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Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.


Skateboarding is not like any other sports. You can't really understand completely what I mean unless you actually do it. In skateboarding you can't just drill and drill and get better like in other sports, in skateboarding if you don't land a trick then your doing something wrong your not just"not good enough" you have to explore different boundaries. Skateboarding takes not only physical but mental skill and guts. It might not be the most difficult sport but its definitely one of them. Not only is it exhausting but we are risking our lives at times for the thrill and for other peoples entertainment.

I cannot believe that skateboarding is not higher on the list. 36th? Really? Don't get me wrong, things like gymnastics and swimming, running, etc are not easy (I've played many other sports), but when it comes down to the dedication that skateboarding entails, it is unmatched by any other sport out there for the reason that skateboarding is a practice where it can take literally up to years to even fully master certain tricks that are still considered basic!
The cardio is grueling (especially on hot days) and your tolerance for pain is through the roof. It's also mental in that, you must be self disciplined and know how to persevere, because only through seemingly ENDLESS FAILURE can you improve in even the slightest. No one can truly understand, until they give it a shot.

Skateboarding is definitely one of the hardest sports. It takes endurance, pain tolerance, and a lot of other stuff like balance. I hear gymnastic people talking about how much balance they need for balance beams, but we have a similar thing. It is called a handrail and it is metal, slippery usually round and goes downwards. Oh ya we do it on a skateboard too and if we slip we hit hard cement. Skateboarding is a really misunderstood sport. It seems like all extreme sports are because less people do them.

Imagine running a cross country trail and having to run up large hills and down them. Jumping a hurdle every few feet. Then getting to big gaps and jumping that many times. You also fall a lot too. That is like skateboarding because you skate up and down hills. You are also constantly doing flat ground tricks down small stuff. Then you get to a stair set or something and practice on that for a while. You are also falling like crazy. Skating is actually harder really because running and jumping is something that all humans can do. it is already hard just to balance on a skateboard let alone do tricks.

How can a sport that requires months and years to learn a simple trick not be in the top ten? It also requires a HIGH pain tolerance. don't believe me? Look up skateboarding falls on YouTube. Also skaters are hated on. We don't get a bunch of attention or special fields with coaches and stuff. At the most we get a rusty run down skate park with holes in the ramps.

Skateboarding is an insane sport. You got to be ready to chuck yourselves down stair sets and ledge. Drop in on 15 ft vert ramps. What other sport has you do that? You are on a piece of wood with sandpaper and 4 wheels. Just riding that is sketchy. Now go and do stair sets. Grind on handrails. Get some major air off a ramp. It might sound easy now, but believe me it isn't. I hear people talk about how they are going to get into skateboarding and stuff. Then I talk to them later and they quit because it was too hard. You also are always falling. Not on some soft mat or water, but on hard unforgiving cement.

Okay how exactly is this not in the top 3? Skateboarding is not just riding down some hill. It takes years of practice to get decent where as other sports don't take that much dedication. I have 6 sponsores id like whoever thinks the sport is worth 25th to learn a decent trick then ask yourself what number it should be.

I've been skateboarding for 2-3 weeks now and it's super hard! I can push and pump hill easily and frequently but apart from that, it's insane how much skill and time it takes to learn just to ollie! I have been trying to at least get some air and nothing is happening! Skateboarding should at the very least be in the top 10!

Definitely the hardest sport. Takes extreme dedication and skill. Shouldn't be so low on this list, but people will never understand this sport. it will always be a underrated sport, but maybe that is a good thing. We don't want it to become a mainstream sport like all of these other sports. That is what make it so hard though, because people never understand it. It is always a hated sport. We get kicked out of spots and referred to as drug addicts. We aren't look at like athletes.

Are you actually serious? Skateboarding isn't even top 10? Just show how many people aren't even dedicated enough to even try it, everyone learns how to, skate on ice, swim, bike, do a cartwheel, kick a ball while running, not everyone can stand on a skateboard for even a minute n go 10 feet actually rediculous how many people forget about skateboarding and don't even recognize what it takes to "simply" get sponsored.

Skateboarding takes just as much skill and time as any other sport in these top ten. Even gymnastics - it may not be solid the hardest sport ever, but 38 is NOT where skateboarding should be on this list. I challenge anyone attempt an ollie (the most basic trick) and find it anything less than difficult.

It is really sad how underrated this sport is. I truly enjoy it and it is very hard and tiring. Tricks are also very very hard and complicated. People just don't understand what we do. We flip a wood board under our feet without being hooked to it, and then we do it down stairs and other stuff. We also skate pools and huge ramps.

Skateboarding is one of the hardest sports because you have to have balls to try things unlike soccer you don't take as many risks as skateboarding does soccer and football are not hard to try new things but skateboarding never ends there is so many things you can do so many places.

This sport you can easily just cruise on your skateboard but when you star doing tricks your gonna start coming with cuts and bruises (at the least) once you get good at it you may not have to call your mom to take you hospital for a broken wrist but it's the practice that's the hard part

It takes more dedication than any other sport and its harder because to yourself you can always be better. There are so many tricks and it' the hardest sport

Society hates you. You bust your nuts, bleed all over, get up, do it again. No recognition, no fame. Just for the sake of having fun. Then again, this is if you consider skateboarding a sport. It's more like a lifestyle.

The first time I rode on a skateboard, I fell and failed epically... I definitely am not trying THAT again... This should be in the top ten.

I have played many different sports but none of them have been as challenging to learn as skateboarding. It is only low on the list because it isn't widely popular.

It takes so much dedication. If you give up easily its not the sport for you because you fall so much. Plus you need a lot of patience.

Takes so much work and practice. It took me over a year to learn how to ollie and that is like the most basic fundamental trick. Skateboarding is SUPER HARD, it takes so much mental and physical strength.

Skateboarding is one of the hardest sports. Dedication, skill, balance etc. Now I don't know why its not in the top ten...

I have been skateboarding for 6 months and I finally learned to ollie and let me just say it took a lot of practice and dedication

I have been skateboarding since I was five how is gymnastics number one you can die skateboarding but if you fall in gymnastics you fall on a mat what - Donuts

This sport is a lot harder than people think. All the sports that are on a board are extremely difficult in there own way. In my opinion they should be at least near the top ten - skaterdude122

Takes so much time, effort, and you fall on your butt on a regular basis. How is this not in the top ten?