Top Ten Hardest Super Mario 3D World Levels


The Top Ten

1 Champions Road

This level is pure evil.

Harder than the perfuct run

The one everyone talks about as being hard. Swimmingbird941 took a long time to beat it.

Well obviously - darthvadern

2 Mystery House Marathon

Very frustrating level - darthvadern


3 Broken Blue Bully Belt

Frustrating - darthvadern

4 Captain Toads Fiery Final

True, quite a challenge - darthvadern

This is like 10 times harder than champions road

5 Cosmic Cannon Cluster

I actually found it quite easy. It's difficult but I managed to beat it in a couple of tries - darthvadern

Already on the list - darthvadern

6 Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark

Getting the green stars is a nightmare!

7 Shiftier Boo Mansion

The one in world Bowser - Nateawesomeness

8 Boss Blitz

Not hard, just takes a lot of time - darthvadern

I had 69 seconds on the clock after the first 5 bosses but then I realised that I still had one more to go.

9 Switch Shock Circus

The green stars kind of suck. The first one is easy, but for the second one you have hurry up the walls to get all eight green star coins and you have to be really accurate with throwing the baseball to get the final green star. - Btd

For some reason I found this one so hard!

10 Rammerhead Reef

The Contenders

11 Red Hot Run
12 Grumblump Inferno
13 Faster Fort Fire Bros

Collecting all those clocks can be a pain - darthvadern

14 Beat Block Galaxy

Um that's Super Mario Galaxy 2 - darthvadern

This one was a nightmare! This is sooo hard! This one was the worst level ever! So hard. We need more levels like this one! Nowadays, Mario Games are too easy. I got past this one after only about five tries or so, even this hard one was too easy. It should have taken me at least fifteen tries.

Took me forever to beat

15 Spiky Spike Bridge Sneak
16 Chain Link Charge
17 Trick Trap Tower

It has taken me forever to beat this but I eventually beat it with a friend.

I kept dieing

The poison goes in the lava and makes it rise. barely escaped.

18 Super Bell Hill

Ugh this level is stupid

I hate this level! It is so hard I kept dying! I can’t catch the rabbit at all! Whenever I climb up walls with the cat suit I keep falling off and I also keep pounding into ditches and dying! THIS LEVEL IS A NIGHTMARE! I died in this level 23 times before beating it! Why would Nintendo even create a level as challenging as this?!?! THE MEGA MUSHROOM IS SO HARD TO CONTROL! The mega mushroom makes you walk so slow and it’s so easy to fall of because it makes you so FAT and you jump so HIGH with it! Also whenever I climb up trees I ALWAYS FALL OFF WHEN JUMPING OFF! Also the music keeps repeating and it’s so annoying when you have to repeat the level 23 TIMES! I can’t even climb walls at sometimes with the stupid CAT SUIT! Why is the name even super bell hill!? ITS NOT EVEN A HILL, It's A HARD LEVEL WITH GRASS AND CATS AND ANNOYING CLEAR PIPES! Don’t get me started on clear pipes. GEEZ, those stupid clear pipes, I always die in them because enemies go in at the same time! ALSO ...more

19 Fuzzy Mine Time
20 Super Galaxy

I found it easy - darthvadern

I didn't really have a problem with it - Btd

I kept flling off and dying! I hate those platforms.

21 A Beam in the Dark
22 Fuzzy Flood Mine
23 Blast Box Galaxy
24 Rolling Ride Run

This level is a joke, not as hard as others, but still stupid hard - Btd

man oh man

25 Spiky Spike Bridge
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