Hardest Terraria Enemies

The Top Ten Hardest Terraria Enemies

1 Dungeon Guardian

9999 defense. do not waste your time fighting this boss because even the strongest weapons will still deal 1 damage or 2 for critical hit - Hummingbirdf

This guy is impossible to defeate unless you've been studying yrimir's technice and there might even be two but all I get is the skeletron head - bolbi9

2 Orcam

They misspelled the name.

He keeps shooting lazers at you and he looks retarded - bolbi9

3 Skeletron Prime

He has prime stuff and he's the hardest skeleton ever and he's a cheeter - bolbi9

4 Plantera

Stupid annoying that's it - bolbi9

5 Spazmatism

Eww look at all that green stuff - bolbi9

6 Retinazor

Technically, the twins count as one enemy. I just chose Retinazor because it's my favorite of the two.

Out of the two twins, retinazor is my favorite

7 Golem

Worst stupid golem in this universe - bolbi9

8 Pumpking
9 Wall of Flesh

His ' tongue stretches 1,000,000 miles across our galaxy.

Use like phirana gun on eye, ez pz.

He's so annoying and he flings you endlessly and he's easily the worst easy mode boss - bolbi9

10 Everscream

The Contenders

11 Morning Wood
12 Dune Splicer

The dune splicer is not hard. It's just a larger tomb crawler, AKA sand worm and it usually is the first hardmode enemy you see. And it only has around 280 health, which is low compared to other hardmode enemies. It doesn't even have a special attack or other phase, it just burrows into you.

I have never seen this enemy what is it?

13 King Slime
14 Ice Queen
15 The Destroyer
16 Santa Nk1
17 Duke Fishron

The drops are worth it though.

fr though

18 Crawltipede

Hope you stay on the ground, kids!

19 Eye of Cthulhu

In expert use starfury

20 Brain of Cthulhu

If you don't take the eyes out, this fight can be brutal at early game. - Baconshark

21 Eyezor

He's annoying. enough said.

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