Top Ten Hardest Sports

Hardest sports to do that take the most skill but not given credit to.

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61 Judo

Cannot believe judo is not higher on this list. For starters, the practice is grueling. We train in all sorts of weather: in the summer the dojo (place we train) is extra hot, then in addition we have to wear our gi's (judo suits), which can total up to about a kilo in additional weight. In the winter the mats seem harder because its colder.

We have to be ready to fall whenever! In competitions, if you get thrown you land on your back with someone who weighs the same of you on top of you. You guys go try that and tell me it isn't hard.

Well according to this stupid list golf is harder than judo, golf! Judo if one of the hardest sports to succeed in as you have to train everyday of the week

At least twice a day

Judo should be number 1. You can lose in 1 second and you are sore all the time.

Why is there a martial arts category and a bunch of other martial arts like boxing and judo on here

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62 Australian Rules Football

AFL is by far, in the top ten most toughest of the sports. Not only are you constantly being beaten harder than any other ball games, such as american football or rugby, but you have to endure this for a 80 minutes game non stop. And if that isn't enough, almost all football players have lost teeth, so many concussions, many broken bones, and other injuries you wouldn't normally see on another games pitch (maybe ice hockey). On top of that, the field is a lot larger, requires ridiculous endurance, and you need to run faster than a cheetah ffs. You need to be constantly aware, you can't hold the balll for too long, even if tackled, and you must be as quick as possible in order to not be tackled down. Also, a game can be turned around within a quarter, as the scoring system benefits burst of goals. And to top it off, you need to be playing in all weather conditions. Whether is rain, hail, winds with high speeds, or unbearable heat, you need to still be playing. This is undoubtedly one ...more

I play afl I think that it is one of the hardest sports in the world. AFL players need to incorporate the skills of so many different sports into the one game. They need to be strong, agile, have good coordination and so many more. In footy tackling is a major major of the game and is quite dangerous, not to mention there is absolutely no padding or protective gear except for a mouth guard. It is probably the most data rich sport in the world without a doubt. they're are so many different techniques and skills used that the amount of data collected from one game is astonishing These are just a few of the ongoing list of reasons why AFL is easily the hardest sport in the world.

AFL will never top these lists because it is only really played at its highest level in Australia and it is population is to small to vote it higher but when you combine a full contact sport with athletes who run up to 20 Kilometers a game and a game that is played in temperatures ranging from 100 degrees F at the start of the season to full mid winter rain storms and mud, you have a tough game.

Afl should bewith Rugby

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63 Xtreme Martial Arts

Actually never mind this is definitely the hardest memorizing many moves an hard techniques insane workouts and a fighting style crazy - Thebadbaconguy

It's a combo of gymnastic the number one thing and the number 11 thing only its harder

It is what it is xtreme you do the number 1 thing but you are spinning around a bo staff or nunchuck or a sword plus people get insane injurys like if you get hit in the head with a bo you are out

Ooh, Xtreme man. We're to cool to spell words.

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64 Speedskating

How is this not #1? It looks so easy when you watch races on T.V., but you should try getting in the basic position. It's not just about having thunder thighs. Each stroke uses your core. You need endurance, speed, crazy agility, and mind set. So much harder than running, you have no idea.

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65 Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is by far one of the toughest sports in the world with the risk of injury and guts to just ride off a cliff and I myself mountain bike and it requires balls of steel with the nerve to risk your life to have fun.

You are on a small trail with giants holes and crazy rock courses. Not even including the insane drops and steep hills. Also jumps. These trails are just sketchy to walk on let alone ride down super fast on a bike.

I think it's the hardest sport out there because you are going all out full effort for hours with out a break, while having to be focused on the course and listening to your body.

How is this so low. Have you ever seen the pros ride of cliffs, down steep rock and root infested trails thinner than 10 inches?

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66 Skydiving

I don't sky dive but I think sky diving is much harder than that first you have to get over the fear of jumping out of a plane! - foxandwolf

Scary but not a sport

67 Wind Surfing

I believe windsurfing is a very very hard sport to learn. First you have to have good balance to even stand on the board, and that whole time your trying to keep your ballence you have to keep in your mind which way the wind is coming from and where to point your sail to go forward and turn upwind or downwind.

The hardest sport of all... You gymnastics and swimming people just try some windsurf and you will immediately notice that you cannot balance on the board and will have the best swim of your life...

68 Short Course Triathlon

Very very intense, heart rate maxed out the whole time. This includes swimming (which is in the top ten), cycling, and running. This sport tests your endurance, speed, power, and mental toughness.

69 Sky Jumping

You have to have swag to do this no skill needed


I am tired of people claiming that "this isn't a sport" or "it takes no skill." If you tried to sit in a car for 3-4 hours, going an average of 180mph on a 2 mile track that you share with 39 other cars, I garuntee you would change your mind. People who say it takes no athleticism, you couldn't be more wrong. They wouldn't need to stay hydrated if they weren't doing anything. Don't believe me? Look closely at the pit stops. 3/5 times, a water bottle is handed to the driver. If it required no skill, everybody would do just as good as everyone else. Nobody would be considered better, there would be no Hall of Fame, and there would be no point. And for those that say going in a circle is pointless, I ask you: Do you run distance in track? Have you ever drove in a go-kart? Because it's the same thing: going in a circle. I cannot stress this enough: Skill is the most important factor in this sport. Skill to build the car, skill to tune the car, skill to build the engine, the chassis, the ...more

By far the hardest in skill.

