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41 Free Running

Okay truth is in free running your practically jumping from 50 ft in the air while doing flips. Can anyone else do that? This is how free runners travel from A to B in an efficient way. Many times you deal with life and death in this sport

I do lots of running I have come 3rd 2nd and 2nd again you have to keep up the stammer and you need to get your breathing right and get your pass right and a couple of times I have to pull out as I have been sick will I was running as I missed out in the cored breathing

This should be # 1 on the list, people think it's easy but is like to see half of the people who say it is do it. Takes an extreme amount of strength and concentration.

Hobby not sport... Sport is a competition or race or game... Not just random jumping

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42 Competitive Baton Twirling

This is the not even a sport.

Baton is definitely a sport considering that you must be wanting to sweat, bleed, and cry 24/7 because of the hard work and effort that is needed to get the hang of it and to be able to be at the top of the charts. You can't just miss practices, you can't just give up, this is not an easy sport at all. If you give up at the very basics of this sport, then you'll never be able to keep up with the difficultly of it either. I'm asking for future comments on this page to not be so negative on this SPORT considering it takes up more hours of your life and so much money than anything else.

I am a competitive baton twirler and I definitely practice more than my friends who play varsity sports. Baton twirling takes so much skill and hard work. You have to be graceful and maintain a constant speed throughout the entire routine and roll the baton all over your arms, back, front neck, back neck, etc. smoothly. We deserve way more credit than we actually get.

Are you dumb? How can baton twirling be 43rd when gymnastics is first?! We do all the tricks they do in floor routines and that's under a baton. We get broken bones easily, would you like a 30 inch metal pole whacked on your arm, face, legs, stomach, balls, and eyes? I doubt it because that's what we do every day training so hard, can you twirl a baton without your hand and on your elbows? Come off it, baton twirlers can do everything on here, but no where near everyone can do baton twirling.

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43 Bodybuilding

Every other sport in the world is a one time thing. You go out there and you play one game and then you go home and relax, its all over. Bodybuilding is a 24/7 sport. You are constantly doing something to be on that stage. I have played soccer, hockey, and football. None of them even come close to bodybuilding. You need to diet constantly even on your off season, you need endurance, discipline, 12-15( at least) years of hard work and dedication followed by another 10-20 if you want to continue bodybuilding and try to place higher in the Olympia. What other sport ever requires that. You also need to push your self past the limit. That isn't required by many other sports. Why do you think that there are only like 100 IFBB pro bodybuilders and 1500 pro football players?

This sport is so under rated on this website! I my self am a bodybuilder and it has so many different aspects you must take into consideration. Bodybuilding is not only lifting weights, it strict technique and determination. Your workouts, diet, supplement intake and resting times are vital and without even one of these components, you will fail in the sport! Bodybuilders may have extremely strong muscles, but their mind beats all others. Truly a sport that calls for sheer determination as well as motivation!

It in my opinion is a disgrace that it is below sports such as football, popularity has obviously taken part in the heir achy here!

I can't believe that bodybuilding is not closer to No. 1. The amount of will power it takes to lift those god damn weights is impossible to comprehend.

Not a sport in my opinion, but I bet is still extremely diffucult.

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44 Diving

When I first started diving I quit after the second day because the practices were so long! Now I rejoined and every year practices get harder and harder. So many people think that if the can just do a flip off a diving board then they would be an excellent diver but they are dead wrong! Diving isn't about chucking dives off a board. You have to first Learn the dive improve it and remember to always point your toes at meets pointing your toes can make your dive look so much cleaner! And after around 4 yers of diving I still don't even know all of the rules and can't get higher than a 4 on some dives, especially front dives ( it's my worst dive by far! )

Diving is a super hard sport! Its practically doing gymnastics into the pool except you have the threat of hitting the board! There are so many injuries and deaths in diving. It is such a super hard and risky sport!

Diving should be #1 because many people are scared just to do a head first simple dive. Never mind all the crazy things that these peoples do.

I've never tried diving but I am a gymnast and I find the tumbling extremely difficult. I can't imagine performing multiple sommersaults off a 10 metre platform and hitting an unforgiving surface of water at high speeds head first.

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45 Surfing Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which is usually carrying the surfer towards the shore.

