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101 Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is definitely a tough sport but then again I wouldn't say it's the hardest sport ever.

I play this sport...I have seen some really bad injuries, and I caused quite a lot of them!

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102 Water Ski V 1 Comment
103 Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts.

How can this not even be in the top 5? - Sabbath

104 Roller Skating
105 Cyclocross

Physically demanding. It doesn't sound much but once you actually give it a go you'll realize it's almost impossible to do. The biking through mud, sand, grass or gravel with challenging decents and steep inclines. Doing that between 6 and 10 times over really kills you, and then on top of that its twice a weekend through all off December and January and the majority of November and February with racing also happening in October. It might not be long but its physically more demanding than any sports I can imagine. Also including staircases, jumps and forced running sections just to make it more fun. A lot more difficult than anything in the top ten, gymnastics and hockey are hard, I understand, but they don't compare with cycling or other endurance sports like running

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107 Wiffle Ball

Bullcrap ever heard of the wiffle ball pitcher who stuck out a major league batter So underrated - Thebadbaconguy

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108 Kitesurfing

One of the best and kinda hard. Sport

109 Snow Fights

If you can imagine the sprinting of football but the elusiveness of dodgeball, mixed with the occasional freezing snow that gets slammed right in the face, it's got to be the hardest out there, not to mention th countless ours of training

Snow fights is the hardest sport I've ever played, I'm serious

Has anyone done gymnastics before?

One time I got hit with a two mph snow ball and it gave me a bu bu

110 Drop Ball
111 Canoe Sprint

"Paddling is easy I do it all the time at my cottage". Trust me. Not the same thing.It's crazy hard. Practice loads vary between 5-20 times a week, depending on the season, and your age. You go through extensive muscle soreness, especially the canoers and we still to get cut everywhere. Mind you we're balancing extremely thim boats on the water at crazy speeds having constantly to Deal with weather conditions and waves from motor boats and other competitors. And in distance raxes, unlike sports where you have your own lane, you are nearby guaranteed to be cut off or washed out. We also train in extreme heat and cold. Whenever the water is not frozen, we're on our. Plus there is daily running, visiting. Weight training, swimming, skiing, spinning, and other sorry practices as cross training all year round. Not to mention running no matter what the temperature or weather conditions. Pouring rain, -40c, your coach doesn't care you will run, no matter what. And it takes a toll on the ...more

Very demanding sport and physical and one of the hardest unlike hockey and soccer when you have practice 2 times a week. Then there is the technical side which is way harder than you think. And the boats are very unstable and require lots of balance. It's not just swiping at the water

112 Golf Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

I have heard that PGA professionals like Tiger Woods always hits hundreds of balls every day and becoming proficient in golf requires lifelong dedication. Golf is not a casual game, and mastering the basic sub-games within golf requires dedication and commitment:
To play bogie golf (a score of 90 or less), most experts estimate that it takes an average player six years of regular play and weekly golf lessons. On the golf channel they claim that an average proficient golfer takes about 300 weekly lessons while playing at least 32 holes per week over a period of many years. This is a major investment of time, over 20,000 hours of practice. For example, if you take 5 hours to play 18 holes, you are looking at a time investment of at least 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month, totaling 360 hours of yearly practice. It's not just a sport, it's a second job.

Golf isn't an easy sport because if it was everybody would be playing it. You don't hear very many people say they play it because you know why? It's very hard and mentally frustrating. In golf there is two variables weather in which most sports don't have ton deal with. When you hit a ball the wind controlles where it goes and good golfers know how to hit a ball with bad weather and another instance is the grass. After a day of rain grass is muddy and it's very hard to hit it out of grass. The last variable is your mental game, you have to constantly tell yourself that you can do it and if you don't have confidence, you will start to play bad. The most frustrating thing is when you miss winning a tournament by one stroke. I have done that and do you know what I think? I tell myself if I would have just made that one putt I could have won. Most sports involve teams and you have the whiled team to back them up, but golf is a self relying sport. All those people that bypass golf because ...more

