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21 Purple Coins On the Puzzle Cube - Gusty Garden Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

I can't do it really quick and I keep on running into the walls

This level is so easy

Purple coins on the puzzle cube

Average hard meter of purple coins (in my opinion): |||||
Average hard rating of fast foe or daredevil (in my opinion) |||||||||
This should be considerably lower

22 Dino Piranha Speed Run - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

That's okay, practice makes perfect.

I can't comprehend this being hard

I can't DO it that quick.

Dino piranha is the easiest boss ever. Just run right by his side and spin, and u can beat him in practically beat him in ten seconds. Charge the beast that charges u, but swerve at the last second

23 Burning Upside Dizzy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is hard like the garbage dump but instead fire power up and these boxes and only 20 seconds! Why is there a time limit?!

This is the hardest level in the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME. Once my dad did it and he needed ONE MORE fire bounce.

Why is this so low this one should be higher! This is like the trash stars from galaxy 1 but. harder You have 10 seconds less then the ones from galaxy 1 and more to destroy, plus FIRE FLOWER!

Fire is fun! Blow up boxes!

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24 Stone Cyclone Galaxy

I found it really hard to find all silver stars with the enemies moving really fast. The green stars are hard too

As of right now, it isn't that hard, but when I was 8 years old, this was the hardest level in the game, I couldn't ever get past it

25 Rolling Gizmo Galaxy - Galaxy One

All of the ball rolling levels are really only difficult if you try to rush them too much, but this one in particular *makes* you rush it. Loopdeswoop is a lot more difficult in my opinion, but both have a decent amount of difficulty.

So stupid why hasn't this been mentioned yet

Not even hard. - purpleyoshi98

26 Through the Meteor Storm

It's not so hard until the end; however the beginning can be a bit confusing; Nathaniel Bandy said he couldn't figure out what to do when he first went for it

27 The Adventure of the Purple Coins - Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
28 The Fate Of The Universe - Bowser's Galaxy Reactor - Super Mario Galaxy

All the sections throw one thing you have done
previously in the game in your face with a new challange at your hands

29 Luigi on the Roof - Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy

To get to Luigi you have to triple jump! Or an even harder way is to side/backflip, wall jump off the wall and spin to get to the top of the house! Luckily I found an easier way which is using the orange pipe to get up! But even in there you have to go to the top of the pipe area and then go through another pipe! How is this not number one! The hardest part is when Luigi gives you the star. You have to jump(yes JUMP) to barely nab the star. Luigi's Purple Coins and Lava Spire Daredevil Run I did without dying once first try. I got all 150 of the coins on Luigi's Purple Coins and had 2:00 left. You guys are all dumb and don't understand true difficulty. Come on, guys! GET IT TOGETHER! UNDERSTAND THE TRUE DIFFICULT MASTERPIECE!

30 Bowser's Galaxy Generator

This one took me a while to beat. The lava monster part especially. I struggle more with the green stars now, especially the second

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31 A Stroll Down Rolling Lane

I really don't like this level. Took me forever

32 Star Bunnies In the Snow

This took me forever because it's less than obvious where the bunnies are hiding.

33 Wild Glide Galaxy - Green Star 2

Well hidden and very hard to get to.

34 Scaling the Summit

Constantly being hit by boulders and dealing with moving boxes that can ruin your whole run. Not to mention having to get to the level inn the first place by triple jumping as Ice Mario. This was a nightmare.

35 The Adventure of the Purple Coins - Clockwork Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
36 Topmaniac's Daredevil Run

J-just how are you supposed to do it?!

37 The Dirty Tricks Of Major Burrows

Gusty Garden Galaxy was almost ruined for me because of this frustrating boss. Just as you're about to groundpound him, he knocks you off your feet!

38 Bowser jr’s Fearsome Fleet - Super Mario Galaxy 2

I keep falling off those stupid platforms and Yoshi is basically a chore in this level. How is it not on the list?

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