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81 100 Meter Sprint

Not if you're actually trying to go fast

The 100 meter sprint is literaly the easiest sport just to go out and do.

Maybe so but the training people do for the 100 m sprint is mostly strengthening exercises, plyometrics,

82 Muay Thai

What the heck? Is this some Chinese noodle dish?

Wow can't believe that wasn't in the top ten wow - Thebadbaconguy

The hardest, no doubt.

Sport with the most deaths

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83 Yacht Racing

Yacht racing? Is it like racing while sitting in a yacht watching T.V. and drinking lemonade?

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84 Mounting Boarding

Broke my leg in this sport

85 Biathlon

Are you kidding! Biathlon is by far the hardest sport there is. First you have to ski cross country, as if that isn't hard enough, you have to calm yourself and your heartbeat, and become a precision shooter, and if you miss, MORE skiing.

The amount of focus training it takes to slow down you heart beat before s shooting is incredibly hard and the skiing is also very hard

I'm a biathlete. You have to ski 10 kilometers, then shoot five targets the size of an Oreo cookie from 150 feet away with an elevated heart rate. Pretty difficult.

Never heard of it or done but sounds very hard

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86 Underwater Hockey

Never did it but sounds hard. How is it under horse riding and cheerleading?!

Cheer leading should be under hockey.

Do you people even know how hard it is to constantly get down to the bottom of a 2-3m pool and push/flick a puck along the bottom?

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87 Karate

Karate is a very hardcore sport and I'm only 11 and I'm a purple belt. the farther you go into the sport, the harder it gets, I'm surprised that I'm the only one who realizes this, but if anyone agrees with me, please vote for Karate.

You know I am mad at myself because when I was a little younger I took karate lessons but I quit after like a year if I stuck with it I could've been great

It depends what type of karate you train as well also where and who you train with

Competitions are ultra intense

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88 Freestyle BMX

This should be in the top 10 people would think so if they watched the dew tour people really don't know how long it taakes to learn each trick especially doing front flips and backflip tailwhips

I have no idea how kicking a ball around a field is hard to be fair, foot ball is wank! Its not even a mans sport! They earn all that money to be taped on the leg then get carried off the pitch crying when people are fighting for our countrys! Foot ball needs to piss of

89 Handball

Handball is a very tough, intense sport. It takes many varieties of skill and concentration. This sport is not to mention mentally challenging but physically challenging also. Handball is also the fore father of many "tough" or "most challenging" sports today. Back when, handball had very extraordinary measures. This game or sport in my opinion is by far the most important sport of all!

Know the basics, you just hit the ball, let the ball hit the ground, hit the wall and come back. Are there any more other games we can play other than just doing this a number of times?

The guy said enough handball forever

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90 Sailing

Yes, I agree that if your just out for your first time it's simple and easy if there isn't much wind, but if you are actually racing it's a lot harder, and gets harder as you become a more advanced sailor. I've been sailing since I was six years old, and I am in my sixth year of sailing and the sport has become so much harder especially when racing. Sailing is without a doubt one of the most complex sports in the world. Have you ever tried trapping? If not then don't say it's not hard. (And whoa are the harnesses uncomfortable) There are so many things running through your mind during a race like what side is favored, or is that boat gonna hit me? Do I have rights right now? Was there overlap when we entered the three boat length circle? Is the boat flat? Is my sail to far in? Can I head up anymore? Am I pinching? Am I in dirty air? How long have I been in this dirty air? Is it worth it to tack? I guess I will tack. Wait. If I tack will I hit that boat? I don't want to have to do ...more

You may all think that sailing is just sitting in a boat and moving a little. Your totally wrong. It takes mental and physical strength to sail. You need to know what your doing otherwise it will be one of the worst days of your life. I sail and its taken me 9 years just to become good and if you don't think sailing is a sport you try it.

I've been sailing for 5 years and I'm still not considered "great" because I haven't learned all the skills. It takes both physical, and mental tolls on your body. You're constantly thinking, while your body manuveres with the boat. You get hurt easily and concussions are very frequent, but we have to ignore our injuries, or else we'll place further behind in a race, so we need to suck up our pain, unlike other sports.

What you can't hike in a boat... Isn't hiking something you do on... I don't know... Land?

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91 Roller Derby

Roller derby has been called a cross between hockey, football and track. It takes skill and coordination as well as quick thinking. Plus, it gives women a full contact sport which involves hitting, blocking and sprinting. All while being on roller skates.