Golf isn't an easy sport to play. Golf may not be rated as the hardest sport rated on this site, but you know what it it is because if it was easy a bunch of people would be playing it. You don't very many people saying that they play golf because you know why? It's so hard and mentally frustrating. Golf has many variables and with so many variables it's not easy to play. You have to deal with weather which in most sports you don't have to deal with, and your mental game plays a big part. Like in soccer if you mess up then you have a full team to back you up, but in golf you are completely self reliant. One single shot determines how you place. In golf sometimes I think if I could have just made that one shot then I could have won. Think about how that goes towards your mental game. In team sports many people have your back, but golf your are on your own. Everyone that bypasses golf because it's so called boring or easy, I dare you to go out and play 18 holes and shoot at least an 90 ...more

It's is the most mental because u got to relie only on yourself

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113 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

May not be the hardest sport, but certainly should be in top 10 list. If you think cricket is just about hitting the ball as far as you can or just randomly bowl the ball, you are making a huge mistake. Think about the hand eye coordination involved or the strength, endure, stamina and determination a fast express bowler needs to really tip the ball at over 150Kms, and the batter who has to face these fast bowlers. No only that, the ball can be very deceiving as there are various ways in can be delivered to the batter and at any speed. Think about a batsman who scores over 100 runs, you should try scoring at least 10 runs at pro level some day. Depending on the format it can last for 4 hrs, to 1 day to 5 days. Imagine batting at 35-40 degrees C heat for 10 or more hrs, anyone else would be dead. So gymnastic is truly a hard sport, but from this list it doesn't truly specify why it is, because think of boxing and you get hammered and knocked out, think of it, its really not what you ...more

Cricket should be second hardest it is really hard in many ways we have to hit a heavy ball up to 85 meters for a six, dive on your head, catch a speeding ball which is coming to you, some people are also injured during play and if the ball hits your face and you are without a helmet you can be paralised

It would be one of the toughest jobs in the world to be an International batsman. Travel the world for your Country and be expected to make runs in front of thousands of people, whilst seam bowlers are throwing down deliveries at 140kmph. Top 3 for sure.

I have been playing cricket for a long time and the ball is really hard and it is also really hard to catch. While batting you have to time the ball really well. you have to be very careful while fielding. In my opinion cricket is really hard.

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114 Bowling

Bowling isn't the most physically demanding sport, but it's extremely difficult. One small slip up and your ball will go the opposite direction from where you want it to, whereas in sports such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc; you have multiple opportunities to make up for the moments where you lack. However in bowling once you mess up even once you cannot get your score back up to where you want it to be.

People think that this isn't a tough sport. It is a pretty complex sport. It involves you having a good mental attitude. You also have to find the oil pattern and know the way you have to roll the ball to get it to hit the pocket. Finding the right board to start on and what arrow or board to roll the ball is difficult. Your release and the way you start does matter. See. Bowling is a complex sport.

This is the only sport in the world where you can throw your very best shot in the world and still only get nine. Also the challenge is completely invisible you have to work with transition and learning to adapt to the changes and figure out how to make those changes every single shot and you have to be able to throw exactly the same every single time.

Should be in the top 5 easiest sports

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115 Badminton Badminton Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".

I'm not going to even get into how people insist tennis may be harder than badminton, considering badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world (no joke, google it), and statistically you make three times as much sweat than when playing tennis. But, I am going to say there is no way in the world badminton isn't top 10. Competitive badminton that is, whatever the image of taping a net onto your porch and tossing a birdie is plain scary. For me personally, ever since the summer has started, I have been training at least four hours every day in badminton. I'm not even the best at my sport. Including open gym and classes, I don't see how somebody (talking to you curler) can train 3 times a week, an hour each time, and still call it grueling?! Reflexes, skill, strength, strategy, flexibility, and speed are all absolutely necessary in this sport. You'll need with a strong sense of moderation, as a slight twist of your wrist could send the birdie spiraling towards the net. Seriously, ...more

Few people realise how hard badminton is, simply because few people play it properly: that is, hard, fast, strong and accurate. It requires players to have split-second timing, incredible agility and amazing skill. I think it's a shame that badminton is seen more as a fun hobby than a competitive sport (I wish it got the same recognition as tennis, for example). Shuttlecocks travel, incidentally, quicker than tennis balls at the point of racquet contact, making badminton arguably the fastest racquet sport.