Wow... everyone thinks that these other sports are hard. How about you try riding a 40-50 foot wave of destruction like I do every day. You will not survive. A sport where you stand on a tiny little board and ride down a 40 foot wave is not ahead of cheer leading. Seriously! Imagine this. You are towed out by a jet ski which then leaves you all alone floating on a tiny board. Suddenly a mound of water begins to rise behind you. It looks as if a giant monster such as Godzilla is rising from the ocean. You have second thoughts as the wave grows even larger but you can't quit now. Its too late. You paddle with all your might as the wave approaches you at high speed. The wave has caught up to you and now you are at the very top of the wave looking straight down. Now if you fall there are many dangers such as being pushed under 50 feet which will very likely rupture your ear drums. Even if you make it back up you only have 20 seconds before another wave pushes you back under. Your ...more

This story was probably exaggerated (if this is true take it as a compliment you're just too good to be believed over the internet). Anyways, I do agree surfing is a hard sport, it takes balance, and lots of skill - Yatagarasu

I don't understand how surfing and all the other board sports are so low on this list! Surfing is EXTREMELY hard. Just to be an alright surfer is hard. Now become a pro. People seem to think that when you catch a wave you will just magically stand up and turn and do tricks and stuff. You wont. Surfing is a very hard sport that takes an insane amount skill and endurance. Try standing out there surfing all day. By the end of the day you will be so exhausted that you can't even lift up your arms. If you are a serious surfer you will probably do core workout classes and stuff too. Competition surfing takes HUGE dedication, skill etc. You need to be the best out there. Big Wave surfing takes HUGE guts. You need to be able to ride up to a wave that people flee from and know that surfing this could mean your death. Not a lot of other sports have you do that.

Actually I am a MMA fighter and surfing is very easy for me. my first time I was doing cutbacks and aerials.

Surfing and all the other board sports are way too low on this list. Just being alright in surfing is already hard. Now be a pro. Competition surfing requires HUGE dedication, skill and A LOT of other stuff. You got to be the best out there to win. You have to have your tricks down to the perfection. Big Wave surfing requires some serious guts! HUGE guts. You have to be able to ride up to a huge monstrous wave that can easily kill you and well surf it. That not only takes gut, but also a lot of skill!

Surfing has access problem in that you need to live on the coast to even attempt this difficult sport in a serious matter (At least until the wave pool craze takes off). I'm surprised it's not higher on this list but the reason is clear. People don't know how difficult this sport is because they haven't tried it. It can take a couple of years just to consistently take off and ride a short board on a six foot wave, then you have to learn how to generate speed and make sections just to attempt a maneuver or two.

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46 Ice Skating (Freestyle)

I've been figure skating ever since I was four. This sport takes determination, strength, and flexibility. It may seem effortless, but it is the hardest sport I know. You spin so fast your arms and legs are pulled from you. It takes years of training to get to jumps. If you think it is easy, try standing on a single blade, with one leg higher than your head. If you think it is easy, try jumping three feet off the ground, spinning in the air, and landing on one foot. If you think. It is easy, try getting to the rink, day in and day out, skating for hours without taking a break. After that, do fifty push-up sand fifty sit-ups. Then try lifting your leg far above your head. Now do think it is easy.

Okay, you can't say that ice skating is easy if you haven't at least landed a lutz perfectly. I bet most of you don't know what that is. Gymnasts land on a soft mat when they fall. Ice skaters, however, land on hard ice, after falling 20+ times in one practice not because we aren't good, but because of new jumps/spins. Gymnasts get a springy may to jump of off, which makes it easier for them. We, however, have only the hard ice to jump off and fall on. Go ahead and try a lutz, and now see if it's hard. Amplify the lutz by 30 or more, and that's the Olympic level lutz, the triple lutz. I'd like to see you try to do one; it would be very entertaining.

I can tell you a thing or 2. Gymnastics is #1 and there's nothing you can do about it. So suck it. And I love how some people just swear that gymnastics isn't a sport. Oh its a sport. My gym gets there conditioning from the military. You can see some gymnasts 6-packs through their leos. Plus, if you think " by far I think baseball is the hardest sport ", then obviously you haven't done gymnastics. Bye bye losers

I'm actually very pleased by this coming in 50th because I have done MANY sports in my life like softball, basketball, volleyball, freestyle ice scating, competition cheer, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming personally I agree with freestyle in 50 uh softball should be in top 20 cheer lacrosse and swimming are okay the only thing is swimming should be a little farther down but you know what that's fine gymnnastics yea it's a hard sport I'm not sure about being number one but again that one is fine I just really am disappointed and also shocked about where some sports are a lot of people think figure scating is like freestyle ice scating but it's not they're different but should both be plased at 50 but I guess that's all I'm saying thanks for reading

