Top 10 Hardest Super Mario Maker Levels

As you can tell by now, I'm addicted to this game. I present you the hardest levels out there.

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1 Pit of Panga: U-Break Pit of Panga: U-Break

Do I even have to explain? - TheYoshiOverlord

I feel as if any pit of panga level can be here because you're basically not going to make it past the first obstacle

I survived five seconds! - BrideiMacBella

I know this is the hardest because it's kaizo like p break and gals airspace

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2 Val's Shellspace Val's Shellspace

How is it possible

There are harder levels such as: Val's shellspace double but this is 3rd hardest (eternal space is 2nd)

But it's much harder than u break


3 Pit of Panga: P-Break Pit of Panga: P-Break

This one is hard, had no clears for a while - YOSHIA2121

It was once the hardest level out there. Now, it's U-Break, where you essentially die to the first Firebar. - TheYoshiOverlord

4 Super Meat Bros. Super Meat Bros.

I beat it first try once it is kinda easy

This is the easier side of the hard levels, it's filled with wall jumps, Grinders, and Chomps! - TheYoshiOverlord

Beat it first try its really overrated for how hard it is. the chomp part is so easy it doesn't make sense - YOSHIA2121

1st try its super easy

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5 Pit of Panga: Grown Man's Garden Pit of Panga: Grown Man's Garden

I beat u break but I failed this one - YOSHIA2121

6 P is For Pain P is For Pain

This one took six tries and I starred it because of how hard it is. I got lucky to beat it - YOSHIA2121

Your reflexes have to be very fast to jump from P Switch to P Switch! - TheYoshiOverlord

7 YATTA Express of Doom YATTA Express of Doom

This one I can't beat because I won't dedicate myself to it because its just not fun its torture - YOSHIA2121

Pain in the ass - YOSHIA2121

8 Pit of Panga: Pang Pong Pit of Panga: Pang Pong

This level is hard to describe how to beat it. Though I have beaten it after lots of practice. I have also beaten shells suck but it was way harder in my opinion.

As you can see here, Panga's really killing us with the hard levels! - TheYoshiOverlord

This one is probably pangas second hardest level. everyone knows the hardest - YOSHIA2121

9 Val's Airspace Val's Airspace

I can't find it anywhere but I know its out there and I want to play it - YOSHIA2121

10 Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial

How would you not think this is the hardest it combines all the hard levels into one! You people who vote for U-Break don't know anything about this crazy level!

Never heard of this can someone put up a code? - YOSHIA2121

Combining parts from U-Break, Shellspace, Airspace, and many more hard levels into one. - TheYoshiOverlord

It's even harder than u break and the cape escape what the hell

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11 Swim: The Musical Swim: The Musical

This is hard because its underwater. PERIOD - YOSHIA2121

Is it even possible?!?!

12 Panga's Revenge: Shell Shock Panga's Revenge: Shell Shock

The level is named something like that. It requires precise jumps on Koopa Shells and timing. - TheYoshiOverlord

Not that hard - YOSHIA2121

13 Saddest Level, Smallest Violin Saddest Level, Smallest Violin

Believe it's from SpongeBob. Krabs's guitar was such a random scene.

Where did the creator get this name from?

Stupid level - YOSHIA2121

To hard

14 Pit of Panga: Bomb Voyage 2.0 Pit of Panga: Bomb Voyage 2.0

Bombs are one of my favorite items in super Mario maker. But wait till u see this level!

Do I even need to explain why Panga levels are on here anymore? :P - TheYoshiOverlord

Panga is a great creator and this shows it - YOSHIA2121

15 Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight

This level is so hard, it took the creator 480+ hours to create and beat it. - TheYoshiOverlord

Not the hardest level, but the hardest on here. - ToadR0XMK

16 Pit of Panga: Propheller Pit of Panga: Propheller

This took 2 hours - YOSHIA2121

17 Pit of Panga: Skyway to Shell Pit of Panga: Skyway to Shell

It took over 1 hour for panga to beat it

Lol skyway to hell - YOSHIA2121

18 Pit of Panga: Skyzo Pit of Panga: Skyzo

I can't even beat Skyzo Jr... - MaxPap

19 April Fools: It's Amazeing April Fools: It's Amazeing

Impossible to beat. Unless you are Panga or you took it to Editor Mode. - SoaPuffball

I took it to editor mode lol - YOSHIA2121

20 Companion Spring 2: Bounce Back Companion Spring 2: Bounce Back

Very high star rate but I honestly didn't like it so I didn't take the time to beat it. - YOSHIA2121

Much harder than Super Meat Bros, but still not Panga difficulty.

That's because it's made by ROSS!

U break has 00.1%

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1. Pit of Panga: U-Break
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