Water Polo


Water Polo is way harder than swimming. Water Polo involves so much more skill and endurance then swimming does. Water Polo is also not just lets swim in lanes, you have to be willing to sometimes get in a fight with people under water.

Okay, well I play water polo and water polo is way harder than swimming. I mean are you kidding me. In water polo I swim probably a mile each game with someone on top of me punching a kicking me. Water polo requires so much swimming, but the swimming is so brutal. Water polo requires so much more endurance and stamina. This game isn't only super physical but really mental. People say that boxing is hardest, well I can tell you that you do the same thing in water polo as you do in boxing while swimming a mile. And people who think swimming is harder, I don't know what to say. When you swim you don't have to worry about a bunch of people climbing on you and punching you as you swim and your practically dragging them. Water polo is probaly more physical than hockey. Well, if you think basketball is harder, its really similar except your constantly treading water swimming with someone on your back for a mile and getting beat up. Then all the other sports are just so easy compared to water ...more

I have never been elbowed in the teeth or been hit in the face with a ball so hard that my vision went black for a couple of seconds in any sport other than Water Polo. I'm not saying it's the hardest sport by any stretch (that would be stupid since each sport is suited to a certain sort of person. ex. a rower will usually not run a marathon. ) and each sport is harder for a different person. Just an aspect of polo that maybe no one has mentioned, some of the pools you play in will have WAY too much chlorine. Unlike swimmers, we don't have the protection of goggles. When this happens, your eyes can start burning so badly you can't see. Then it's kinda hard to play...
The trick to water polo is to never apologize and give as good as you get in the pool. It takes strength and toughness. By mid-game it is not uncommon to have been hit in the throat at least a dozen times and feel like you have inhaled a gallon of water. You will also most likely be in desperate need of a sub, but they ...more

Water polo is a very underrated sport it's a water version of wrestling/rugby/handball/swimming 4 sports that are excruciatingly difficult. I understand why swimming and gymnastics are rated the top hardest sports because I have much respect for both sports since I have done both and admit that they are both very demanding sports with a level of difficulty only true athletes can endure. However water polo is a whole new level of difficulty. It has the aggressiveness of wrestling and rugby, the concentration and precision of handball and the endurance and practice of a true swimmer. It is a very violent sport and even though I've never played this sport I have much respect for water polo players because I see the amount of effort and time put into this sport, it's one of those sports you can't just pick up... you have to know a lot of skills to be good. You have to know how to swim and have good endurance to tread for like 4 hours straight and have the aim and precision of a NBA ...more

Water Polo is like soccer, basketball, swimming, and wrestling all in one sport. And you have to keep from drowning when the opponents have all their weight on you. People tend to think it's not a hard sport because you just float in the water but they don't understand that even if you aren't moving up or down the pool the players are still treading water. And yes, broken bones are less common because the water acts as a buffer. But then think about how hard someone has to get hit in order to break something. I had my nose broken and I know many other people that have and it takes some serious strength to do that in the water. I think that water polo is one of the toughest, hardest, most strenuous, and under-rated games out there.

I play water polo currently and it is physically exhausting as well as time consuming. This sport requires a great amount of commitment and dedication. you have to be prepared to deal with the pain of punching, kicking, clawing, and being dunked under the water. It's just part of the game. Aside from the aspects of brutality that get so much attention, there are many other aspects of the game that mentally challenge you as a player. Similar to football you have to have plays memorized and executed. You have to find ways to break the other team's opportunities through various types of defense. You have to be able to read the drives and picks of the other team. You have to know when to help back. Water polo is what I always say a combination of wrestling and swimming. If you can deal with someone grabing anything on you that they can get a hand on all while trying to swim and shoot a ball at the same time, then you should play. This is a balls to the wall sport and there is no room for ...more

Here is a good way to think about water polo:
Take football,

Add the fact that you are constantly swimming/treading water and never get to touch the floor or the wall the whole game (you end up sprinting the length of the pool countless times, and once you are exhausted, you're done because you don't get a break to recharge)

