Top 10 Hardest Super Mario 64 Stars

Though some of the stars in Super Mario 64 aren't too difficult to get. Many; however, can be a real pain to get if you're not a skilled gamer: stars that are either really hard to get to, have you collecting red coins without dying, or completing specific tasks.

The Top Ten

1 Wing Mario Over the Rainbow - Secret Star

Definitely the most annoying one and hardest, controlling wing mari owas already hard enough in the wing cap tower level and this one is a true pain to collect! - darthvadern

The big challenge here is if you fall you don't die and lose a life instead you land in the pool of water outside the castle while at least you don't die but that also means you have to make your way all the way back to the 3rd floor to try again its especially frustrating if you managed to get all 8 red coins only to accidentally fall and have to do it all over again. - egnomac

2 Stomp on the Whomp - Tick Tock Clock

Making it to the top of the clock is a chore as if you fall down you could wither die or land all the way to the bottom and have to make your way all the way back up. - egnomac

3 Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Rainbow Ride

Same as with the Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow star only you use a cannon to get to it which could be tricky if your aim is off you die and also finding the pink bob-omb to activate the cannon is very difficult. - egnomac

4 Red Coin Star - Bowser in the Sky

Those stairs are a trolling spot

"Who the heck is going to look under some stairs for a coin? " - Nathaniel Bandy - darthvadern

Two of the red coins are in very well hidden that you could actually miss them if you don't watch carefully. - egnomac

5 Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow - Rainbow Ride

Getting to the ship can be very tricky and its easy to fall to your death. - egnomac

6 Blast to the Lonely Mushroom - Tall Tall Mountain

It was way too easy in the remake though thanks to the OP Luigi - darthvadern

The normal way to get the star is to use the cannon after talking to the pink bob-omb and make your way to the cannon which is located in the worst spot ever you could accidentally fall off getting there and once you make it there aim at the star located on the lone mushroom if you miss which may happen you die, a much easier way to do this is to jump on the flying shy guy near the rotating log near the monkey once you do you'll spin in the air and you carefully fly to the mushroom instead though it can be tricky. - egnomac

7 Wall Kicks Will Work - Cool Cool Mountain

Wall kicks will work more like wall kicks won't work

It's so hard to do wall-kicks in the game so yeah - darthvadern

The star is located in a very well hidden area you could wither blast out of cannon and hit the tree though its easy to miss or though I wouldn't recommend it do a long jump from the tiny island where the canon is as its very tricky to do it or the much easier route jump on one of the snowmen with a hat and glide to the area. - egnomac

8 Can the Eel Come Out to Play? - Jolly Rodger Bay

The hit box for the star makes no sense & the eel hits for a LOT of damage

Jolly *roger bay, anyways, this star is so annoying to get because the eel will always screw everything up! - darthvadern

I never found this star hard, neither the original or the remake.

You have to lure the eel out of hiding and grab the star as it comes out and you have to be quick and try not to touch the eel as you will take damage especially since you've lost a lot of air waiting for the eel to come out. - egnomac

9 Big Boo's Balcony - Big Boo's Haunt

I never really had much of a problem with it - darthvadern

After beating Boo the star ends up at the top of the mansion which you have to make your way up without falling off the mansion. - egnomac

10 Blast Away the Wall - Whomp's Fortress

Huh this is super easy, sure it's not easy to find it the first time but once you find it it's like the easiest thing ever - darthvadern

If your playing for the first time there's no way your suppose to know that you have to blast a piece of the wall to reveal a star. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Tower of the Wing Cap - Red Coin Star
12 Big House in the Sky - Rainbow Ride

You have to be completely perfect with your jumps when you get near the house, I failed so many times when I was trying first to get this star! I barely see anyone else complain about this one.

13 Mystery of the Monkey Cage - Tall, Tall Mountain

I first thought you had to talk to the monkey next to the log, grab the cap back, and get the star. I did this for 30 minutes with no results. Then, I went to the top and found a monkey there. Then I got the star but had trouble finding it. No one talks about this star. Weird.

14 100 Coin Star - Rainbow Ride


15 Rematch Koopa the Quick - Tiny-Huge Island
16 Bully the Bullies - Lethal Lava Land

When the bullies gang up on your character all at once, it's kind of overwhelming. You're on a small platform and can easily fall into lava. When you fall into lava and get burned, it's hard to control where the character jumps to next, and you could easily end up going further out towards the lava and away from land/platforms and lose a life/fail the level. Definitely harder for beginners.

Fighting all three at once is so hard & annoying.

17 Red-Hot Log Rolling - Lethal Lava Land

You don’t want to go to fast or you’ll run into that lava. Don’t want to go too slow or you’ll fall into the lava. Plus you have to dodge fire blasting out the lava as you do this.

18 100 Coins Star - Lethal Lava Land

You have to use the shell for most of the coins, & it’s so easy to bump into something & die in the lava because lakitu bro is a bad camera man.

19 Bowser in the Fire Sea - Red Coin Star

I remember having bad memories with this star back in 2017, where I tried so many times just to get this stupid star. Thankfully, if you're playing on the DS version, Luigi will make this chore a whole lot easier.

20 Vanish Cap Under the Moat - Red Coin Star
21 100 Coin Star - Hazy Maze Cave

There’s so little coins, so you have to navigate the whole level, which is pretty difficult to do with how the level is set up.

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