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Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.


Why soccer is a difficult sport:

1.You are sprinting for at the most, 45 minutes, then get a 10 minute break, possibly less, then you do it again. Its not like in American football where you run for about 15 seconds then you stop again. I'm not saying that football is easy, just that soccer players run for a lot longer.

2. The climate. The weather could be 100 degrees, it could freezing cold. It could be snowy or there could be rain, maybe hail. It's not in an air conditioned gym. And they will rarely stop a game because of the weather. Unless there's a tornado or lightning, etc. And where I live, the weather changes all the time. And we don't get a lot of tornadoes so they probably won't stop the game.

3. You could get pushed, kicked, shoved, all of this and more. The other team will try to hurt you as much as possible without getting a penalty. And, we don't have much protection, just shin guards which sometimes don't even help. Once, when I was ten I got my ...more

Soccer is definitely the absolute hardest sport that I have ever played in my entire life. I have tried just about every single sport imaginable, figure skating, competition cheerleading, competition swimming, gymnastics etc. And only some of those sports compare to the level of skill, strength, speed and motivation that soccer requires. Also in soccer you have to have aggression for the ball, which is something you cannot teach. In soccer you have to do all kinds of core training and running. How is cheerleading harder? I did cheerleading and it wasn't even that hard. Its only hard if you aren't good at it! Also swimming was probably the easiest sport I have ever played in my entire life. But then again how hard could a combination of floating, kicking and arm strokes in a chlorine pool be so hard? I can agree that gymnastics is one of the hardest sports but figure skating.. REALLY? Figure skating was again among some of the easiest skills for me.

Soccer what to say well first yeah running on a field for 90 minutes easy right. Sure if you have endurance strength can run at full sprint and beat everyone else to the ball no matter what position and to top it all have a ball between your feet. Ohhooo but no that's not all ever been hit by a kid who played hand egg(American football) yeah do that with no pads or protection and that's what it feels like to be charged by a 150 pound boy at full speed after running around a mile. Your body is stressed to the limit and you have to push it farther think you can do that well I think not. Okay now hockey I agree with is hard and water polo of course too but putting soccer in 15th place is beyond reasonable. Wanna know why your puny easy sports like DANCE is above this because this site is American so all the American girls or boys thatvwant their sport to be top are top majority play those top sports, wanna know why my school has a small soccer team because no one understands it no one ...more

You need to be really fast to play this sport. This sport requires speed, strength, accuracy, passion, and you have to want it. You need to have so much strength and aggression to play this sport. It requires so much commitment you have to be dedicated to each and every game. You need good stamina and skill to perform soccer. To people who say soccer isn't a physical sport I'd love to see you be pushed, elbowed, kicked, cleated, slapped, punched, bumped, knocked over, slide tackled, and to have it done legally. To play through the pain because you know your team needs you, and do it all without a single complaint. Try it.

I've been playing Football (here in America we call it soccer, but I think it should be called Football because Soccer sounds stupid) since I was a kid. I think it's really annoying when people say "Soccer is just kicking a ball into a net." Really? There's much more to it. A professional player runs 3-7 miles a game. When you finally get the ball after running down the pitch, you'll get too tired to even do anything. Don't even get me started on the slide tackles. Once, some kid tackled me in the leg, and I fell down on the ground on my stomach, hard. I actually couldn't breather for a few seconds. Some people say "Soccer/Football players are wimps because they get touched and they fall down." First of all, that's called diving. They do it on purpose! Yes, it's one of this sport's biggest problems, but they only do for strategy. Soccer players have to run up and down the field, and the injuries are the only break time they have during one half. They also do it for free kicks or to ...more - CommentMan

Soccer is one of the most demanding and physical sports there are out there. Games range from 90-120 minutes filled with intense sprints, running, kicking, and so much more. No one leaves the field without feeling tired, sore, and with some part of your body in pain. Some people think soccer is so easy, "all you do is kick around a ball". Well it's way more than that.

1. We have no protection except shinguards (which really don't do anything) All you football players, and hockey players get all this padding. Yes, I know you get hit a lot, but you have sooo much protection. In soccer you can get completely plowed over. Did I also mention that we have something flying at us around 70 mph! And yeah, we hit it with our head, our chest, our stomach, anything we have to in order to not get the ball in the net. In cheer, you have a number of people to catch you, and if they don't, what did you do your whole 3 hour practice? Practice makeup and hair?