I've seen this done before, and it should certainly not this low on the list. It is so much harder and dangerous than half of these sports. The only reason it's not higher on the list is because people haven't heard of it.

Zap a dap zoo boo doo zap a dap twee dap

WHAT 91! that's ridiculous - foxandwolf

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93 Longboarding

I have been long boarding for 7 years and it takes skill balance and a lot of training to get close to good. You have to know that your either going to fall at very high speeds such as 50 - 100 mph or your going to fall trying to do a trick. And it takes time to get some what close to pro.

I'm not a professional longboarder or skateboarder, but I know it's hard. My brother has been at it for years and comes home from the skatepark with cuts and bruses. And when he's not hurt, he is flipping his skateboard off of a jump, when I can't even STAND on a skateboard. Some people think it's easy, probably because all they think of when they hear "long boarding" or "skateboarding" is just moving while standing on a longboard or skateboard. But what they don't know, is that there is a whole new level of it. 360's, hard flips, grinds, and much more. Longboarding or skateboarding isn't just a way to get around, it's a complex sport just like gymnastics with all the different types of tricks.

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94 Shaolin Kung Fu

Kung fu is hard but not as hard as all types of gymnastics

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95 Kendo
96 Snooker

Having played most sports at least once and many quite a lot, I would rank snooker as technically the hardest. There are endless types of shots to master, screw, topspin, Running side, check side, reverse side screws shots, swerve shots, stun shot, stun run through, long pots, short pots, thin cuts, plants, doubles, safety shots, cannons, I could go on. Different implements have to be mastered like the rest, spider and Half butt. Add to this the knowledge of angles, an opponent who is trying to beat you, different playing conditions, extreme mental strength, supreme concentration and intense pressure. Temperament is also essential. The fact is you never master snooker and you learn every game. Despite what some may say you need to be pretty fit too, especially over long matches or tournaments. It is extremely difficult to make it at snooker.

Technically the hardest, I agree with that, if you never played it try, you will not pot 2 balls in a row

The on, y person who would play this is Severus Snake.

97 Hurling

Very tough game - at the lower levels you don't need to be especially fit (like pretty much all sports) but at elite level you need to be extremely fit. It also requires fantastic coordination and physical strength.

Or this one - where an Irish hurler traded places with a Baseball player to see how the skills of the sport contrasted:

The whole programme is very interesting if anyone has time to watch it all! Most important thing to remember about elite Hurlers is that they are amateur sportsmen. They work full time at different jobs (teachers, sales, etc.) The most important thing to remember about elite Hurlers is that they are amateur sportsmen. They work full time at different jobs (teachers, sales, etc.)

Extremely tough sport. Carrying a hurl all through the game, avoiding guys who hit you as hard as they can, while trying to hit a ball smaller and heavier than a tennis ball

Hurling is not the most physically demanding sport in the world but is the fastest and most skilful sport by far. Epically for goalkeepers. The average shot from about 25 yards away can exceed speeds of 100mph. So the goalkeeper must protect an 80sq foot goal with a piece of wood that's 5 inches wide at the widest part, and keep the sliotar out of the goal. Plus his only protection is a weak plastic helmet.

Ok I don't know what hurling is I thought it was just barfing - foxandwolf

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98 Racquetball

people think that what you do at the gym is racquetball. watch the pros or open players its constant running jumping, diving and swinging as hard as you can. not to mention the ball reaches over 160 miles per hour in every rally - Spanquet15

99 XC Mountain Biking

"Going up and down hills, trying to avoid fallen trees and big rocks in the middle of the path, focusing on making the next jump that comes up, and you're basically standing the whole time! "

Endurance, strength, courage. Every incline and decline you are doing your best to eek out just that much more efficiency. Dodging trees, limbs, bushes, logs, roots, etc all while trying to overtake your opponents. All this at the edge of out of control in order to have to be...if you don't push to the limit than the

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100 Long-Distance Running

People run 100+miles and then, when they are done, they get CRITICIZED by how they do. "Oh, your time was 30:00? I could do better than that" No you couldn't. And then, the football people say that their sport is harder. They are only moving 1/4 the time and take only 3 hours I mean SOOO hard.

They run as fast as they can when racing and practicing

Its called cross country and it is already on here

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