Hardest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Stars

The absolute frustrating stars to collect in this amazing game!

The Top Ten

1 The Perfect Run

Took me forever, back in 2012-2013

What can possibly be harder than a long level with no checkpoints, and only one hit point. - Tyler730

You have to be flawless in execution, or you're dead as a doorknob.

Absolute Torture To Beat! 😱 - JPK

2 Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos
3 Purple Coins in the Rainbow Road

The stupid motion controls make this star challenging. It took WEEKS to beat this one! 😣 - Tyler730

4 Purple Coin Beach Dash
5 Burning Upside Dizzy
6 Throwback Throwdown Speed Run
7 The Chimp's Score Challenge
8 Tall Trunks Purple Coin Slide
9 Spiny Rainbow Romp
10 Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers

The Contenders

11 The Chimp's Ultimate Skate Challenge
12 Cosmic Clones In The Chompworks
13 Silver Stars on the Cyclone Stone
14 Pewee Piranha Speed Run
15 Snacktime for Gobblegut

In my personal opinion, this is the hardest star in the game. I mean LOOK AT THIS! SO! MUCH! FIRE! the original gobblegut: not hard. it didn´t matter if I set my health to 6 or kept it at 3. I managed to get the star under both conditions but in both cases I lost a rididculous number of lives because of this stupid star. I´d rather get a game over than have this happen. feels like it´s been 10 minutes before I try again. how is this not number 1?

16 The Ultimate Test
17 The Chimp's Coin Challenge
18 A Stroll Down Rolling Lane
19 Silver Stars on the Cyclone

Though the Perfect Run is definitely harder, I'm voting for this because it took me years to beat. Granted this was when I was little, but still. I got so fed up with this as a kid I turned my Wii off and never played this game again for a year. Now looking back, it's not too bad if you practice (a lot), and Super Mario Galaxy 2 remains my favorite video game of all time.

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