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47 Synchronized Diving

I'm swimmer, and during duel meets I watch the divers dive. They flip, spin, and make it in the water amazingly with no splash, and while they're (probably) dizzy as well. But doing this in sync with another person?! That is very difficult, so this sport should be ranked MUCH higher. Also with platform diving, you have to get over the fear of jumping from that level. This list is basically a popularity contest. OK DIVING AND SYNCHRO DIVING IS MORE DIFFICULT THAN BASEBALL/SOFTBALL

Synchronized diving is the hardest thing I've ever done. Diving by itself is the hardest sport I've ever done. I did gymnastics for 8 years and made it to level 8 and I just started diving about have a year ago and it's WAY harder. And I was at a top five ranked gym in the country and diving is stil wayy harder. You have no time to show anything unlike other sports who have more time to prove yourself. Smacking hurts like hell. It feels like your falling onto concrete that isn't an exaggeration. But I love diving! It's my favorite sport in the world and I would highly recommend it to a commited and tough person!


I do synchro swimming ( should b #1)
I ve been to places with the giant platforms


48 Trampolining

Whoever said it isn't a sport is a joke, they wouldn't even be able to do a pike jump without breaking their neck. This sport is ridiculously hard, and you can break your neck or break an ankle doing anything. Trampoline, gymnastics, power tumbling, and any other forms of gymnastics are hands down the hardest sports. ANYONE can play soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball or baseball, buy how many people can do even the simplest things in gymnastics, very few.

Hard work really hard! I even doing this sport for years it takes a lot of practice with the risk of landing on your neck in a triple somersault.

I think this sport is extremely hard and it should be much closer!


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49 Running Running

Running is cross country and cross country is No.10 on the list?

Yeah gymnastics is crazy difficult if you think this is hard you would never last in gymnastics.

It depends cross country, but a lap arund the house no.


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50 Basketball Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

Basketball isn't easy as it seems. Running. Lifting weights. Hand-eye coordination. Fast reflexes. Guts. Agility. Accuracy. Take one part from every sport, put it together and you get basketball! The training is hell and you get injured really easily, by turning too quickly or being ankle broke, you get injured. Getting rammed in the ribbed or elbowed, you're injured.

Basketball isn't easy to play. Because you can always get injury by playing basketball I am a basketball player and I play really hard that sometimes I get my ankle hurt...

And if you want to be a basketball player you have to have all the skill to fit in the game...
You have to go to your practice at all times
People run 12 to 15 laps for their practice and that's what we do in our team.. To just get our skill motivated in the game, we run 5 laps every practice and we add and add to be more faster at running.

Basketball is not an easy sport at all. Most people say 'oh you play that titty baby sport' and I reply with a easy sure if your just not man enough to get on the court. Basketball is fun can be easy unless you have a coach who cares about it and wants you to get batter at it every minute of the day.

I like to play basketball but for some reason I am so bad and everyone around me is so good. I don't get it... - wren6

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51 Kickboxing

WOW no one even talks about kickboxing which is a marital art. - RobertdDowneyRobertDowneyJr

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52 Polo (Horse)

This is the hardest and most tiring sport

Not a sport the hoarse does all the work

Clearly your English teacher didn't do any work

U don't have to have agility, strength, or skill to do it.

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53 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

I'm actually pretty angry that both skateboarding and surfing didn't make it anywhere near top 10. I could only think of it this way: For a lot of these sports (swimming, dancing, football, hockey, soccer, cycling, etc. ) we all pretty much know how to pick up the basics, and with maybe an hour or two of practice, could have them down in no time. Of course we would be no where near competition ready or really that good at all in any of them, but the basics could come pretty easy. Those same basics would take at least a day or two on a skateboard, and a lot of us would probably still not have it down. Skateboarding takes so much concentration and dedication and I never realized how much people underestimate that. The pound of the pavement is way less forgiving than people think. Being one with your board and being aware of every single movement your muscles need to make is so essential. Hopefully one day people will see the light and understand how hard it is to get good at this sport, ...more

How can this not be in the top ten? I guess you can never truly understand unless you actually do it. I play a lot of sports. Most are on this list, but none of them compare to skateboarding. You are outside for endless hours of the day trying to land one trick. It takes forever to be considered good. It is also physically demanding and painful. Out of all the sports I have played which include football, basketball, boxing etc. I think skateboarding is the most painful. When you fall it hurts a lot. In fact nearly all of my most painful memories are from skating. Not only that, but it is an incredible workout. Pushing around for hours and doing tricks is not easy and very tiring, and frustrating. I think skateboarding is underrated. The amount of dedication and strength to be good is insane. It should definitely be in the top ten at least.

