Top Ten Hardest Super Mario 3D World Levels


The Top Ten

1 Champions Road

I have not even unlocked this world yet!

Very hard, still haven't beaten it - Martinglez

Pretty easy beat it in 7 goes

I must be really good at Mario (which I'm not) if people think this is hard - purpleyoshi98

2 Mystery House Marathon
3 Captain Toads Fiery Final

This is like 10 times harder than champions road

4 Boil the Blue Bully (World Mushroom Version)

I forgot it's real name - Nateawesomeness

5 Ghost House

This is correctly titled "Shiftier Boo Mansion".

The one in world Bowser - Nateawesomeness

6 Rammerhead Reef
7 Switch Shock Circus
8 Red Hot Run
9 Beat Block Galaxy

This one was a nightmare! This is sooo hard! This one was the worst level ever! So hard. We need more levels like this one! Nowadays, Mario Games are too easy. I got past this one after only about five tries or so, even this hard one was too easy. It should have taken me at least fifteen tries.

Took me forever to beat

10 Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark

The Contenders

11 Trick Trap Tower

It has taken me forever to beat this but I eventually beat it with a friend.

I kept dieing

The poison goes in the lava and makes it rise. barely escaped.

12 Fuzzy Mine Time
13 Chain Link Charge
14 Cosmic Cannon Cluster
15 Boss Blitz

I had 69 seconds on the clock after the first 5 bosses but then I realised that I still had one more to go.

16 Blast Box Galaxy
17 Cosmic Cannon Cluster
18 Super Galaxy

I kept flling off and dying! I hate those platforms.

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