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121 Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking Is a Amazing Sport.

William Orrell is Amazing So Is William Polly

People on YouTube Made A Career Off Sport Stacking

This Helps Build Hand Eye Cordination And Helps You Make Friends

William Orrell Would Never Had Been Famous If It Wasn't For Sport Stacking

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122 Field Gun

The most insane sport ever invented, the only more extreme sport I can think of is the pre 1999 version. Youtube it to find out more, a must watch!

123 Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is definitely one of the hundred toughest sports, even tougher than dodgeball. You need the right equipment and commitment to succeed. And be smarter than fish

Bass fishing is a mind game gotta use the right baits for every weather condition

its hard

124 Dodgeball

Competitive eating is just another way for way for fat people to get in a resort mentally. this is where a lot of athletes start off. People don't realize why this isn't allowed at schools. It's bloody, sweaty, and teary. If you play it right it will be hard. If you play it like a 4th grader it won't do anything but feel like you got a feather thrown at you, and super easy.

Dodge ball is pretty hard... Well its harder than competitive eating.

Dodgeball is kind of hard it depends

Are you kidding me, who took the 10 plus minute quest to get to the bottom of the bloody list, it got more off-topic as you went down and we eventually came to this conclusion, I have to say, I almost died when I played dodge ball, I try to hit bitches with a purple ball and they got me in the ass, I hope this is the last comment, I'm a cross country runner myself, cause' the 5k is shaking hands with the grim reaper

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125 Cheese Rolling

I am a professional cheese roller, and I can personally tell you my biceps are a huge because rolling a rind of cheese is grueling. Seriously, it gets super special complicated when your cheese splits on a rock or something and you have to go back to buy another rind of cheese. The walk back to the cheese station is probably why I am so buff, the treacherous-ness is like golf because you don't get bathroom stops or anything. I'm serious dude. You need to hold it in.

Cheese rolling is so hard it's not even funny the cheese some time is 30 pounds it hurts my arm very very bad it should be the second hardest sport of them all

WHAT THE HECK? This does not sound at ALL like a sport!

Should be at least in the top 20 I work very hard everyday and it's extremely taxing on the forearms

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126 Darts
127 Competitive Eating

Eating is something that we all need to do to survive but it's not really a sport. Doing 13 push ups a day and jogging up the stairs doesn't really count as "crazy good endurance and strength" compared to what other athletes do while training. You could call many things competitive but that doesn't make them the same thing as the other sports on this list. Sure you may require some skill and techniques to devour loads of hotdogs without throwing up everywhere but in my opinion, it doesn't really qualify as a sport.

What the first post says shows my point. You live in your mom's basement, you do only 13 pushups a day, you JOG UP THE STAIRS OH MY. No offense, but I don't think you proved your point well.

First let me say that competitive eating is by far the hardest sport mentally, physically, and meta-physically. No realizes how much work and dedication is required for this test of skill, technique, and athleticism. You must train for years and years to even be able to eat a decent amount of hotdogs in the given time frame. On average, 2/3 of my income is spent on hotdogs, buns, and kool-aide. The rest I give to my mom as rent for living in her basement. I basically give like 110% into every hotdog that I eat.
You also have to have crazy good endurance and strength. I do 13 pushups every night and run up the stairs every time I need to get to the fridge. Your technique must be impeccable and timing precise in order to maximize your hpm (hotdogs per minute). mines like 16 hpm not to brag
Boxing and wrestling and stuff you get a break but competitive eating is not stop. No timeouts. No pauses. No time to catch your breath.
Competetive eating should be #1. If you don't think so ...more

Eating is not a sport, it is something you have to do to stay alive

Lol - foxandwolf

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128 Wakeboarding
129 High Jump

Well how about trying to jump a wider taller jump on a horse

I love love love love love this sports

Tough, very tough training regime. Most will never know how high you needvto trsin to get high.

130 Competitive Jumproping

This is something that many people don't even think exists. BUT IT DOES it is one of the hardest sports you can ever do. It takes LOTS of endurance to jump for a long period of time, and it takes great muscle in your legs. I hope that the word gets spread about this sport because it is very important

But going up and down many times will later never seem to get any harder. Swimming does.

131 Footbag

Trying to kick a sack of rocks into a small hole is very hard. you use so much energy and go through so much pain, its probably the hardest sport ever.

132 Jousting

Imagine how hard it would be just to get on the hoarse with all that armor and that long heavy wooden stick. Plus it would be hard for you to even get the urge to play the game with the amount of casualties and deaths from this sport.

I would say jousting is one of the most dangerous, and body enduring sports there are

133 Racewalking

It's really hard trust me I know from experience

134 Billiards

It takes the most amount of consistency to not miss a ball and get perfect shape 100% of the time.

135 Sepak Takraw

This sport is probably a very hard sport to learn. A reason why is because it includes everything but your arms. Easiest way to put it is that it's like playing soccer with a volley ball net but doing jump spinning kicks to knock a small bamboo or plastic ball down to the opponents side (like in volley ball). It requires a lot of coordination with your feet since you're using it most of the time. It also requires a lot of skill to jump and spike the ball over the net with your foot. I say that it's a hard sport to play and master, but I don't think it would be the most difficult sport in the world. Tell me more info if you have any about this sport. It's also mostly played in Southeast Asia.

136 Pickleball

Because a sport named after a dog deserves to be number one

I love pickleball! - foxandwolf

137 Competitive Gaming

What This is probably just to keep all the people scrolling on their screens thinking they are just the best while eating a pack of chips take a good hard look at yourself.

Not even a sport, how pathetic.

The hardest sport on your eyes

138 Karate

Karate is a very hardcore sport and I'm only 11 and I'm a purple belt. the farther you go into the sport, the harder it gets, I'm surprised that I'm the only one who realizes this, but if anyone agrees with me, please vote for Karate.

You know I am mad at myself because when I was a little younger I took karate lessons but I quit after like a year if I stuck with it I could've been great

It depends what type of karate you train as well also where and who you train with

Competitions are ultra intense

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