I race motocross and it is by far the most physically demanding sport in the world. I recently had a crash and split my liver and had internal bleeding and I'm still on the mend no other sport is that tough and that hard.

Yeah I got it it's really demanding physically and you can get injured and even die really easily if that's the case they should put stunt double at number 6 then you guys or even just regular motorcycling I mean if you crash your just as likely to die when you are on the freeway.

As somebody that has grown up raising horses, and having family in the professional rodeo, while also having that same family heavily involved in motocross, I can personally attest that racing motocross is way way way way harder than horseback riding in any fashion. I have trained horses, been bucked off, raced horses, etc. And I also raced motocross for 10 years and all I can say is getting on my horse was relaxation lol. I understand a horse is harder to control what they do, but when a motocross racer says they control their bike it isn't the same. A horseback rider controls the movements of the horse with the reins, and depending on training he may use slight leg pressure as well. If you are on a bucking horse you squeeze tight and hold on. But a motocross racer literally controls his bike using his entire body, not just using the handle bars. You are fully manipulating a 200lb+ machine with your body. And when people say horses are unpredictable? Try getting cross rutted while ...more

I am no James Stewart or Chad Reed, I am not a professional in my sport by any means. But whenever o r where ever I ride, it demands more skill more physical experience and more mental capabilities than anyone could know. When you ride your complete hardest, you will never feel that burn on anything else. Your entire body will be struck with pain, but yet it's the most fun you'll ever have. All the other sports deal with yourself and a ball, a bat or something small in that manner. Motocross is you and a 250 pound machine with 50 horse power, depending on the bike, with all sorts of vigorous obstacles, with the danger of other riders around you as well. I think this is the most extreme sport!

I've done Motocross for many years and I have to say just a little day at the track = SUPER SORE the next day! I've been knocked out twice in races and have had 4 concussions. Motocross is often overlooked by some. But there is a reason why not many know of or do it, because it takes time, patience, balance, and skill. Its a lost art. But for those who have a passion for it and where born into it know what I'm talking about. And others might say taking a big right hook in MMA or Boxing takes more endurance that a 30 minute moto with 2 extra laps are crazy, because they have obviously never sat on a dirk bike, let alone risen one. In my opinion, from a experienced rider. It's the most physically demanding sport in the world. Cheerleading is cool and all but to a contact sport player or a motocross rider its not a sport. When someone talks about a motocross injury its either a broken bone, split something or brain injury. A dance or cheerleading injury is "! I just sprained my angle! ...more

A guy told me motocross isn 't that hard, and that baseball is harder, this was my reply.

First off, its Motocross . So you say Motocross isn't a physically demanding sport? Well let me share some knowledge with you. Getting tackled by 250 pounds going 20mph , How about getting hit buy a 235 pound metal bike going 45mph? Constantly squatting down and jumping explosively blocking a shot , How about squatting every time you hit a jump, bringing a 235 pound bike with you by squeezing it with your legs? get tripped on your shin at full speed , Yea that's gotta hurt, but not worse than getting sideways on a bike and taking a handlebar to the gut. Which can slice your insides open like bread. Get hit 200 times in a matter of minutes , what sport is that? Definitely not football, basketball, soccer or wrestling. How about you get hit 200 times in a race with flying rocks traveling at 60 mph cutting your flesh? I have holes in my Jerseys from roost, got scars to prove it to. A dirt ...more

I have played every other sport you could imagine. Baseball, football, soccer, track, and hockey, and I can say without doubt that motocross is the most extreme sport there is. I have never done anything so mentally, and physically challenging in my life. Even practicing takes so much energy. After race day I am feeling the hurt for about 2 weeks, its hard to walk, its hard to move. People say all it is, is sitting and twisting the throttle... Well.. Lets not forget the giant hills we have to climb, the giant logs we have to jump, and holding up that 250-280 pound bike. No sport compares to motocross. It takes so much mental work too, speeding through the woods going inbetween trees that you have to twist the handle bars to get through, plus the scare factor of hillclimbs and jumps. You have to be strong in all aspects to even compete in this sport. My point is proven

