Top Ten Hardest Stick Ranger Stages

For anyone who has ever played stick ranger on PC or Mobile, everyone can agree that some stages are hard to beat. Here are the top ten Hardest Stick Ranger Stages.
The Top Ten
1 Mountaintop

This stage is a boss rush, and you can't skip any screen. The absolute, hardest thing about this stage is when you must face all 8 desert bosses at one time!

2 Forest 5

This stage is extremely nasty due to the fact that there are many different enemies, each with different resistances.

3 Ice Castle

This is one of the games mega-bosses, and it's a real pain. Not only does in have 250,000 HP, but it has an attack that is hard to avoid, and freeze you, and also another heavy hitting attack as well.

4 Mountain 2

This stage has flying enemies that like to drop fire on your team, and watch them burn. There is just so many of them!

5 Snowfield 7

The real pain of this stage come from the boss screen. You must fight a weak swarm, AND a giant tank of a enemy. If either one was alone, this stage would be fine.

Annoying when you have 4 sniper/magician.

6 Pyramid

This mega-boss has a long range poison arrow that can destroy you. Standing too close to this thing and it breathes fire on you until your dead.

7 Desert 8

This stage is a train-wreck. The boss has a powerful, long range attack, and other enemies around it keep spawning other enemies to attack you as well.

This isn't that hard

8 Seaside 2

This boss sucks, and it's not that far in the game. His attack flies fast, far, and has a lot of power. You'll need to train hard to take down this sucker.

In the early game. They had to put this boss in the early game

9 Submarine Shrine

You need to make sure this boss doesn't hit you. He can freeze you for 5 consecutive seconds, and if you stuck, he's get right on top of you, and kill you to death. Also, this is the only enemy in the game to get nerfed in power.

10 Hell 2
The Contenders
11 Volcano

Ahahha this is super low because nobody even got there it’s mountain top but in 10x harder there isn’t a single video on the internet of someone passing this level without at least 5 revives

12 Mist Grove 2

This stage is particularly nasty because it is the first stage to introduce spawning enemies as an attack. The boss does this as well, but that it's only attack. Because there is a limit on how many enemies can spawn, it will eventually become helpless.

13 Hell 5

Oh snap, I never made it this far.

Physical only works and the huge stockmen has 90,000 health each with strong attacks and the boss can freeze you while the stickmen get to crush you

14 Hell Castle
15 Inferno 2

Cyan trees keep spamming spikes and very hard with no freeze

The cyan trees are just pain

16 Forest 3
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