Add the fact that it is in fact MORE violent than football as, under the water or out of the ref's view, you can essentially maul a person (claw, tear at your suit, hit your pressure points, kick, twist your limbs, etc)

Add the fact that while you are essentially being mauled by the player you are paired with, you must also be completely aware of which one of your teammates are open and be thinking several moves in advance

AND add the fact that you can only ever hold, pass, and shoot the ball with one hand, requiring a lot of control and precision in the midsts of the chaos that goes on in the pool

I can't really compare it to ...more

People vote swimming because 99% don't know water-polo, or for the few who heard it's name, they surely think it's the hotel game where you have mini cages and you can touch the ground with your feet. I play water-polo and I can assure you that it's the hardest sport in the world. It just have to be.. Even when you're stable (which, trust me, never happens in a match) you have to make an effort with your legs so you don't sink. You're always in motion swimming back and forth. And water-polo is a game where you need strength, endurance, but also Skills..

Also, players are really dirty, cause referees obviously can't see everything, especially not underwater contact. Your opponent will do everything he can to get an advantage on you (so you better watch out you balls, and I'm damn serious)

Water polo is definitely the hardest. A lot of people don't know that you can't stand on the bottom of the pool-you have to tread the whole time. You also can only touch the ball with one arm. This includes: passing, shooting and catching. The amount of contact in the sport is real. Between scratching, kicking, elbowing, suit grabbing, kneeing, drowning, Etc. just imagine three players sluffing and drowning you as you try to score. Not to mention being goalie. Goalie is tough. Treading in the deep water with a polo ball being whipped at you. There's tons of swimming in the sport. Quickly swimming the length of the pool back and fourth when possession changes. It's draining. I'm not here to put down other sports because I think it's great that people love something and love to do it. I just think physically and statistically water polo is one of the tougher sports.

I am a water polo player myself. And... Let's make this simple. IT'S HARD! People who are saying swimming is harder are wrong, because water polo IS swimming, but you are wrestling, playing handball, football and soccer (goalies.) Not only it's like wrestling, but you have to watch your balls, because a ref doesn't see everything. They are watching from outside of the pool. I have been kicked in the balls twice, after my first game I was in so much pain. But guess what, the most "relaxing" part of water polo is treading water for a few seconds after a goal. Whoa how relaxing -.- It is very demanding by the coach and you have to pull 125 pound land lines in and out the pool. Also you have to carry the goals into the water, with only a help from a friend. I took a swimming camp last summer, and it was funny, because everyone was complaining how hard it was, but for water polo players it was... A REALLY easy warmup.

Water polo is an extremely physically demanding sport. You get your bathers ripped off, you get pushed under so you can't breath (unless you want to drown, but you know...) and the only padding you get is EAR PROTECTION. People swim on top of you, people grab the string on your cap, people pinch and slap and kick, sometimes even bite.

Here is an example of one of our games:
In one game, the opposing team was attacking, and their centre forward head slammed our centre back, and she got a blood nose and couldn't play the rest of the game... That wasn't even called as a foul.

Some people say, " water polo is so easy, all you have to do it throw the ball around in the water," but there is so much more than that, you have to learn game structure and tactics, and the rules and when and how to draw a foul.

There is no standing around, the RELAXING part of water polo is treading water. The pool is so deep you can;t touch the bottom, which I found out most people don't ...more

I play competitive waterpolo and we practice every single night of the week. How in the world is swimming harder than water polo? Water polo is swimming! But also when you are swimming people try and wrestle you and dhey kick, scratch, punch, drown and a lot of other stuff. Water polo should definitely be the hardest sport because you can only use one hand and you have to swim for 7 minutes straight! I was in gymnastics before it wasn't nearly as hard as water polo. I go in summer speed swimming that's supposedly really hard... Well for us water polo players its just like a warm up or just a normal practice.

