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Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.


I cannot believe that tennis is as far down the list as this, honestly I don't think it is the most physical demanding sport but it is by far the hardest mentally. I am a tennis player and I have been playing since I was 4, trying to be a professional! The physical is so hard, you cry, you tear muscles, play through pain, throw up... But this is the same with most sports! I think it's a joke to put ANY team sport before tennis, in a team you can help each other but in tennis you are out there in the sun for 2/3 hours alone!... People that do not play tennis to a reasonable level do not understand how much of tennis is mental and how much pressure is on the players at all times, they don't understand that you could be a set and 5-0 up and lose because of one point where the player losses momentum. I believe overall that tennis is THE most difficult sport to play and it is seriously underestimated.

I've been playing tennis since I was 3 and a half and in USTA or the United States Tennis Association rankings I'm ranked 9 in the country and 2 in the best tennis state in my opinion, Florida. I have to train 5 hours a day with 2 hours of separate conditioning usually. People underestimate tennis so much. You use pretty much every muscle if your playing properly, like in swimming. The strategy and tactics that goes into high level tennis is very difficult, and unlike any sport. Tennis is the most difficult sport in my opinion because I don't know any other sport where you have to play at the highest level of your game for 3 hours and 52 minutes in 104 degrees in Texas at a national tournament in July. This was my longest match and I won. My opponent fainted from heat exhaustion before he could even shake my hand and had to go to the hospital. The sport is even harder at a professional level. But I have to admit when you are just starting tennis, don't try hard, or aren't very good, ...more - puja011

Tennis should be way higher on this list. Look at Wawrinka, Federer, Nadal, Murray, Or Djokovic and watch a match between them and any top 100 player and you will see long rallies and and that in one point they will occasionally run the distance of a football field if not longer. That distance combined with the effort they require to reverse their inertia time and time again just shows you the strength of these players legs that concept is only about 7.5% of the sport. The effort required for effective ( not instantly losing) serve also put in on of the highest risks of injury if the smallest aspect of the serve is off. Just look at all of the thrown out shoulders and arm injuries. And then comes the mentality of tennis which is 90% of the game. The hardest part of the mentality is relaxing or fighting back when you are suppressed instead of giving up is one of the toughest parts of tennis. I lost and my coach asked me " did he beat you or did you lose? " That question is what stuck ...more

I highly disagree with anything on this list. Everyone will definitely vote for what they have been playing, or what their favorite sports are because of their own experiences. I mean, define what "hard", then maybe we can have separate voting categories based on strength, durability, dexterity, endurance, flexibility, etc. I honestly don't think tennis is the hardest sport in the world, but I do think it's top ten. I'm just disappointed that tennis is behind sports that can be literally learned and played at a national level in a short 3-4 years. Heck, it took me 3-4 years to finally be able to play a semi-consistent forehand. In conclusion, This entire list is completely subjective and has no sort of validity whatsoever.

Tennis is way underestimated! I expected it to be at least the top ten but 21?! Tennis takes a lot of agility, strength, and mental fortitude. Well unless your a beginner. I think people underestimate this sport because when they play, a point only lasts like 5 seconds but the better you get, the longer the rallies get and the harder you are able to hit. The pressure in a game is extremely intense and hot weather only makes it worse. You have to play hours in the scorching sun and keep close focus on the ball. Technique is important because a single twitch and the ball will fault or hit the net. A lot of strategy is needed too because you need to find your opponents weakness and expose it. Well, my point is tennis should be higher on the list than gymnastics or dancing...

TENNIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT SPORT I HAVE EVER PLAYED! I don't know why it's not in the top ten, it definitely should be. Ik some people say tat tennis is easy all you have to do is get a ball over the net. yes this is true for ALTA, but if you want to be a competitive tennis player in region, national, and international tournaments tennis is hard work. To be a tennis play you not only have to be extremely physically fit, you must also be able to stay mentally stable and relaxed during a match. to stay fit, I have to fun 2 miles every day or run an hour of sprints, plus I have to do all around body workouts b/v tennis involves EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOUR BODY. during tennis matches, you have to be able to stay 100% focused and if you make any minor mistakes such as having your wrist slightly turned one way or taking your racquet back slighty to far back, then you'll completely miss a shot. You also have to take in to consideration the mental aspect as well, tennis is a solo sport. You ...more