Been riding for about 10 years. To many concussions to count, two broken collarbones, got a handlebar under the helmet, breaking out 4 teeth, have 4 Implants, broken rib, endless fingers, and a compressed spine.. Love the sport still ride every week. Love the sport, can't get enough. By far the hardest sport around is Motocross, I've played all sports too, soccer, American football, lacrosse, baseball, golf, and free-dive aka hold breath and swim around 40 feet down stay there for 30-40 seconds while looking for fish if spearfishing, or lobster for dinner, then come back up... NONE of these are even close to the sport of motocross. The second hardest sport I've done was honestly golf. That damn ball never wants to go to the hole. I mean 400+ yards into a cup with a golf ball? Hard to break Par. Anyways, enough for rambling, motocross is #1! No one that thinks any of these sports above is harder than motocross has never ridden. But we, if you're like me, have done plenty of other ...more

Funny how you say that you've played 'all sports', yet only list a very small amount.

How did horse back biding beat this sport! What conditioning does a horse back rider have to go through to be an amazing athlete? I would agree gymnastics is very difficult and swimming is very hard too, but both are used in cross training for motocross to become a better rider with more anaerobic stamina to increase lactic acid threshold and static holding, pushing, and pulling, from gymnastics to create better endurance on the dirt bike. When swimmers and gymnasts ride for cross training then I would be sure that those are more difficult. But until that day, motocross is dominant in my mind

Haha yea well at least the thing you ride can't decide to buck you off or go for a gallop on a dressage test. You think it ain't hard to control a 1,500 pound animal? I'd like to see you last 5 minutes on my horse. She's an ex race horse who can put someone who's been riding everyday for 8 years to the test. She will have you on your ass in 3 seconds flat. Have you even ever ridden a horse? (No, being led around on a 30 year old pony at the fair when you were 5 doesn't count) I mean jumped 3 foot on an unpredictable animal that can go from 20 mph to 0 and send you hurdling through the air and hit the ground. I mean spun around a tiny barrel in a full gallop where that horse is turning so sharp it can fall and Crush the bones in your leg into splinters? Have you leaped off a horse and tackled a calf? Yea we do that. Did you know a girl got half her face ripped off when a horse fell over on her? It took 200 stitches to put her face back together. You wanna talk hard? Talk to an ...more

There's no reason for any of those sports to use motocross as a cross training... Riding certainly doesn't come in handy for any of the skills needed in both of those sports.

Been racing since I was 4 years old. I am now 16 years old. And just got my AMA pro license. I am homeschooled. A daily schedule looks like this. Wake up ride anywhere from 50 to 70 miles on the road bike, then go home make breakfast hit the gym for 2-3 hours gaining muscle strength and core stability. Eat lunch. Then go and ride for the rest of the day. By far the most demanding sport for many reasons. For one holding a 190 heart rate is not easy for 20 laps or 30 minutes and I can tell you from personal experience to be the best or to be a pro it is not just a sport and is not just "hard" it is way more than that. It is a lifestyle you have to live. Everyday you have to give 110 percent whether you are on the track or in the gym. And I can tell you if you mess up you don't just loose your swim meet or fall onto the ice or get a bad score... You break bones and get hurt every time.

No we are not just riding a little bike around in a race we are taking chances putting our leg over the bike then when your at the starting line your stomach has a feeling you can't explain then when that gate drops is when the nonstop moving having to stand up going 40 mph on braking bumps straining your legs till they burn like a 30 min workout in 2 min then going in the corner concentrating on what your doing then getting out of the corner doing the next jump standing going everywhere on the track taking chances BIG chances and when your in the air on a 90 foot jump you look down and don't know if your going to brake something in half or land it smoothly over and over again braking bumps everywhere going at a very high speed your arms hurt your legs hurt your out of breath your sweating compare all of those sports above to that.