71 Rollerblading

Very hard at first and then after a while you will get the surely hang of it!

I love rollerblading, hard at first, then it gets easy. - Pegasister12

Its hard at first but once you get the hang if it it becomes easy and very fun

I love rollerblading! its easy and fun!

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72 Netball

Netball isn't just about the fact that you have to sprint constantly and if you make one little mistake then the other team will get ahead and you have to work even harder for the turnover and your constantly moving. It's also about having to engage your mind and read the game so you can turn the ball over and see the space so the other team doesn't intercept the ball it's ridiculous that it's this far down the list. Baton twirling! Are you joking?

Netball is a very hard sport although heaps of people think its for girls and so on... But I can guarantee you no boy is able to play is well as girls or women their age. You have to think loads and run heaps, quick moves and smart people tend to play netball. I think netball should at least be to 10! If you think netball is easy go out there and play against girls or women your age and then talk!

Netball is a very hard sport it takes heaps of effort and I can't believe its 70 and comes after free running. I mean come on people we all know how much skill it takes if girls can play soccer and can even be better then boys then why can't boys play netball? Even if they did they would not be able to think and have as much skill as girls do. GIRLS ARE STRONGER THAN BOYS! Vote for netball and make it come in the top 20... lets do this

I don't understand why all the comments are saying that netball is for girls, I play against many teams that have boys in them.

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73 Rally Racing
74 Shooting

Using a gun to shoot flying objects depends al lot on natural skill

75 Taekwondo

How is this not in the list? It's pretty much like boxing with your legs, yet with so much more technique to master. Any sport with sparring should be in the top ten because it takes a lot more than physical training. Being mentally unprepared will hurt you more than physically. You're executing techniques with speed, precision, strategy and force trying to knock out the other person while they're doing the same. If you slip, or suck at some techniques, you're basically screwed. You'll find yourself in situations where your worst kick would work best and otherwise you lose. Very tough and very demanding.

76 Field Hockey

You're constantly running for up to an hour without stopping, while holding a heavy stick in you hand. Then your trying to hit a very hard tiny ball with that stick all while evading the opposing teams players. On turf the ball travels extremely fast and you've got to run harder to keep up with it. Also sticks are flying everywhere and you can easily get a concussion, break, and if your goggles are great, you can get your eye taken out. And all while wearing a kilt.

I do not even play this form of hockey, but I've seen the girls on the field hockey team running miles for practice While dribbling the ball. Not only do they have to wear a lot of equipment to reduce the risk of injury, they also need to have multiple skills. Dribbling, driving, push passing. The rules are also very detailed. I've been to multiple games and I still barely know what going on. You gotta hand it to them, they work hard.

You're sprinting, trying to block one or more people away and trying to go in for the score keeping in mind you might have to outsmart the goalie all at the same time. It's so fast and you need stick skills to prosper. You now need goggles because without them many people got concussions.

Field Hockey should be in the top ten over swimming due to the strategy and athleticism used to carry the ball and dribble it around players. There are also many technical skills that are used and are hard to learn. - lc555

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77 Ski Jumping

There are probably no sports more technical than ski jumping. - torsja29

Ski jumping on place 77? :D People in the world does not no what it is then. See at YouTube.

I don't know much about ski jumping but it looks
- hard
- scary
- totally INSANE
and should be ranked # 1-20

78 Free Climbing

I don't know much about it really but from what I have seen, its extreme. Its such a dangerous thing to do. I know that I would never be able to free climb. If you have seen the newest mission impossible, you should know what I am talking about. You know that scene when tom cruise is climbing that building. If I can remember correctly, it was the tallest building in Dubai and in the world. Well yea that scene was pretty intense.

Right, do you even know what free climbing is? It's climbing with no protection. If you fall you're dead there are no two ways about it. One tiny mistake or a foot slip that would cause another sport discomfort would cause I free climber their death. This is a sport where you simply have to be perfect!
You say other sports are mentally tough - but imagine knowing that if you fall you are dead! Now that's mentally tough - not gymnastics!

I am a rock climber, and I can guarantee you that when you've spent upwards of five hours climbing a rock face both vertically and upside down, it is extremely taxing both physically and mentally... Also how is golf harder than climbing?

Rock climbing is definitely an extremely hard sport

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79 Paintball

Dude paintball is a sport there is so much more than just shooting people there is learning to snap shot and know how to clean your marker, and know the bunkers names, and commutation and if you think paintball is not even a sport and u just go around shooting people your dead wrong.

Hard but not even a sport

You are so crazy if you think that is hard

Hard core man! Hard core!

80 100 Meter Sprint

Not if you're actually trying to go fast

The 100 meter sprint is literaly the easiest sport just to go out and do.

Maybe so but the training people do for the 100 m sprint is mostly strengthening exercises, plyometrics,

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