Skateboarding is very physically challenging. I have played basketball football lacrosse and swam all very well and they are all very hard but skateboarding at a challenging level is way harder than all except swimming and MAYBE football. Try going outside and throwing yourself at the ground and you will see what it feels like to fall on a board... Get a baseball bat and hit your leg hard with it and you feel what it is like to get shinned... Running and swimming are tiring to your body, football and lacrosse are hard hitter sports but skateboarding is both tiring as hell and hurts, it takes a very long time to get good at boarding and it is extremely underrated. I believe that skateboarding should be in top twenty

I have been skateboarding since I was five how is gymnastics number one you can die skateboarding but if you fall in gymnastics you fall on a mat what - Donuts

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54 Rock Climbing

This is 100% the hardest sport. What you think you do at parties is nothing. Climbers train about 25 hours a week, and they require strength, agility, balance, grace, endurance, power (yes that's different to strength) and flexibility. Climbers can jump and hold themselves by two fingers on razor thin holds, and your saying soccer and hockey are harder. In hockey you run hit a ball and if your unlucky you get a few bruises. In climbing if you make a mistake you could be dead, and it is common for climbers to get whiplash from falls. You also have to put your life in the hands of your belayer. Not only is climbing physically tough it is also mentally tough. Climbers practice so much everything looks easy and that's part of the skill, but when people underestimate it I wish climbers would milk every injury, every fall, every move.

Seriously this is ridiculous! Climbers train for over 20 hours a week and are mentally as well as physically tough. They require strength, agility, balance, endurance, power, flexibility and control. Could you jump and catch a razor thin hold with two fingers? No you can't. I'm pretty sure I could kick a ball though.

Rock climbing is the hardest sport I've ever done! I've been doing it for 4 years and I've only moved up 5 grades. After every session your arms and legs ache for days and you have to go and climb anyway

This is externally hard and it works the entire body

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55 Snowboarding

Softball you need a strong mental game. You also need to know where the play is and you need to know every single situation. Softball/baseball is 90% mental 10% physical. It's harder to know where the play is every time and if there is a new situation that has come up during the play. It's painful too. You get hit by so many balls over time and you have to dive and slide for balls. And if you're a catcher you stay in a crouch for an entire 1 hr and 15 min. It's wayyy harder than dance. Dance you just memorize moves when in softball you have to memorize plays and come game time know every single play and have to come up with new ones because of the situations.

Definitely the hardest sport, been snowboarding for years and still can't play like a pro

Snowboarding is very difficult to learn. My first time trying it I was sliding down the hill. It's a lot harder than most people think.

I agree snowboarding is a challenging sport

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56 Softball

Softball is a hard sport but very fun my time playing softball was both fun and hard if you play I recommend pitcher, 3rd base and if you play travel than left field softball is a great sport never give up or down on yourself always try to improve softball is really 90% mental and 10% physical I really hope this comment encourages you to try softball

People think softball is easy will it's not. It is proven that a softball batter has 20% less time to swing than a baseball player. Also everything else happens faster in softball. Anywhere you play is hard I would encourage you to try!

I play both volleyball and softball, and quite honestly softball is harder in my opinion. It's pretty much harder than baseball too. You have less reaction time, as the field is so much smaller. The ball is bigger, so it can't go as far. Add most of the baseball things, and it becomes a really tough game.

Ok- softball is one of the hardest sports let me explain:


- you use your hips and hands for everything

- you have to perfect your mechanics DAILY or you will suck

- bases are only 60 feet apart, meaning you have to get rid of the ball fast!

- speed is IMPORTANT. not fast? -get faster

- this ball is ROCK HARD

- you use your core and legs A LOT

- you have to know TONS of secret signs and plays

- you have to know basic plays, short game, and defense

- if you can't play catch, you can't play ball! if you throw incorrectly- you'll fudge up your elbow and ruin your career

- you need to know how to properly dive and slide or you'll break a bone

- EQUIPMENT is your life

- if you don't put in work daily it shows

- you have to be sly, smart, an athlete

•not enough reasons? just try playing the game

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57 BMX Racing

I do believe Bmx is one of the hardest competitive sports out there. Everyone thinks its so easy until they get out on the track and try it for themselves. Ask any parent that has tried they'll say its not as easy as it looks. Racing Bmx takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to be able to complete moves and passes within A split second.