Motocross is definitely the most demanding sport in the world. If anyone has ever raced you know the strain it puts on your body. Once that arm pump kicks in every muscle in your arm feels like its on fire, and every joint in your hand feels like its being stabbed with a red hot needle. Not to mention the pain after you fall 20 feet in the air on to hard pack, there is a reason we were a couple thousand dollars worth of safety gear, it sure as hell ain't just cause we feel like it

By FAR the hardest sport and Hobby in the World. Any one can ride fast in a straight line. Please try Riding a track as hard and fast as you possibly can for many laps, you will change your mind! It's incredible hard!
Hitting them whoops, the corners, the Rough Rutted ground, getting hit with mud and stones by the rider in front (hurts), and the pure adrenaline of hitting a jump at speed, in the back of your head knowing you could come of any time and really f your self up is awesome. A lot more to say, but you would understand if you "attempted it ;)"

Anyone who thinks HORSEBACK riding is harder than MX, is a complete girl who hasn't raced before. It is the most physical demanding sport in the world, by far. It's NOT even close to being as easy as twisting the throttle. In fact, none of those 5 above sports is close to being as hard as MX. Tell your horse to jump an SX triple, swim through muddy ruts, and do a quad backflip over a kicker. Try figure skating through ruts, Try throwing a ball over a 100ft tabletop.

All I'm gonna say is at least when you are riding your horse you don't get a tire spinning at 55+mph to the head, fall 50 feet, and get run over by burning chunks of metal - jz4_dayzzz

All I'm going to say is at least your dirt bike can't choose to buck you off.

Dude below... You do get killed in riding a horse! You think that controlling a 250 pound machine is hard? Try a 1,500 pound animal with a mind of its own. Nonriders tend to think that a horse is a something that already knows exactly what to do and does it perfectly every time... Well guess what? It doesn't! A horse must be controlled and pushed to do something, even then It can decide not to! I have been thrown, kicked, stepped on, and bitten, I've fallen off dozens of times and your probably thinking that I'm not a good rider because of it but in the competition to see who could jump the highest jump a horse came to a halt in front of a jump and the rider (an Olympic rider) fell off! So that goes to show that it doesn't matter if your good! You WILL fall off, because that horse will refuse a jump, it will spook, it will buck and rear and there is no stopping it. 100 people a year die from horse riding accidents. So yea in horse riding we do risk our lives and I've thought again ...more

I've raced 14 years I'm 17 now and I have to say it's so physically and mentally demanding and how this isn't ranked the hardest sport is beyond me also me being a girl makes it that much harder because you have to work twice as hard to get your strength and stamina up and anyone that says all you do is sit down and twist a throttle I dare you to try the sport and you will see how hard it really is

Riding a dirt bike isn't just sitting on a motor twisting your wrist there takes a lot to do this sport. I've road dirt bikes my hole life and I know for a fact this sport is a very endurance tasking sport you have to race rain or shine, sore or broken, you brake way more bones then you should it takes guts strength and intense focus which I'm not saying you don't use this in a lot of other sports cause you do but it takes more then you think in motocross and if you have ever done motocross then you can truly know what I mean when I say this. This is definitely the perfect rating for this sport to be in.

don't you just love it when someone tells you motocross is nothing but just sitting on a bike and twisting the throttle? I've played all sports through school and raced for 8 years. there is a reason I only raced 8 years, too many injuries and the last one was a torn acl, mcl, and pcl... motocross is THE MOST PHYSICALLY DEMANDING SPORT in the world hands down

I ride myself and people seem to think that motocross is easy because you are relying on a motor. If you have ever looked up any professional motocross rider on youtube you will see that the rider must be ready for sudden bumps and adjust to different terrains fast. Not only do you have to do that but also the rider must be extremly fit and have the correct mindset for getting the mental part of the sport to do the jump directly out of the corner, the incredible speed, and learning how to lean threw ruts till your elbow is brushing threw the ground. Motocross IS the most demanding sport in the world. If a gymnast tried and had years of practice with both sports, he would give you the correct answer. MOTOCROSS IS UNDERESTIMATED.

Of the sports I have participated in on this list I feel motocross is more demanding than:

Swimming... Is always in a completely controlled environment; the course cannot change during your race. You are not being pelted with gravel/rocks/mud coming off the competitor in front of you's wake.