2. Our field is so much ...more

Soccer is by far one of the hardest sports out there. I do gymnastics. It is harder. I did track and cross country. It is harder. I did basketball and baseball, and it is definitely harder. When was the last time you wrote a paragraph with your foot. That's right, never. In soccer, you use your feet, not your hands, which is a WHOLE new area of your body to master. I play midfield in soccer, and I can run up to 7 miles in a game, maybe more. I sprint, I jog, I kick, I THINK. That's another thing. You actually have to think when you play soccer. In cross country, you run, but you don't think. I'm not saying that soccer is absolutely the hardest sport, but it is MOST DEFINITELY harder than most sports.

Soccer is harder than any flipping, cheering, or water related sports. You have to be able to run up and down that field so many times. It's the hardest thing to do with your feet. You have to have great coordination ans strength. You have to push people off of you you have to be super strong especially in your legs. You can break something or bleed or die in any sport gymnastics. Weather has nothing to do with gymnastics. Hello! The Gymnastics! Can you read?! That's a dumb thing to say. Everyone can learn to swim not everyone can learn to play soccer. Bull riding and pole vaulting are just stupid. And motocross!?! What is strenuous about that at all? A bike carries you around. It's like driving something, not hard at all! Are you kidding me golf! Anyone could get good at golf. I horse back ride all the time soccer is definitely harder than that! Once again SOMETHING ELSE IS CARRYING YOU! I think gymnastics, hockey and figure skating is harder than soccer but all those other ones lets ...more

What the heck? 17?!?!?! Soccer is by far the most difficult sport ever. I want to see any other sport athlete control the ball like us soccer players do, run back and forth for 90 min, get knocked over by the other team because soccer is huge contact sport and fight through it. With 11 players on the gigantic field and only 3 subs, no timeouts you will most likely need lots of rest because we are used to doing things with our hands which makes other sports so much easier. But in soccer you have to do amazing things with your feet, head, and almost every other body part. Soccer is exhausting. Gymnastics is supposedly the hardest sport( according to you) and you are up there for what? 2 min? This is an absolute joke.

Ok I respect all the hard sports around the world but this one...oh get ready to die at practice! You can't only be in one position you have to change a bunch of positions and practice them. And let me tell you about the conditioning's you have to do. You have to sprint so fast when your doing bare laps around the field. You have to practice on your ball skills A LOT! And this one is killer...when your playing a game and you have the ball and life 5 people are chasing you and then like one of them tries to get the ball but instead they tackle you that pisses me off straight up! And then when you come home you have a bunch of bruises on your legs and your going to realize this is what your going to do for the rest of the season! And for the conditioning's again you don't just have to sprint or practice skills with your ball you have to do push ups,squats,leg workout,lunges and much much more and this sport should at least be top 10 because ya there are way more harder sports then this ...more

People like to have endless arguments about how soccer isn't a sport. that's bull. I've been playing soccer for 13 years and I still get tired every time I step onto that pitch. It's always something new. Unlike American football where you already have plays set up for you, Futbol is one of those sports where you need to think fast. What if you think of going that way but there's a butt load of defenders where you wanna go? Think fast and turn the other way! Think about it... it requires a lot of mental and physical strength! You have people tugging on your Jersey, pushing you, kicking you, coming towards you, and you still have to figure out where your going to send the ball. Try sprinting full speed while controlling the ball.. and getting through defenders and placing and shooting the ball. If you can do that.. then you can say whatever you want.

How do you say wrestling or cheerleading is harder than us? I get bull riding because your riding a live animal but wrestling and cheerleading? Cheerleading is for all the girly girls who aren't athletic enough to play in any other sport so they go to cheerleading. Wrestling yeah I know is pretty hard but they a round lasts less than 10 minutes. A soccer game can be up to 90 minutes. Which is at least 9 times more than wrestling. Plus wrestling just takes a big body and your already good. Soccer you need endurance, foot skill, agility, and so many other qualities. Way more than people putting their sweating bodies against each other.

Lets say your playing professional soccer. If you don't have super reflexes, incredible speed, outstanding strength, amazing accuracy, and unforgivable aggression then, you might as well get out of there!

Soccer is the most physically demanding game I have ever played. GOLF! Are you kidding me?! At the pro level you have your own caddy's. Soccer players (professionals) run multiple miles a game. You don't get a break like in football where they stop the game every 10 seconds. No, you have to be running your butt off for 45 minutes. Then you get a ten minute break. Then you do it all over again. Soccer is harder than any of those sports.

