Me and My Crush

I used to be scared to make this post because people may think I'm cyberbullying and I'm worrying that my classmate found this website and found me because of this but I want to share my experience with having a crush on someone who hates you.

I'm not going to mention sombody's name because I can be easily found by people who bullied me or my crush if they found this website.

When I was on fourth grade, on July 2014,my teacher said I should transfer seat with a girl who used to treat me like her maid and hates me, then my seatmate on that time was a boy that said that I smell bad, I was okay with him, we talk to each other a lot, I started thinking about him all the time and I'm starting to think that I have a crush on him.

One day, we start to hate each other becuase he thinks I'm copying his answers in the test (I'm not lying). Then he don't want me to be his seatmate anymore, so one day he said a lie that I tease him so his plan works and I'm mad because I feel rejected. One day again when were going to check our answer,his seatmate got my notebook (because our notebook is passed on clockwise and counter clockwise if the notebook is going to be return by the owner),When I got my notebook I see something that offend me. Some people might think it's not offensive but I feel like his insulting me (yes it really is I just know It was an insult when his cousin said the exact same thing that is written on my notebook). So I said it to my parents then they said said that I should put his name for an evidence that he check it because I suspected him that he check my notebook. The parents teacher conference was on that they and they didn't come yet so they come to school with me. Then (probably) 3 day after I vandalized the chair then I write bad things about him (please, don't hate me, I just said the truth and I regretted what I did). One day someone use my name and I didn't vandalized in that day. So we don't talk anymore.

Then I saw him whispering to my new seatmate, then my seatmate whispered to me and said "he have a crush on you", I was shocked but I don't believe it because I think he was trolling. Another day, on the canteen I saw a girl who also have a crush on him and my crush running around, then my crush get stumbled and that girl was near at him so they almost kissed/ his face are on her boobs (I kinda forgot what really happens in that time ) then she slapped him so that (probably) makes the person who is near me at the canteen ask him someting (i didn't hear them) they they go back near me and whispered but I hear some of the things that they are saying " (his name) atmitted that _______ (my name). I don't really know why they mention my name.

When I was on 5th grade, me and my friend are walking then her classmate said somthing that was exactly the offensive thing that is written on my notebook before and my friend ask, why did you call her that? Then her classmate said it was said by her cousin then she said it to me then until I know who is her cousin is surpuzingly is MY CRUSH. I was mad and I vandalized agian but this time it's the restroom (I regret doing it).

I was mad at someone then my friend said My crush wants to see me in private but he said that he don't want to countinue the plan because he accepted that I don't have a crush on him, I don't think he have a crush on me and I don't know why he wants to see me in private, I think he was breaking up with me even we're aren't a couple. My classmate on 5th grade who always tease me siad that my crush has a crush on me (he said a percent but I'm not sure about what percent he said but I know it ends with the number 5), I don't believe him because I think he's teasing again and I think he's lying again .

We see each other offen but we don't care about each other anymore.

If you think I just give too much informmation about me and my crush, well this is still few, I don't write other things that happens because I think other details aren't really important.

I know nobody really cares but I want to post this.
I'm not trying to ruin my crush reputation, If I was, why I'm going to say some of my mistakes that I done to him?
Thank you.