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Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.


In volleyball you have to sacrifice your body for every single point! I come home from volleyball games covered with huge purple bruises on my arms and legs! It's so easy to get injured and you are constantly diving on the floor to retrieve the ball. It is also very technical! You have to be in the exact right place with your body positioned in the exact right way. One tiny error and the ball is shanked! You are constantly relying on your teammates for everything and you have to be prepared for whatever comes over the net. Volleyball is unpredictable.

Volleyball and tennis are the hardest. Tennis can make you feel VERY tired. But, I think volleyball is harder. In tennis, the ball can fall on the ground once. But, in volleyball, if it falls on the ground, the opposite side gets the point. So, you must keep the ball in the air and the team can touch it ONLY TWICE before spike. And, you can injure if you bang your head or something else on the floor. Ok, when I was playing soccer, I was a goalie, I was throwing myself on the ground to prevent a goal. But, the grass was stiffer and I soon couldn't play anymore, because it ached me so much even when I was getting out of the car. It took around two weeks for me to be able to throw myself again. So, that can happen in volleyball when you throw yourself on the ground. And, also, when the serve is very strong, it's not very easy to keep the ball in the air, it's hard to block, it's not easy when the lifter lifts the ball to you and you are far from the net and you must somehow spike. Who ...more

Volleyball is extremely difficult especially competitively. This sport is a complete mental game. Once some one gets in your head your cracked and the game is over. You have to think about everything your doing in fast paces. Where your supposed to be when there hitting. How high your platform should be when your passing. How much leg muscle you should use to push a hut. Foot work is different in passing, setting and hitting. You have to master every piece of volleyball to succeed. Plus conditioning. I've ran track and I think I do more running and conditioning at a volleyball practice then I did in track. I practice for 4 and a half hours every Saturday. Just to prepare me for an all day tournament. You don't see swimmers swimming for 6 hours or any other sport play 6 games in a day! So volleyball is extremely hard because it's a physical endurance sport and a mental sport.

As a JV high school boy's volleyball player I say that volleyball should be ranked higher. Sure, you don't shove or push people, but isn't getting spiked in the face worse? Volleyball may not be the hardest, but it is the most underrated. I hate it when little wimps struggle to rotate and try to order ME around in PE volleyball, where the nets are 2 feet shorter and we have 7 players on a team. Just because it's volleyball does not mean you can break the rules. It makes me want to punch you if you say that you don't want to rotate or you want to switch spots because "I want to serve" "I want to be in the front" "I don't want to be there" Watching wimps run from the ball is torture. Seriously, it's a VOLLEYBALL, it's not going to kill you. Then there's me, who dives at the other team's outside hitter when he gets a perfect set and the block is not up. Jeez, stop dissing volleyball and man up. Have you ever played in competitive club or high school ...more

Oh common how can Soccer be before Volleyball? I don't actually think people get how hard volleyball is. Everybody thinks is just an easy game that you play for fun, and I agree with that, but when you're playing it just for fun, not seriously.

Have you any idea how hard is to concentrate on the game? Or to keep with it when you have a coach that all he does is shout at you and make you run 10 tours of the whole court?!

Ok practices are not that hard, unless you have a really strict coach like mine but matches are so difficult!

You psychology must be so controlled! If you are not concentrated for one moment, everything can go wrong, also your service must be done perfectly because, that's where all starts, or when you have to exchange places with the other players in the court, in one second because that's just how systems work! Or when you are 25-25 (a set usually ends at 25 points but the score must have 2 points of difference) so you have so much stress because ...more

Volleyball is probably not the hardest sport in the world, but it is pretty difficult for a while. It takes strength, knowing where to be at all times, and bravery. You need strength to serve the ball, to pass the ball, to spike the ball, and even to set the ball. If you don't have strength, then you won't be able to do much. Also you have to know where to be at all times, because if you aren't where you are supposed to be, you lose the point and possibly the game. It is very important to be where you need to be. Also bravery is very important, possibly the most important. The whole time you have to be brave. You have to go for the ball. You have to fight for it. Yes, there are so many injuries that can be caused by this game. Some include, spraining your leg or arm, breaking your leg or arm, and getting a concussion. You have to be brave, but know all of these things. You fight for the ball no matter what happens. Volleyball is very difficult sport, competitively and mentally.

