Hardest Things to Do On TheTopTens


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1 Make lists

Every single list idea is taken. My creativity level has gone down by about 98% since I first joined this site. - RockFashionista

Oh my God. All of the good ideas are taken. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Making acceptable lists
3 Use it on a mobile device

I almost always use it on my iPod. It's really not that hard. - RockFashionista

4 Make high quality lists

I just make lists for the fun of making lists. I'm not bothered about high quality lists (mine or anyone else's) just as long as it has at least 10 items. - Britgirl

Making lists isn't that hard but making High Quality Lists IS.
High quality lists - with at least 10 items and descriptions that showcase you know your subject. And the topic isn't pointless. - Metal_Treasure

5 Accept the fact your list got merged

This is harder than diamond - DubstepLover

Ouch! This hurts... a lot... - Metal_Treasure

6 Add items low or high on the list without making people angry

There�'s allways one or two people who won�'t agree with you, not everyone thinks the same as you - Martinglez

7 Not laugh at horrible comments and items

If sarcarm is the lowest form of wit, they should try being sarcastic on my lists. I may even laugh... - Britgirl

8 PM the famous ones

I wondered whether the mighty MatrixGuy would reply to my first message and I was so happy when he did! - Britgirl

I was nervous about talking to Britgirl. I thought she wouldn't reply, but she did. Huge relief. - 906389

9 Not cringe
10 Get your contender on the 10's

The Contenders

11 Looking for something via search bar

Ugh, yes! The search bar doesn't always show all the lists that have to do with a word I type. - RockFashionista

12 Accepting the admins
BAdd New Item

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1. Make lists
2. PM the famous ones
3. Use it on a mobile device
1. Making acceptable lists
2. Make high quality lists
3. Make lists
1. Make high quality lists
2. Accept the fact your list got merged
3. Making acceptable lists


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