I have scars in places I shouldn't. I have more than 6 ripped suits. I have had bruised legs, arms…bruised everything. Really, really horrible sun burns, terrible ear infections, pink eye. I have had days when I'm literally afraid to talk because my abs hurt so bad. Some days it hurts like crazy to walk. I'm like 100% I didn't get any of these things when I was a competitive swimmer. (Except maybe ear infections) Water polo is so much harder than swimming that its hard to even compare them. Everyone says how hard their sport is. But here is the thing: most water polo players play your sport for fun. Obviously not the sports that are actually really difficult (hockey, boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, rugby, horseback riding) but nonetheless, try to play water polo for fun. The endless swimming, sprinting, secret punching and kicking under water, gulping up gallons of chlorine. Even when you are resting you aren't, you are still treading.

You play water polo for the first time, and you feel like you're going to die. It is the most grueling sport there is. The conditioning is harder than what swimmers do, the games are fights underwater and conditioning above, and the mental stress that is put on the players during the game to not break down and give up when your body cries out is unreal. There truly isn't anything harder to play. Especially when the guy you're guarding gives you the look. The look that tells you he wants to tear you apart and score a goal. If you ever doubt that water polo is the most difficult sport, look at the men and women who play it. You have to look like them, and be strong like them to stand a chance in this sport.

Growing up I got to an elite competitive level in most sports that I tried. I agree eite gymnasts train really hard and there are a ton of young elite gymnasts because every parent puts their daughter in gymnastics and their careers are so short. So the top gymnasts probably have it harder than the top water polo player. However, if you were to compare an average gymnast to an average water polo player, there you would see the difference. The piece of water polo many forget is the mental aspect. In gymnastics you train and train and are able to be stronger and master different tricks by conditioning and learning the specific techniques. That isn't necessarily possible in water polo. There are people that have played since they were young and are not good. Water polo requires the situational awareness and reason abilities of soccer, the stamina of a swimmer (water polo players swim approx. One-two miles per game), and the contact of a wrestler. You can't asses how hard water polo is ...more

I've played water polo for about 5 years now and it is the most physically demanding sport. Take swimming and wrestling and soccer and put them together and you have water polo. I play both club and varsity water polo and I can tell you that I have never in my life been more exhausted or sore after playing water polo even after all these years. Last year I broke two ribs playing water polo and it was so painful. My sister who is a gymnast tried water polo for a day then quit because it was too hard. Water polo is extremely under estimated and isn't given enough credit. Its brutal, aggressive and difficult. However, given this, I don't need to have my sport validated by people who have never even tried water polo. We water polo players know it's the hardest sport out there.

Water polo is super hard. I am playing this year and 2 more years to come cause I am on the freshman team hint I'm a freshmen. We've played a lot of really aggressive schools. At the beginning of the season including preseason I was scared cause its super aggressive. I've gotten dunked probably 20 times. I've gotten a suit strap broken. I've gotten kicked in the ribs and punched in the face and also gotten hit by the ball a few times super hard. Then half way through season wich was a couple weeks ago I finally started getting aggressive I dunked a girl I've held people back so someone can get the ball instead of the person on the other team. I hate when I get dunked multiple times and the refs don't even pay attention then the last time they do they finally get ejected. Especially when they interfere with a shot or a pass. By pulling you under the water so then you can't throw as well as normal. I really do think water polo is harder then any sport in the world.

This is the first blood in the water game. People grab your junk, put you into holds, punch, kick, scratch, elbow, and maybe bite you. Refs don't always see it because most of it is underwater. Besides the violence this is a mentally demanding game that has you thinking constantly. Looking out for opponents, setting up offense or defense, and looking for teammates to pass to. Plus all the swimming you do in a game itself I tiring. You can't touch the bottom or the walls until a timeout or the end of quarters or the game itself. This sport is tough. Enough said.

