Hardest Super Mario Galaxy Galaxies


The Top Ten

1 Melty Molten Galaxy

Not home to the hardest star but overall highest ave. Difficulty so definitely hardest

Try a Fiery Dino Piranha battle daredevil if Nintendo made one

Two words: really hot

Every star is average difficulty exept one star,THE DAREDEVIL,which is the hardest in the game - Nateawesomeness

2 Dreadnought Galaxy

Lava spire daredevil run is easy but dreadnought galaxy purple coins is so damn hard

It's the hidden star and purple coin

3 Toy Time Galaxy V 2 Comments
4 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy V 3 Comments
5 Bubble Blast Galaxy

People say that melty molten galaxy is hard because of the daredevil run the daredevil run is the easiest daredevil star in the game bubble blast galaxy is a daredevil run and that bubble

V 4 Comments
6 Loopdeeswoop Galaxy

This one's sooo easy why are there only easy galaxies on this list? - Bokito

V 2 Comments
7 Dusty Dune Galaxy V 1 Comment
8 Bowser's Dark Matter Plant

This one actually isn't that hard... - Bokito

V 2 Comments
9 Deep Dark Galaxy V 1 Comment
10 Snow Cap Galaxy

The Contenders

11 Ghostly Galaxy

Bouldergeist is the reason why this should be higher up the list. - Bokito

I beat all of it except for that prankster comet... god I hate those... -_- - TeamRocket747

Try the purple coin level and weep.

12 Gusty Garden Galaxy
13 Gold Leaf Galaxy

The reason why I want to jump off a bridge. the hidden star is so hard.. - TeamRocket747

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