't do it. I've had many mental blocks and they suck, the skill just takes over your head and you get so frustrated you just wanna break down and cry but you keep going because this sports our life and you don't know what you'd do Witt out it. Shin splints, and very other part of your body ...more

I have been a gymnast for 10 years of my life. I can honestly say that gymnastics is everything to me. Being in the gym for 16 hours a week, which isn't much, has taught me everything I know about myself. This is the most physically exhausting sport I could ever imagine.

Let's start on vault. Here, you must sprint to your full capacity for 70 feet then do a flip to get your hands on the table. But you can't leave them there too long or else you've lost your momentum. You have to figure out which approach works best for you: forwards, backwards, twisting, etc. Then you have not even 4 feet to flip and twist off of your hands & onto a very hard landing. But it's a learning process so you land on your face, knees, over rotate to your back & so on. Timing is key on vault. Then you have to do it again.

Next up is bars. More options & finding out what works for you so that takes time. How do you get from bar to bar? For a dismount, you can go backwards or forwards with ...more

I'm a gymnast and yes I think it is one of the hardest sports in the world, the strength and conditioning is probably worse or close to what football players would do, we get rips from the bars, pains in our legs, arms, backs, necks, but still have to keep going! We have to have great nerves and overcome fears, of flipping on ten centimetre wide beams higher then a metre of the ground. Swing around bars, and be able to re-grip thousand of times without slipping off, you basically have to be perfect. Gymnastics is not easy! I hate it when people say "gymnastics is easy, all you do is flip around and do the splits" NO, COMPLETELY WRONG! How do you think we get the strength to jump that high! How do you think we learnt how to twist in three different ways in one jump, how do you think we gained the nerves to do everything! How do you think it feels to be pushed further than you can in very aspect.. Especially flexibility, pushing you further then your legs can go! Its definitely not ...more

I am a gymnast myself and I think gymnastics defiantly deserves to be #1. I don't think people realize how much time and commitment you have to put towards this. It's also a very competitive sport. People think this is an easy thing to do but they don't see what's behind all the "cool stuff." First of all, there's the conditioning part. Conditioning may hurt, but It makes gymnasts stronger. Whenever I am about to have a competition, we condition a lot before the big day. We do push-ups, sit ups, V-sits, hollow body holds, supermans, planks, leg lifts, burpies, and sitting on splits for a long time. After practice I feel sore, but I have to get ready to do it all again. On top of conditioning, we have to have strength, balance, grace, confidence, focus, and be willing to work hard. For vault, I need a lot of power to do the handspring over the vault. For beam, I need balance when completing the routine. For bars, I need strength and focus for jumping on to the high bar, or ...more

I have broken my left ankle twice, my arm, broke a growth plate in my knee, and tore a muscle in my shoulder. And it's not because I'm clumsy or a klutz, in fact my coaches and teammates have told me I have the best balance, grace, and agility in the team. It's just that tough. It's not necessarily hard, because you build so much strength and power over time many skills become easy. It is just that to make them look good and for you not to end up in the hospital with a broken leg after every practice, you have to work SUPER hard to PERFECT each skill. And coaches aren't mean and they don't always yell, either, my coaches are some of my closest friends, they just want you to be great at what you do. The conditioning is SUPER hard, but it's SUPER worth it. Now, a TRUE gymnast loves the hard work, the toughness, the "mean" coaches, the pain, the tiredness, the soreness, the ripped bloody hands from bars, the bruises on our inner thighs from splitting the beam, our calf and thigh ...more

Honestly, no other sport can possibly compare to gymnastics. When I quit, 3 years ago, I tried out some other sports. I competed swimming, horseback, and cheerleading for quite a while. I have respect for everyone who pursues these sports, but they just weren't the same level of challenge as gymnastics.

I came back to the gym this year despite the grueling practices, the pain, the inevitable injuries, and coaches who yell at you after every mistake. Gymnastics is just so hard because you are chasing perfection while doing crazy difficult things. It's a mind game. You have to FORCE your body to get over the fear to do insane skills on a 4 inch balance beam and don't even think about missing your hands! If you have a bad fall, you're expected to get back up and do it again until it's right.