I can't believe badminton is 131st on this list. It may not be as impressive as its rival cousin, tennis, but it is still very challenging. The skill, agility, endurance and stamina required to keep playing at top level over long periods of time and consistently hit accurate winners is much higher than many people realise.

Fastest sport in the world yet 131st?

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116 Ultimate Frisbee

Throwing a ball is much easier than throwing a disc accurately, and the wind affects the disc on so many levels. Ultimate Frisbee requires as much sprinting as football does.

Ultimate is by far one of the hardest sports. It's constant running and requires multiple different throwing techniques such as the flick, back hand, hammer and lots more.

117 Table Tennis

Come on, 126th! Most people think all you do in table tennis is stand plonk in the the middle of the table and just wave your arm about. It's not just a back garden game, it's one of the most technically difficult sports around which requires years and years of practice to master. I'd love to see whoever made this list have a game of table tennis against me

Table tennis involves an incredible amount of reading of spin, and quickly calculating how to counter this spin, all with the ball coming at you at pace. Incredibly hard but incredibly satisfying.

For me Table Tennis is the Hardest Sport in the world because the Table Tennis Players can play Other Sports such as Volleyball, Badminton Basketball etc. Easily but the other players such as Basket Ball Players cannot play Table Tennis...

Fast, technically I would say the hardest due to various spins.

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118 Curling

I am very good at curling but let me tell you that this takes and unimaginable amount of skill. I train for for 1 hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and trust me, its brutal. This is a sport that takes extreme levels of concentration, endurance, precision, balance, strength, speed, agility, durability, flexibility, grace, patience, power, intelligence, determination, perseverance, and most importantly... creativity. My training is long and intense. It pushes me to the very limit. First, I sweep, and I sweep hard! Sweep up! Sweep down! Sweep up! Sweep down! When I'm done sweeping I take a break and then I need to sweep blindfolded. This is brutal. My hands are covered from head to toe in splinters, bruises, and paper cuts. Next, I have to learn to walk and sweep. This is one of the hardest tasks known to man. Its taken me years to master this but I have trained my self to do this. I first walk to get in the rhythm and then I take my broom and start sweeping as I walk. I have ...more

Walking and sweeping is hard? Dang, then house cleaners must have a lot of skill!

Curling is a very difficult sport. You have to be fit to sweep hard and be able to play the entire game without getting tired. Then there is the thinking You have to determine what the other team iss going to do and plan your shot accordingly and execute it perfectly for the right outcome. Also while throwing your rock your must be able to balance and control much much weight and power you use for it to work.

Curling is definitely one of the hardest sports. It might not be that popular but it is really hard. If you get the chance you should try it

Curling is so hard. Every practice you gotta push yourself to the limit. Best athletes around are curlers

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119 Squash

Squash is an amazingly hard sport. Sure you can maybe hit a serve in or swing at the ball with ease, but playing competitively takes so much work, so much dedication. Both mentally and physically.

Squash is very hard to good at but after you play it for a couple of years it is easy to improve at

Squash is a very hard sport. When we play this game it takes our physical power because our reaching for the ball should be fast. But the tough thing is when you run you have to swing extremely hard to let ball reach the glass. And it's even more difficult when the courts are made of glass. When it's made up of wood it's easier but don't take so much advantage of this saying. The tough shots are-


120 Fencing

I've fenced for around 3 years now, and it develops hand-eye coordination, being quick on your feet, strategy (a lot of it), great usage of brain. Typically, the top fencers are considered some of the smartest and most strategic athletes. It's similar to chess and involves a lot of risk taking as well. This sport should be at least included in the top 15.

Why is this below competitive eating this should be top ten at least fencing is an extremely hard sport and you never know what advantage your opponent will have and there is certainly more to it than any non-fencer could imagine

It's not just waving a sword, you need balance, accuraurcy, stamina, focus and control. I've been fencing for 3 years and now compete nationally and I've have come home bleeding due to whips from the sabres. Some sports you can be lucky and win, but in this sport you need to be on your toes all if the time.
Imagine this, 39 degrees tempeture room, already sweating, now add an extra four layers of protection and a stuffy mask, toasty doesn't quite explain the amour of liquid you loose due to sweat!

I don't understand why anyone would think Fencing is easy. I'd imagine it would be pretty hard to stick a piece of metal that long in your butt.

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