Hardest Super Mario Galaxy 1 Stars

These are the ten hardest mario galaxy ONE stars. This IS a personnalv list, so it's base on my opinion. Please share your comments about this top ten. Also, do not be dissapointed that lava spire daredevil run isn't on this list, because it's simply really easy...

The Top Ten Hardest Super Mario Galaxy 1 Stars

1 Through the Meteor Storm

Wow! Didn't see that coming, huh? This star is the hardest for the only reason of the rolling ball at the end. The controls are insane and there are holes everywhere. I took at least 50 tries on my first playthrough and, even now, I take a good 10 attemps. - Mog

That's because you can't handle the motion controls. Once you get the motion controls very well, it gets pretty easy. - DKartWoomy

2 Purple Coins in the Desert

Yup! This star sucks! The tornadoes aren't giving you good time by getting you stuck in sand and, also, be prepare to rage if you missed one coin or if you die, because some of them are really hard to find. - Mog

Some coins are in the air and you need tornadoes to get there. Sometimes the tornadoes just guide you to your death - Mog

3 Cosmic Mario Forest Race

Am I the only one who have problem with this star? You need to be really fast and master the "parkour controls". The cosmic clone is really annoying. - Mog

4 Purple Coins on the Summit

Lots of people find this hard because they keep checking the map for like 3-5 coins when they have like 95 coins collected. That's because the purple coins are actually placed stupid, including one of them disguising as a star bit, and a few places you can only find them if you screw around with the camera, and those are at the beginning. - DKartWoomy

I know people will be upset that there isn't any daredevil stars here, but this star is just...stupid. You need to check everywhere, talking to toads and avoiding death. Don't forget the stars behind the slide and the coins on the pillars you need to longjump from the top to reach. this star can go screw itself - Mog

This SUUUCKS! - Mog

5 The Fate of the Universe

Other than being long and having multiple obstacles, the level is pretty easy. The hardest part is the last section. Also, the bowser battle is really easy... - Mog

6 Dreadnought Garbage Dump

This is the only star I have yet to receive, the time limit is too strict, the bombs take forever to explode, why am I even on a time limit? At least you don’t lose a life, such as in the Cosmic Mario races.

The bombs! They take 10 *** seconds to explode! You need to be fast in order to shoot with extreme precision on the yellow spots. At least you don't get murdered - Mog

The bombs! They take ten seconds to explode! You need to be really precise and shoot with precision the bombs in the yellow slots - Mog

This star wouldn't be very hard if the bombs didn't take almost a third of the time you have

7 Luigi's Purple Coin

This star is quite difficult, especially the purple coins that hover over with no ground below them, and also you can't just stand around on Luigi, you have to always be on the move!

You have to collect 100 out of 150, this is why it's easier than the one in mario galaxy 2 - Mog

The chaos edition is, of course, harder than this one, but a lot of people have trouble with this star. Why is it number 7? You get this star sooo easily after practice, and practicing on the SMG2 luigi's purple coin chaos will help. - Mog

8 Purple Coins on the Seaside

Yeah, that purple coin star is really tricky. You need to master the bee powerup and carfully drop on every cloud. At least, toads are giving you advice. The funny part of this star is the starbits that looks like purple coins on the mushroom ship. - Mog

9 The Star Festival

Yeah, that's the easiest star, right?! Well, since you got to finish the game twice, it's suppose to be the hardest star to GET, but, since it's not about the star in itself, I'm putting this number 9 - Mog

10 Purple Coins in the Bonepen

The hard part here is the time that continues after you get the star, unlike mario galaxy. It's really easy to get all the coins, but reaching the star is slightly harder - Mog

Sling pods because of the controls, dreadghnouths because the twomp glitch (you can stay and the platform reappear, rolling gizmo because the small platforms and the road and snow cap because of the block (you can catch them easily by guiding them into the holes) didin't make it on the list either. - Mog

The Contenders

11 Gizmo Roll Galaxy

It's hard if you don't know how to use motion controls properly. - DKartWoomy

This galaxy has only one star, but it's only for the ones who mastered the motion controls - Mog

12 Sling Pod Galaxy

Yeah, you can fall very easily - Mog

13 Bouldergeist Daredevil Run (Super Mario Galaxy)

This is pure hell

14 The Underground Ghost Ship Daredevil Run
15 Gizmos Gears and Gadgets
16 Star Bunnies in the Snow - Snow Cap Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
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