I think that the thing about tennis that makes it not closer to the top of this list is that it's easy for anyone to pick up a racket and hit a ball, easier than it is for many sports. However, to be good at tennis requires an incredible variety of skills. While it doesn't require brute strength, it requires incredible conditioning and mental strength to be able to compete at a high level. Matches can go on for 2.5+ hours (5 or 6 in the pros) with far less breaks than other sports, and no breaks for halftime or quarters. And the fact that you are playing completely alone without teammates or the assistance of a coach requires mental toughness that is almost unmatched by other sports. Like I said, anyone trying to say that tennis requires serious arm strength is either lying or a weak idiot, but there definitely are many difficult aspects to competing at a high level.

Although tennis isn't in the top tens, it is quite difficult to master! Most people are like, "I'm so awesome; I can hit the ball over the net." But it's not. As an up and coming tennis star, I know what it takes to play. You have to bounce on your feet the entire match or you will miss a shot that comes whizzing by you. If you're working hard enough, you calves should be aching after practice. Secondly, you need quick reflexes; the ball can come at any time. If you don't move fast enough, BAM! You lose the point. It isn't a team sport (not like baseball where you hit a homer, and then return to the dugout to have your teammates clout your cap! ), so it requires determination, self-motivation, and willpower. And just like swimming and golf, you can play tennis for your entire life. Thus, tennis is a difficult sport.

There are books written on tennis psychology. There are techniques taught to experienced players on how to emotionally manipulate your opponents. Sure, it can be very physically tough, as for any sport if you want to be any good. But it is the mental strength that separates the good from the bad in tennis. Every point counts in the match. And if you let your guard down for just a split second, your opponent will get into your head, and you won't be able to get your mind off of that crappy serve you hit three games ago or that opportunity missed in the previous set. Tennis is more than just keeping up with the ball; a tennis player has to know exactly where to place the ball, anticipate the opponent's response, and do it all alone without a team supporting them.

I've been playing tennis for about 5 years now and I practice everyday for 3 hours and train for an hour everyday. You have to be committed and have very good depth perception and eye hand coordination. When I play tennis I go all out I dive for balls and cut my elbows and knees pretty bad. Ive had muscles rip in my shoulders from hitting the ball hard with bad technique. Also I've had ankles twist and sprained from sliding and my knees get messed up to. Tennis is harder then most people think.

Tennis involves everything from your feet to your brain. If you think the physical side of tennis is challenging, that's only 10% of the match. Tennis involves a lot of strategy, hand-eye coordination, stamina, speed, flexibility, good ball sense, quick reflexes, precise footing, hours of practice and drills, hours of physical training, discipline, ability to play under a lot of pressure, consistency, strength, and analytical and problem solving ability. I don't see how cheerleading or bull riding can engage one's mind and body in such a wholesome and intense way

Tennis is definitely a very demanding sport. I myself do not play very often, as I am a competitive swimmer and soccer player. Tennis requires not only physical endurance, but mental endurance as well. Tennis is a unique sport in which the mental game is arguably more important than the physical part. However, tennis is also VERY physically demanding. You must also take into consideration the environment, since tennis is usually played outdoors and occasionally in HOT CONDITIONS! Tennis, overall, is a GREAT way to get physically fit in all parts of your body

Tennis is the hardest sport in history if you train correctly and play extremely competitively. I am top 10 in the country for my age devision and the amount of work I put in. Here is actual proof. Right now, Spain is leading the world in the amount of athletes that they produce. This year, Nadal won the award for the Spanish athlete of the year. Now you are putting him up against some brutal guys and girls but he still came out on top. Keep in mind he was going against Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo. Tennis is the most physically demanding sport on Earth and anybody who says otherwhise is not educated. I have played in club soccer. Club basketball. And I have also played competitive hockey for 1 year. They are no where near as hard as tennis. End of discussion, if you don't believe me try it for yourself.

