Top Ten Hardest Things About Winter Holidays


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1 Making a Christmas Wish List

I know, for some people, they want everything, right? But all I want is my own room, hot cocoa and something to help with my hair. - AnonymousChick

Mine is easy. I want lots of money, vacations, school supplies, food, and lots more!

I'm very lucky to live in Australia because I celebrate Christmas in Summer.

2 Socializing with Family

Parties can be boring sometimes cause no one really talks to me.

How do you talk to your family? It's so hard - AnonymousChick

3 Other People's Breaks Don't Line Up with Yours

Some people are out of school by the 10th of december and are back 15th of january. Others are out from the 20th of december and back on the 20th of january
others like me, are out from the 12th to the 30th of December. They won't evwn let us celebrate New years! - AnonymousChick

4 Family Members Sleeping in Your Room

So... for two nights I had to sleep on the couch becuase my grandparents were in my room. That's not fair! Like I understand they're old but Can't anyone else? They're retired, my father is unemployed, but I... have a dan TEST the next day.
Yeah. That's right. A child with her finals the next day gets a cold room on uncomfortable couches and only gets 5 1/2 hours of sleep! - AnonymousChick

5 Holiday Spirit is Easily Ruined

Holiday spirit begins in november so in the amount of time between then and new years, there's plenty of time for tragedy. - AnonymousChick

I got a plush Shiba Inu as an early Christmas gift from one of my aunts this year, and my mom didn't prove of me "requesting" for it :(. She did eventually accept it.


6 Giving Other People Gifts

I'm giving two of my friends band shirts because that's all I can think of. If people don't say what they want, it's so hard! - AnonymousChick

7 Gift Giving for School

I missed school the day they did the secret santa, so my only choice is bring chocolates for the person and hope they aren't allergic - AnonymousChick

8 School

True. I couldn't even help my dad put up the Christmas decorations because of how much homework I had. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Like, there might be vacation homework orwork to catch up on school, but Test Week is literally in December, which is NOT COOL - AnonymousChick

9 The Same Music

If I hear Santa Baby or All I Want For Christmas Is You one more time, the next sound coming from my radio is it's explosion. - Swellow

It's only December 5th and I'm already sick of Christmas music being everywhere. MAKE IT STOP! - Zach808

I Hate the music

Why can’t the radio play more “Home for Christmas” by Hall and Oates? That song is awesome! :(

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10 Costs So Much

The tree and the ornaments, the food, the hotels for all the family members who aren't in your bed ETC - AnonymousChick

No wonder Scrooge was... well, a scrooge on Christmas before he was visited by those three ghosts. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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11 Decorating is a Chore
12 It's Stressful When People Visit

My friend has some friends coming over and her mom is being a bit strict. Putting a lot of pressure on her - AnonymousChick

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