I play a very high level of competitive soccer and let me just say that it is anything but easy. Practices are painful and games are even harder. The hardest thing is that you need to combine speed, power, and finesse. It is known as the beautiful game for reason, but that doesn't mean that it is all dancing around with the ball at your feet. You need to be able to run at a high speed for long periods of time, you need to be able to be powerful but also realize all that is going on around you. You also need to be able to move without the ball, which includes making runs and trying to shake defenders. Most of all you need to be very creative.

I think soccer should be in the top ten, because (like u already mentioned) people think that soccer is just running around and kicking a ball into a net. But it takes speed and strength and many more things I don't want to get into. I've played soccer my whole life and I love it but it can be tough and painful. Most of my friends play softball and always say it's a super hard sport. Even worse than soccer. But all I say is play one full game of soccer on that big soccer fields against 11 players who are all going after one ball, then come back and talk to me how softball is so hard. They have no idea how much time and effort us soccer player put into our love of playing soccer. Therefore I think soccer should be in the top ten and is one of the hardest sports.

How can you possibly believe that gymnastics is more difficult than soccer?
Gymnastics is a tough sport no doubt, although soccer is more difficult. A soccer match is never the same as there will never be the same conditions (rain, hail or shine) compared to an indoor sport like gymnastics and players must react to their opponents and to different situations within a game. Gymnastics is always the same routines and the same movements, it does not require any intelligence or creativity as sports such as soccer, football, tennis and basketball do.

Soccer is really hard and I've been playing for all my life. Once you think you know what your doing they add in more complex moves and you never stop learning. You need you've quick decision making, quick reflexes, strong legs, endurance, and speed. People get tripped, body slammed, slide tackled, and shoved. Soccer has the most concussions with their players because of jumping really high and heading a ball with force. Soccer is a really hard sport and I know other sports are too but this sport has a lot put into it and should be higher up on this scale.

It requires talent, skills, speed, strength, accuracy, passion and more and more.

Football is pretty dang hard. Using your brain power and athleticism against 11+ more players opposing you. People think "Oh, all you do is kick the ball in the goal", but this takes real skill, real practice, REAL TRAINING. Just running and kicking the ball won't cut it. Your team will scream and yell at you if you screw up just a little bit, this sport is one of the most pressure I've ever played and I've played a lot of sports. You have to get past the opposing team as well as do tricks otherwise, they'll easily take it off you. If you do something wrong you get injured, that's how it works in football. Imagine a game going on for at least 120 mins(that's how long it is for league U14) with 360 feet long and 160 feet wide and you had to run up and down the field(depending how good the other team is) multiple times. My league has only half-time to take a break. It takes fast reflexes and the ability to play well under pressure. Football is like a combination of different ...more - _SoccerGirl

I play soccer and no matter what people are always trashing it. I have played soccer, football, baseball, and hockey, and soccer is the first hardest and hockey is the second. Soccer beats hockey because the conditions are always different. It takes strength agility, balance, flexibility, reflexes, speed, and accuracy to play soccer.

I think soccer is the sport that is most fun to play. You ca make great friendships, work hard, get in shape, knock people down, get knocked down, and most important get back up. You can also feel a sense of pride when you win, score, or beat an opponent. There is so many different skills and Hard work devoted to playing this fun, but tough game. I love soccer and have been playing it my entire life. If I did not play soccer I don't know what I would do with myself. It is a part of me I would never want to let go of. I love soccer!

People say that soccer is just kicking a ball on a muddy field of grass, but it's bigger than that. First of all, you run non-stop for a long period of time. You can easily get hurt. You also get little protection, just shin guards. And you have to have super quick reflexes. When you get the ball you have to decide whether to pass, dribble, score, etc. So if you think that soccer is easy, Think again.

Conditioning, you have to be in top shape to play. Next when you kick the ball you have to hit it in the right place with the right part of you foot. You also have to practice dribbling and tricks to get around people. When shooting you have to put both power and accuracy into your shot. To be good requires a lot of practice

I can't believe soccer is 15th! I've been playing soccer my whole life and my teammates say it's not a game unless I get hurt... You can get slide tackled witch isn't very fun! You can be pushed down and brake your wrist. A girl can kick you in the shin, knee, or ankle and it can be very dangerous! As a golie you can get hit in the face with the ball and brake your nose! Also as a golie you can brake your fingers by the ball pushing them back! I was in a boot once from a girl kicking my ankle! I was in it for 2 months! Then I was in another boot for 2 and 1/2 months from a girl kicking my heal! Soccer is a very dangerous sport! You can be hurt or hurt for a longtime in seconds and consistently! Soccer should not be 15th