Hardest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Galaxies

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. Here are some of the hardest galaxies in the game.

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1 Grandmaster Galaxy

'The Perfect Run' is in many people's opinions, including myself, is the hardest stage in the series. Add 'The Ultimate Test' to that, which is in my opinion, the third hardest stage in the series, you've got the hardest galaxy, so why isn't this no. 1.

Number 9 only? Okay, that's fine... Makes a lot of sense... What's number 1? Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy? Okay, that makes so much sense... I mean I hardly ever lose a life on that one, and my last attempt on this one took
38 minutes before winning, but it totally makes sense... YEAH. TOTALLY.

Wow. People must be confused that this isn't Number 1.
This was a nightmare to finish! Section 4 took forever.
People must of never heard of it because they can't get this far...

You can't beat this level without P2. So hard... - TwilightKitsune

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2 Rolling Coaster Galaxy

I can't believe how many times I died in this - Deathmask

These green stars and the purple coin run are hell, but doesn't come close to Perfect Run. - backflip

I remember getting to the end of the purple coin mission! I WAS SO HAPPY I GOT TO THE END! Then BAM I didn't get enough coins!

This needs a ton of balancing skill for this, if you don't get enough coins,then you get murdered by gear on:(

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3 Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

This galaxy isn't even hard Rolling Coaster is way harder

How is this harder than Grandmaster Galaxy? I don't get it.

I didn't find this level very hard

In grandmaster Galaxy,your like a cosmic hero with with world domination,in this,your just an acrobatic in art balancing in a glass ball,simple

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4 Mario Squared Galaxy

I did this level third go, it was easy

I hate the purple coin star but normal I did first try.

I hate the purple coin hunt

I completed this first go

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5 Bowsers Galaxy Generator

I give Bowser a great job at this, it's kinda hard

This is the final boss level! This is by far the hardest!

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6 Hightail Falls Galaxy

The dash pepper is really fun to use because it has really sensitive controls, so I guess that's why people think this galaxy is hard.

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7 Slipsand Galaxy

I found Rolling Masterpiece and Mario Squared Galaxy really easy, it's the prankster comet level that's hard.

Easiest star in the game is the daredevil

I had trouble with squizzard in this galaxy. But I liked the boat one

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8 Clockworks Ruins Galaxy

This is the hardest on the list. By the way WHERE THE HELL IS GRANDMASTER GALAXY! None of the yoshi's should be on here!

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9 Stone Cyclone Galaxy

Worst galexy ever! It was so annoying being sqused every time I got a star!

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10 Space Storm

Some people just don't know what galaxy's are hard and what galaxy's are not hard

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? Perfect Run V 1 Comment
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11 Melty Monster Galaxy

A stroll down rolling lane was very time consuming.

12 Flipout Galaxy

Why is this #7! It's easy and fun

I love this level

13 Slimy Spring Galaxy

This level is hard and scary at the same time.

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14 Beat Block Galaxy

Silver stars in double time is the bane of my existence.

15 Tall Trunk Galaxy

I loved and hated this one at the same time. It was fun because of the slide, but it was so easy to die - TwilightKitsune

It's hard with the slide level, but I like the little wood creature people things

16 Boss Blitz Galaxy
17 Yoshi Galaxy

Easy! Why is this one of the most challenging?

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18 Twisty Trials Galaxy V 1 Comment
19 Sea Slide Galaxy

This is my least favorite galaxy there is!

20 Drip Drop Galaxy

Even worse than sea slide galaxy!

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