Little girls and boys train their childhoods away with hopes of someday reaching perfection in the hardest sport in the world - gymnastics.

I was a level 10 gymnast and trained from age 2-14. It is the most physically and mentally demanding sport. We all know how physically demanding it is so I won't go into great detail, but everyone fail sto acknowledge the mental toughness a gymnast must possess. You are doing insane scary things with your body and constantly have to THINK. I gave up 24 hours of my week and countless hours traveling and competing, forfeiting much of my social life(not to mention stunting my growth and making myself a late bloomer)all for this one sport. Cheer cannot even TOUCH gymnastics in difficulty. Any level 7 gymnast can EASILY go become a cheerleader on the highest level team. I'd like to see the highest level cheerleader walk into the gym and try a day of being the highest level gymnast, not even the highest level, they would struggle with level 5.

It annoys me when people compare gymnastics to cheer leading because out of all the events I personally think floor is the easiest and on top of that it causes the least injury's and is no where near as scary. On floor if you fall you will probably break an arm or ankle but on beam you can fall onto your neck or your back not to mention it is horrifying. Imagine standing on a surface thinner than your foot four feet off the ground and being expected to go backwards into the air blindly and hoping you don't miss your hands while going full speed downward towards the ground. And to the cheerleaders or say the lift girls up 15 feet in the air, your have about 3 or more people helping you and a back spot so if at this point you drop someone its because your wimped out or don have the strength. You are not lifting a 120 pound weight you are lifting 40 pounds which is normal if you fall you are only falling 5 feet at the most and onto a flat surface, on bars however you don't have a back ...more

I think this is definitely the hardest sport and the sport that requires the most skill. One of my friends plays hockey and they say, "Oh, we'll that's nothing! Try skating around at top speed for an hour and blah, blah, blah". This sport you are running at top speed for a long time! How do you think people can do jumps or flips from the ground? Or get up onto bars and then swing? Or what about vault? You need to run for that, too! And, to top it off, all of the examples I just mentioned HAVE to have skill involved and a long time of training. You can't just wake up one morning and say "I'm gonna do a bridge today! " Cause guess what? If you did do that, you would break your back! Gymnastics also has very bad injuries; Achilles' tendons, bleeding, broken bones, head injuries. One of my friends also say "well in hockey and wrestling and MMA you can get your teeth knocked out". Well, I used to take gymnastics and I did have one of my teeth knocked out. What else do you think happens ...more

It is definitely the most strenuous sport! It is difficult, very difficult, to reach absolute perfection. People may watch it and say, "oh yeah, gymnastics, the easy sport, I can easily do that," have no idea what they are saying. Gymnasts train many hours each day, sometimes up to 6- 10 hours each day. The conditioning is also quite tough, and that is because you have to be strong in order to do well in gymnastics. Another thing is it is very difficult because it requires fearlessness and strong mental discipline. You have to conquer the fear of injury, failure, imperfection, and just doing the skill in general. You also deal with injuries from bleeding palms to broken necks to paralysis. You have to know exactly what you are doing, and if you don't then good luck to you. Olympic gymnasts make it look so easy, but it really isn't at all.

Gymnastics is definitely the hardest sport. I agree water polo, swimming, dancing, competitive cheer, and wrestling are very demanding but gymnastics requires so much flexibility, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, nerve, and durability. I used to do gymnastics. I was in a lower level like level 4 but it was still hard enough for me to understand that gymnastics is the hardest. Football players say football is hardest but the have so much padding when we Gymnasts have centimeter thick leotards. We condition for hours doing more than 50 push-ups, sit ups, squats, leg lifts, pull ups etc. Many people say it's not a sport but it's more than a sport it requires you to have brains. ESPN science has even agreed that gymnastics is the hardest. Don't be fooled by the glitter and gymnasts who make it look easy. First of all it isn't easy. Those gymnasts train for years to make it look easy. I have done softball and volleyball but those don't even come close to gymnastics. Because of ...more


This is my average 3.5 hr gymnastics practice:

We aren't aloud to sit down during practice unless told to. :/

Warm up: jump rope 5 min nonstop, 5 min of leg conditioning, and hold each split for 1 min. Sometimes, the warm up changes, but it never gets easier.