Tennis isn't an easy sport. You have to have good hand eye coordination and all around body strength to even hit the ball hard. My opinion is that tennis might sound like a wimpy game but one game of basketball is as hard as a warm up in tennis

Tennis often is viewed as a country club sport. The higher levels of tennis you watch will make it clear that it is one of the most difficult sports in the world. It is not a contact sport, but it take a great deal of metal toughness and physically you need to be efficient and powerful at the same time. Being agile and powerful simultaneously is not seen in a lot of athletes, but it is seen in all tennis players. There are no one-dimensional athletes in tennis.

I just started playing tennis. I absolutely love it but I will admit that it is very hard physically and mentally. Lots of people say it's not a sport because it's not popular or because it's not even hard! They don't know how much skill and effort and concentration you have to put in it. Everything has to be perfect in your form or you could lose it all. Tennis I believe is harder then football baseball and basketball. (From experience)

Tennis is probably one of the toughest sports out there. At least top 5 for sure. Everything in Tennis is uncontrollable except for your serve. Unlike gymnastics, swimming, dancing and track etc, you pretty much do the same thing over and over again. Its just like sitting for an exam where you already know whats gonna come out. In Tennis, no single ball is the same, there will be different spin, power, placement, trajectory, depth. Everything is different. I don't understand how gymnastics is number 1 when their routine last for a minute and a tennis match last for 2-3 hours without a period of break(only water breaks during change ends). Amazing amount of mental strength is needed for Tennis as well because you are all alone in the court for the entire match, no coaching allowed during the match. So next time when you decide to put in the 23rd position, think about Nadal vs Djokovic!

Really? I HATE THIS LIST! Cheerleading isn't a sport! UGH! I've been playing tennis since I was 5, and I can't tell you how many times I have bled, cried, and sweated during these 8 years. I have sprained myself so many times, but that's how I learned to make my footwork better! Hey stupid cheerleaders! Try running 10-20 laps, then jumping rope at high speeds for 30 min, then playing tennis for 1-3 hours! It's hard! Plus, people don't know the preperation for tennis, like lifting weights, swimming for arm mussels. I can't believe it's #33! X (

Go out and play just one set in a 90 degree weather, with 25 seconds between points, 90 seconds between odd games, against an opponent that runs you side to side, up to the net, and lobs over your head, forcing you to run back, and when you get that ball back in, they hit a drop shot, and all that for one point. You will be huffing and puffing, and surely vote tennis as one of the top three hardest sports in the world.

Tennis is such an underestimated sports. Tennis is as close to solitary confinement as you can get. Alone, in the hot sun, or heavy winds. I've played in 90 degree weather for 5 hours and outside in 40 degrees with heavy winds for sectionals. It demands a lot of physical work, but THE MOST mental game of any sport. Strategy, thinking ahead, concentration, etc. NO WAY IR SHOULD BE #42!

Tennis taks a lot of technique and strategy, and plus, requires the speed and endurance to reach for those tricky shots. Iv been playing tennis for 11 yes and american football for 3 and I can easily say tennis is harder than football. It may take more strength and toughness to play football, but tennis requires speed, endurance, and a lot of mental strength. Tennis also requires a lot of coordination; one miss step can cause you to lose the point or if a habit, the whole match.

Playing tennis is extremely hard. I have been playing for about 5 years now and I am still learning. I can't tell you how manny times I have wanted to quit because practice was so brutal and so intense. In tennis you have to play all year long or else you will be HORRIBLE by the time you come back to playing. Even if you quit for 2 weeks you will get messed up on timing and aiming!

Tennis might be boring to watch (for some) but actually playing it is a different story. The endless need for a strategic plan is filling up the players head, as well as the knowledge on how to execute a swing with proper technique. Tennis is a constant, ongoing sport that requires excellent endurence, footwork, and arm and leg power. I am currently on a Varsity Tennis team, and I'm guessing people thought it would be easy, because over 30 students showed up. It wasn't, because only 13 made the team.

It may not require the most strength, the most power, the most speed, agility, durability. It may not be the most strategic, require most nerve or mental strength. But it does require a fair amount of every single one of those things, and that's why I think it's the most difficult sport to master.

I just started playing tennis and all the comments below are more than right. Tennis is really having good hits and being quick. It is also very easy to get hurt. And unlike some other sports tennis courts feel like sandpaper when you hit. But even with its challenges it is still a wonderful experience.