Sure. Passing a ball over a net isn't that hard. But have you played a good jump serve. Exactly. - cedarpointpugs

Bravery? 'Oh look I'm hitting a ball over a net this is some scary stuff! '

Volleyball, I must say, is an extremely difficult sport. Unlike other sports, you must pay attention to the match at ALL TIMES. You must be positioned properly and completely focused on the ball coming toward you, or else you'll get hit in the face. Another thing that some people might not know: it's extremely hard on your feet. I've developed serious arch problems from volleyball. Why? Because I am constantly jumping, running, blocking, turning, landing and twisting on my feet, with no break. When we played volleyball in gym class and all of the boys said it was easy, I laughed and said "This isn't real volleyball, kids. Go play a university-level match and tell me it's not hard". The other thing about volleyball is that it requires incredible mental stamina. It's extremely demotivating when you are the one who loses the point, but you have to get back into position and focus on the next point. Also, communication is a must. If even one of the players on the field doesn't feel like ...more

I cannot believe some of the sports ranked higher than this. Volleyball is much more demanding than so many of them. You need to have strength in every body part. Legs need to be built and explosive for jumping and squatting to pass. Arms need to be strong to hit the ball or recieve a hard hid. Your abs have to be hard to be able to pike and swing. Your mind has to be string to be able to take the pressure from one game. Communication is key and many of the sports above require none. Communication is difficult and for volleyball it is constantly needed to call the ball call the plays know where te ball is about to go on the other side. The perfection required to win a match is different from many sports. The person who makes the mistake in volleyball is the person who loses the point. Every point ends in a mistake and they add up quickly. No miss serves no miss hits no shakes no off sets. The perfection is demanding. So if any one wants to say volleyball is easy. Let's see you try

To everyone saying volleyball is an easy sport;

First of all, you have obviously never played competitive volleyball or on a real team. Gym volleyball is so much different than competitive volleyball.
On occasion you pass the ball over the net, but most of the time your team is hitting it or the opposing team is hitting it at you. How woes you like to try and receive a fast ball coming right at your face? Or coming home every night to more court burns that you've received from diving all over the court? Every real volleyball player knows that volleyball is NOT and easy sport. This sport is definitely not cut out for "wimps" it does in fact take courage and bravery to step up and fear nothing. I am not going to diss other sports saying they are wimpy or easy like multiple others have. Anyone who believes that volleyball is easy has an irrelevant opinion. Do everyone a favor and try playing in a real league. Impossible, though, because you don't have a chance and wouldn't make ...more

Honestly this is pathetic. Whoever made this list has never played volleyball. There is no way in a million years that competitive cheer is ranked higher. Like all they do is through a 60 pound girl with the help of 2+ people. While we volleyball players through ourselves on the floor while Making a perfect pass and having to get up in the matter of what...3-5 seconds? I will fight to prove to people that volleyball is all most a life threating sport. When people hear volleyball they most likely think of gym volleyball when you practice under serving that is nothing like an actual game. It should be at least the top five if not higher.

This sport is definitely one of the hardest sports there is and deserved to be ranked way higher on this list. When most people think of volleyball they think of your classic gym volleyball game where the ball never goes over the net. I would just like to let everyone know that Volleyball is much more than that. This is the only sport where you have to combine strength, quick reflexes, speed, mental ability and confidence all into one lethal combination. Real volleyball players know what its like to pass a crazy jump serve perfectly or get an amazing kill shot. Volleyball takes so much skill, I could go on forever about how much effort it takes to play but I'm gonna stop here.

I've played volleyball and I agree it should be ranked higher. Your teammates and yourself have to understand where the ball is going to and who's gonna hit it. It's about control, teamwork and endurance. When two people call the ball they can collide and injure themselves but even after they've hit, other players can still try to keep it up since it's still roaming in the air somewhere. Volleyball uses your arms, fingers and leg strength to try and hit the ball over the net. Volleyball tournaments at my school are 5 hours long and are very competitive, so I don't know why Volleyball isn't at least the 15th hardest sport.

Volleyball is not easy at all! You have to be fast, have endurance, have muscle in EVERY part of your body, and be able to handle messing up in front of tons of people! Something as simple as a toss can mess up an entire game.

Volleyball is so much harder than most sports, just because it is not a direct contact sport does not mean that it is easy. You have to be very agile and be able to hit the ball 60 mph to be able to get the point, it's more demanding and you can't mess up. In other sports if you mess up once or twice it doesn't matter. Volleyball is a game of perfection and if anyone says that perfection is easy to come by, than I'd laugh in your face. Volleyball is with out a doubt the hardest sport.

Volleyball should be way on this list! This sport can be so painful and it will leave bruises that will have you questioning how the heck you them! I don't see soccer players diving on a hard wood floor for a ball that's coming 60mph at them! I don't see basketball players, football players, or baseball players doing that! This sport takes so much ability and a strong mind because volleyball is such a mental game but it's so physical as well. I can't even show and explain to you all my bruises within an hour because they all have stories behind them. Volleyball is much more harder than soccer cause I've played soccer and it wasn't all that hard.