I play water polo, and it's way harder then non water polo players think. You're treading water, sometimes an hour straight, using one hand to pass, catch and shoot the ball, and being attacked in the water. Imagine, treading and then being passed the ball, trying to catch it with one hand, being attacked, punched and kicked, while the ref, not in water, doesn't see it. You're exhausted, but there's no breaks this game.

I don't understand how swimming is ahead of this, you aren't attacked, can touch the wall, and there's no ball bonking you in the face. This should be number 1. Since I've started playing water polo I've become so much stronger. I've done gymnastics and cheer, and water polo is by far the hardest.

Have you been kicked in the head multiple times, almost passed out mid game and had someone pull your shoulder so hard it pulled almost all the muscles in it? No? Ok we'll try water polo and see how hard it is... I have swam, done motocross, ridden horses, done gymnastics, the whole 9 yards. Nothing comes CLOSE to water polo! Gymnastics, I'll give it to you but not really anything else. You can easily train your body to run, but swimming and wrestling and drowning in the water? It's not a natural thing. You puke. You sweat, don't know it, and pass out from dehydration. It's scary and hard, and if you honestly think your spot is harder, let's trade. I'd be glad for a day off. Oh, by the way what other sports burn 700+ calories an hour? Not many... Or games are kept to around 7-8 min. Quarters because we literally don't stop. Soccer, you stop. Swim, you stop. It's fast paced and demanding the whole time

I'm trying to not offend swimming just trying to say water polo is harder as a quick disclaimer.
Looking at the comments the main people fighting are water polo players vs, gymnasts but really we should be fighting a common contender swimming! I love swimming and it lead me to water polo and I know training can be a pain in the ass (especially when the coach is grumpy) and it can make your muscles hurt like hell but swimming is just one component of water polo. Imagine trying to do 400 free with someone behind you grabbing your feet and trying to pull you back or swim over you. Water polo has other components like contact with other players, throwing and shooting with one hand, trying not to drown, etc. I'm a goalie so I don't have to do much swimming but I still have to get high and block the ball from the cage, (goal) at all cost, I have to do intense egg beat with chairs (Cause I'm young I don't need weights yay! ). Swimmers might be saying well you don't have to do as much as ...more

I'm insulted that people think that gymnastics is harder then water polo. You complain about having a two hour conditioning practice. I have five hour conditioning practices every day, five days a week then four games on the weekend. We start of my doing Sprints back and forth down the pool for one hour. Then we put ten pounds around our waist and tread with only our legs for another hour. Then we go and lift and do I don't even know how many pull ups, push ups, sit ups, V-ups, benching, leg lifts, and more carp that I don't know the name of. Finally we get back in the water to do drills and we are so sore that we can barely move non the less swim for another hour and a half. After all this I think that water polo is the hardest sport, an it pays off. I'm one of the strongest kids at my school ans my school has won state champion several times and I'm only 15. So this is why that water polo is way harder then gymnastics.

I've done both swimming and water polo, and yes, I agre with the others. Water polo is not just swimming, but wrestling around with people grabbing your bathers all the time (which is ridiculously frustrating sometimes)
Not to mention the vomit sets your coach will give you - laughing at you the whole time.
And pointing out, I played goalkeeper for a while, and we are not PANSIES. It's terrifying the first time you get in that cage... (and sometimes even after that) But screaming at your teammates to cover their arses makes up for it.

Water polo.
Try being pushed around so much that you barely know which way is up.
Try all out sprints to the ball, being pushed by your opponent so that you can't keep your head up.
Try being kicked, punched and even bitten.

And all of that is under water.

Try coming up for air after being pushed under and then being pushed again so you inhale water.

Water polo is the most physically demanding sport on the planet, you have to push yourself out of the water using only your pure leg strength, while being defended, while trying to assess the situation in the pool and while keeping your position. You can't fake being fit, there is no way to back out. You can't hide in water polo.

Water polo is swimming. Except you wrestle with someone who is trying to just as hard as you to get the ball in the goal. High level water polo is much harder than swimming hands down.