Beam: beam is probably the easiest part of practice, but we do a beam warmup ( which usually is easy walks across the beam, simple arm conditioning and lots of ankle strengthening). Then, we learn new skills, we work acro, jumps, turns, and our beam routines.

Vault: vault is mostly conditioning. We do a vault circuit (what has conditioning and drills within it).

Bars: bars is the hardest for me. We hold a hollow hold while we are putting on grips, we do lots and lots of arm strengthening, and each time we get chalk we need to do 3 chin ups. We do dismounts, learn new skills, and do our bar routine - a LOT. Last but not least, we do arm conditioning, we hold on to the ...more

I've been a gymnast since I was 2 so about 13 years now and I completely agree with this. Yeah in gymnastics you don't need to remember rotations as you would in volleyball or plays like basketball or baseball, but you have to remember how to land. I'm my experience, gymnast are the most tough too because I have strained every bone in my body and I've never gone to the doctors for them because I knew id have to sit out and I didn't want that. Yeah, cheerleaders throw girls in the air and catch them, but we throw ourselves off bars beam and vault and the only thing to catch us is the floor. Yes, cheering is very difficult, but gymnast do what cheerleaders do in different ways. They tumble, we tumble, they throw girls, we flip off of objects, they dance... Half of our score goes to dance execution. They need to remember 1 routine and we need to know 4. Yes, in total its 5-6 minutes worth of routines but its on 4 different events. That's like preforming one football play, one baseball ...more

Definitely the hardest. Swimming- don't even get me started. I hate swimming. Absolutely hate it. But gymnastics is the most precise too. And the most beautiful. They judge your every move. Oh- and its the most dangerous for women. I don't know about men- but women I know for sure. This is the swim coach- " if you can swim- you got a spot on the team- but we need to work on it. " now gymnastics coach- " when you can do a twisting back flip in the air and land on two feet on 4 inches of wood, come and see me. " HARD! Wait I forgot the "est" on "hard". ( if the slow people who swim put it together, it spells HARDEST! ) what injuries do they get? Cramps? Gymnasts have calluses, rips, split the beam, broken bones, DIE, fractures, tendons torn, rolled ankles, blood blisters, pulled muscles, sprained ankles and when we walk in the school, people always say I look like I got in a fight because my shins are so bruised from banging them on the high bar.

Gymnastics is totally the hardest! I have been doing it since I was two and recently moved gyms to be able to compete. I seriously hate it when people say gymnastics isn't a sport, just because they have never seen what we can do. We have to do SO much conditioning, so much that they can't even have the ability to do what we do. In gym class, I can beat all the boys in the push up contests we have, and sure they can do other sports that I can't. But I bet they have never done something like, oh say, RIP YOUR HAND UP! I can always gross the boys at my school out and it just proves that they would never have the mental or physical ability to withstand that type of stuff. Also, have they ever gotten injured but still had to go on? Maybe, but once doing a round off backhand spring for the first time, I just barely missed breaking my neck. That proves on misplaced hand can cost you a lot more than just your pride. Also, have they ever crotched the beam? Yeah, that is kind of self ...more

In cheerleading, all you have to do is toss someone into the air and catch them and do a few dances and some tricks. A gymnast could do that in their sleep. But cheerleaders can't do what we do. Let me break down all the events

Vault: You have to run full force towards an object that doesn't move, then you either have to round-off and do a flip onto the table, or do a front handspring onto the table. You can't stay there too long or else you'll wont be able to make it safely, and then after you do get the momentum, you have to twist or flip, or both, to do the skill and you have to stick it. Every step back is a deduction

Bars: The mount, depending on the kind, is the easiest part of the routine (Kip on is the easiest) But people, it just gets harder from there. You have to swing your body around the bar, and that's hard. And there's two, so you have to somehow get enough speed/momentum to travel from bar to bar. Then, you have to do pirouettes, they have to be in ...more - Thegymnastgirl16