Wrestling... You can get pinned so the period of maximum exertion has the possibility of lasting a very short period of time. If you are racing a 20 lap moto, unless you are really slow, you will ride 20 laps (about 20 minutes at the now closed Los Angeles County Raceway "LACR".

Horseback riding: The "Horse" in motocross can go quite a bit faster and jump WAAAY higher and farther than ANY equine. The duration of the event in motocross is also significantly longer.

Cross-country running: Very high up there in the endurance category but speeds during the race are much slower making it at least generally safe for the competitors as no special safety equipment is reuired ...more

And the "horse" in motocross doesn't have its own mind, so it can't choose to buck you off. Yea riding a 1,500 pound animal with its own mind is way easier than riding a 200 pound machine.

I think this should be number 1! Motocross is nothing but cardio and takes lots of muscle! You don't just sit on a machine and ride it, its control, and if you don't control it, it could mean serious injury or possible death. You use Almost every muscle in your body when it comes to motocross. And you use it to its fullest. At least I do anyways.

To all of the people who think horseback is way harder:
You say you control a 1500 lbs animal. Yes you may, but do you really control 1500 lbs? No. Motocross you actually have to control a 250 lbs machine. You have to make the bike do what you want. Yes you make the horse go left, right, forward, backwards, etc. But is it really that hard? No. You have to balance the bike on your own. You have to have so much coordination with it to. And I know your going to respond with "but so many people can get killed and injured." You may not as easily be killed on a bike but getting a big injury is wayy more likely. Another reason is you say it's so much harder on the legs and you use way more muscle. Yes you do your little jumpety jump when you trot but in motocross, the only time you sit down is taking a sharp corner but you still have to use a lot of muscle to keep it balanced the way you want. You squat nearly the whole time. Plus pulling your bike out of waist high mud is really not fun ...more

I have been riding for 9 years and I do all styles of riding and whether it be enduro motocross or any of the subcategories of motocross this sport is by far the most extreme. You not only need the physical capability to do the sport but you need the proper mind set and mental capability... You wimp out on a jump last second you don't make that landing and possibly die.. Don't give it enough gas over the log your face first into a rock or get a tree branche through your eye... Take a burm the wrong way you are thrown off the track doing 30+mph. And the physical aspect of the sport is insane! You are literally carrying a 200+ pound bike for either a day long enduro sesh or a few hour long event but that's not the hard part. The hard part is that in events you have no breaks no half time no pauses and you use every single part of your body legs arm pecs shoulders back calves wrist even your neck after having your helmet on long enough will feel like it's crushing under its own weight ...more

Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet. Anyone that argues that point has never raced a quad or dirt bike. Even recreational ridinding will leave you sore from working every muscle in the body. And the more fit you become from riding, the harder you push. There is no peak. Let's not even talk about mental fitness and danger level. Watching a soccer player rolling around on the ground with a fake injury makes me sick when compared to watching a 250 pound motorcycle drill someone into the ground only to see that racer pop up, pick up the bike, kick it over, and ride as hard as he can to move up a spot or two.

I feel that motocross is the hardest sport because it is so demanding and you push you're self to the limit because I have had rid a bike since I was 4 and I am nearly 11 I go cycling 2 times a week and swimming once a week and I practice once a week and some kids say all you have to do is sit down and twist the throttle and he dose cross country and that is the tenth hardest sport and you have to be switched on to think the quickest rut and the quickest way around the track.

First off why is cheerleading up there? And I think motocross is for sure the second hardest sport. I've don't gymnastics and it's for sure on the #1 with physical level but definitely not with how much balls you need to have. Try jump a dirtbike 80ft and while coming up to the jump not being able to see the other side, you only have your mind at that point with how fast you need to go. And if you case it you break your legs, if you over jump you break your legs, maybe more than that. And how about how much you train? You train for 2 hours in gym and ride every day there's no other workout quite like just riding a bike to its limits even a 125 is hard. And your concentration levels are sky rocketing because if you have one mistake you either crash or loose a place.