BMX racing is actually a very hard, competitive sport that requires dedication, strength, speed, and the ability to function under pressure. Everyone is always getting faster, and you need to keep up. Training everyday is necessary, and if you don't, you fall behind. For everyday you don't ride, it takes two days to catch up to the others. If you don't ride for a month, it'll take two months to catch up and so on.

BMX is such a hard sport! You are always having to keep your head in the game, and in big races, if you make one little mistake, the person behind you will take advantage and might pass you.

Can't wait to start this sport. I haven't done an actual race yet but just practicing is hard. First day I fell and cut my knee open.

58 Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is more of a sport that competitive baton twirling! People these days are ridiculous! Cross Country skiing may not be the hardest sport. But defiantly harder than horse back riding!

Cross country skiing should definitely be in the top 20 at least! Skiers are probably the most fittest people in the world. It uses every muscle of your body

First of all the technique is very hard to master. You have to learn two techniques: skating and classic which are both very hard.

Second of all skiing is a outdoor sport and you practice in every condition including: freezing cold temperatures, snow storms, in the summer you practice on roller skiis in the hot sun or rain.

Third the hills are very tough. For the uphill you have to learn a technique called harringbone. Uphills uses your arms, core, legs and endurance. The downhills are also very hard imagine going 20- 60 km an hour on a pair of small skiis. Now try doing a corner without wiping out even pros wipout on downhills!

Racing is even harder because you have to be in a pack with more than 50 people and this is hard because you are trying not to clip a nither persons skii or else it could cause ...more

This is insane. XC skiing is the single hardest sport for the aerobic system (lungs, heart). Just check out which athletes who have recorded the highest oxygen uptakes. Cross country skiers.. Only triathlon, cycling, running and rowing can come close.


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59 Sport Jujutsu

Its really hard to roll around with other people bigger than you and have to be aware of someone getting you in a arm bar and snapind your arm in 3 places

60 Baseball Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

Baseball is obviously the hardest. When the time comes to run, you have to run faster than you would run in rugby, football, and soccer combined! It is just a shame this is at 59! In football, if you are the receiver you know the ball is gonna go because you planned it. But while on the field in baseball, when the bat hits the ball, you have NO IDEA where the ball is gonna go. You have to be ready every second bra cause it could be like: STRIKE ONE! STRIKE TWO! " oh good, he is gonna be out" you think. He swings and smacks it towards you at 90 mph. Soccer players and football players NEVER experience that. I'm a catcher. I get hit with 70 mph balls, I get ran into( that is how I broke my wrist) I forgot my cup so someone cleats tore up my Penis and I had to get 9 staples there. When someone's steals I have to make a decision: #1 I can just be calm and throw it to the pitcher or#2 I have to hurry up, and throw in perfect speed, accuracy, and fast while trying not to pull a muscle. I ...more

Baseball might not be as tough physically as a sport like football, soccer, and hockey, but it definitely takes more skill than any sport above this. It is the most challenging mental sport as well because of all the little subtle reads that change the tide of the game.Baseball requires the mastery of the glove, bat, explosiveness of the legs, accuracy. instead of constant running, you have to be ready to run at any given moment, then explode when the moment comes.(Again, not as physically demanding as the sports above this, but there is more to sport difficulty than endurance and speed.)I'm not just talking about throwing the ball with accuracy, I'm talking about what has been stated numerous times hitting round ball with a round bat from less than 60 feet away in less than a second. Is it easier to hit a small ball coming at you between 85-95mph, or a guy coming at you between 10-20mph?Usually people that dedicate their whole lives to baseball can only make the pros. But other ...more

I literally decided to vote here simply because people don't understand what makes a sport or a skill difficult. We are talking about playing the game in this list I assume, not how difficult conditioning is. I don't care if a cross country runner conditions all year for their races because absolutely anyone could do it with the correct training. Not everyone can hit a baseball, in fact most kids quit before little league because they are petrified of the ball. Imagine hitting a round ball with a round bat that is breaking and moving at 85+ mph from 60 some feet away. It's almost impossible and that's why even the best players to ever play the game were only successful 3/10 at bats. It is a skill that does not come to people simply from proper conditioning and repetition, it is a skill that some people can do and most people will never be able to do.

Number 46? Give me a break. 95+mph coming at you, have to figure out if it's a ball or strike. Oh, and after that, you have to figure out FB or offspeed. Who the heck wrote this terrible poll. Harder than lacrosse by a MILE!

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