Truly people don't understand how hard volleyball is. I've heard people say "Oh it's so easy you don't have to move at all." False 100%. There's never a moment where your standing still, because if you do either that ball will hit the ground or hit you right in front of the face. I understand that it's not the hardest but people don't give volleyballers enough credit. We dive onto the floor, be up at the net and have balls flying to our faces, and even people in the back row had super fast and hard spikes and serves coming towards them. You have to use your whole body for everything and people only thinks its your hands. If anything people really do need to watch college volleyball or volleyball in the olympics. High school volleyball is still hard but so much easier then college and professional volleyball

Many people think that volleyball is easy, or that anyone can do it. In reality, the players who make it look "so easy" have sacrificed so much, and pushed their body's to the limits to get where they are. Not only do you have to judge where the ball is going and position yourself correctly, you have to trust your teammates and yourself. Every second is a battle between you and the other team. There is diving, receiving, passing, setting, hitting, tipping, blocking, point after point. You have to be ready at any given moment and always keep your focus.

Volleyball is probably the hardest sport that I've personally played, and that includes basketball, football and hockey. It requires a very high degree of athleticism, agility and fast reflexes. Most importantly it is very demanding mentally which is why most brutish hockey players and football players disregard it, they're not smart enough to be any good at it. Volleyball should be in the top ten easily.

People say that volleyball isn't an intense sport because you just stay in one place and there's no running, but they obviously haven't been to our practices! In volleyball you are constantly moving to get into rotation or to track the ball. You have to learn the rotation for every single possible scenario and get there as fast as you can. you have to learn how to hit, which takes a lot of practice and a very sore arm to achieve, and practicing passing? Your legs will be KILLING you. #23? How about #1!

Although volleyball doesn't involve contact, we do throw ourselves in front of high speed balls. Kneepads don't really protect much. After every practice/game each and ever player comes home with burns that will later turn into scars, bruises and aching pain in our muscles from the amount of work we put into each and every play. Most people may think that the volleyball in gym class is super easy, but that isn't real volleyball! Once you play for a club team or a high leveled college team that is when you can truly see how hard and competitive the sport is.

The only reason that Volleyball is lower ranked is because idiots who haven't played it before think it isn't hard. I've played Basketball, Football, Hockey, and nothing is harder than Volleyball. I'm not saying gymnastics isn't hard, I've done that too, and it's actually harder than Volleyball. But Volleyball should be ranked nearby Gymnastics. These sports are more popular than Volleyball and that is why it is ranked lower.

I have personally trained to be a show horse rider and trust me volleyball is way harder. I know the game of basket ball better than even some people who play having managed for 3+years and volleyball is tougher. I have friends who play the sport and volleyball who have way more inguries from volleyball than basketball. Most people think that volleyball is like what they played in gym but it's not. In real volleyball there are rotations to memorize, not just your own but everyone else's. We condition every practice so we can jump higher and hit harder, to move faster, and to get lower. No it's not a contact sport but I have seen worse inguries in volleyball then I gave in any other sport. One girl has totally destroyed the nerves in her shoulders, another will need reconstructive surgery on her ankle if she hurts it again. I've seen ligament and acl tears IN PRACTICE. volleyball is definitely the hardest sport I know.

Okay... just saying it's a little insulting that competition cheerleading, dance, and horse back riding are higher than us... that isn't even half as hard as volleyball, in volleyball you use every single muscle in your body! Leg and core muscle for passing, arm and core muscle for serving and hitting, and literally even finger muscle for setting! You have no idea how hard volleyball is until you play it, it is an extremely powerful and intense sport.

I completely agree! Whoever made this list clearly doesn't play any competitive sports because dance, cheerleading, and horseback riding shouldn't even be on this list. Volleyball is way harder because it requires strength, endurance, power, competitive drive, etc. You also have to be able to pass a serve coming at you 60mph and still get a perfect pass to the setter so that she/ he can set someone up to get a kill while trying to hit around the block and make smart decisions in the moment with out even thinking about it. Also, in volleyball, every mistake counts because if your team makes one mistake or shanks one pass and can't get it back in time, then it's a point for the other team. Unlike other sports where if you make a mistake then its not an automatic point for the other team. Volleyball is also very competitive and loud and I guarantee that no dancer would survive one varsity game, not even the first 2 points, because dancers aren't competitive and will get offended if you ...more - Lexi01101

The ball is served at 5-6, your libero has to dive to get it and still make it a perfect pass to the setter position between 2-3 while the setter as to run there from her serve receive position and she has to make a perfect set with no spin, the right height, the right distance. she had to know which players are ready to hit, she has the options of 5, 4, shoot, 2, 1, C, 9, Red, White, Blue, or she could tip or push. If she chooses to set one of the hitters she sets it to them perfectly then everyone covers. then the hitter has get to the 10 foot line and do her approach on the right timing and then she gets to choose to hit cross, line, roll, tip, or cut. Plus she has to hit over the blockers and make it in the court. Once the ball is on the other side everyone goes to their base position and you have talk and say what shes gonna do like the passer passes the ball tight the setter may tip it then everyone of us has dive to the center of the court while deciding whod gonna get it by ...more

I think that volleyball is harder than some of the sports that came before it. I came home from volleyball tournaments and had bruises and bloody knuckles. I was diving and throwing my body down on the ground constantly for every ball that came my way, but that is just my opinion. I can't believe that it is #37.