Top 10 Hardest Things to Draw

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1 Car

I won't say it's the hardest but it is pretty hard I admit

Was trying to draw a Humvee as a bg object in my final...It's damn near impossible. Never thought cars would be so difficult!

I am a famous drawer but it still is kinda hard

Man-made objects are harder to draw for me

2 Eiffel Tower

When I was in 5th grade, I drew the Eiffel Tower 84% perfect. Not trying to brag or anything.

I've tried lots of times and its like impossible to draw.

I drew the Paris Las Vegas once and it was so easy!

All the different Rings

3 Anchor


4 Puppy

I think it’s easy you just need a lot of confidence and check out my drawing Instagram page at Artworks_by_Coco

The face features... Too difficult

Soo many details

5 Dice

I just can’t draw it I’ve tried so hard even with hundreds of reference pictures I still can’t do it

6 Ocean

I couldn't find enough shade of blue

Drawing the ripples and waves is a real pain.

The ripples bro... The ripples

crikey, oceans are extremely hard and so bloody frustrating to draw like the ripples and shadows... 🌊

7 Self-Portrait

Honestly, I am pretty easy to draw. Big green eyes, long blonde hair, squad jaw, lips and a nose.

When I try to draw myself as an astronaut, it turns out that I'm drawing a dying goat

I have never been able to draw myself properly

It is extremely hard to be able to draw your face features, because you can't just look at a picture of yourself and be able to draw your face in a blink of an eye.

8 Skull

It is really hard because of the skulls shape.

They are hard to do but fun to pass time.

It is to hard

I can barly draw a eagle

9 Hand

they're VERY hard to draw... but the easiest thing to do is use your own hand as a reference... It's also hard to draw poses cause I never know what pose to put my characters in!

Yeah these are hard, mostly because of the angles of fingers and stuff
Hand tutorials only show you certain poses, and there are like a million poses they can have
Get this: horikoshi, author of my hero academia, actually likes drawing hands. How?

it's easy for me and I'm 11 doesn't really seem like I'd be drawing hands right? nope, I'm good at drawing them I if you disagree you disagree.

ALL my art teachers agreed hands are one of the hardest things for anyone to draw RIGHT. Cartoon hands are easy but the human hand is just too easy too mess up.

10 House

Not at all hard. Super easy

depends on what type of house. like the little kindergarten house is easy, realistic is hardd

I drew house many times, dosen't work.

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11 Instruments

some of these are not horribly hard but still difficult

The piano was hard until I actually sat down and tried

to hard

12 Human Head

Getting a face to express genuine emotion is the hardest thing.

Hardest by far

the shape is just too hard to draw

I can never get the shape right

13 Anime Hair

It’s pretty basic, but mine end up looking fuzzy and crazy instead of that sleek beautiful look.

I think its supah ez. Practise before, as I am anime nerd. For some reason, the eye pupils are annoying

I am so bad at drawing anime boy hair! I can never get it to look shaggy and good

I can never get the shading right!

14 Bikes

look easy but are hhaarrdd

So hard


15 Wolf Often in/from packs, Wolves are carnivorous Canines that come in various colours and breeds, and have evolved to Dogs. Some breeds of Wolves are, like Dogs, domesticated, to become a Working Dog.

that is hardest to draw for me because of fur

I'm not attempting again


It’s really hard because you have to put a lot of details into it, hair, teeth, eyes, claws.

16 Horses

Getting the texture shading shape on how they are made takes months to years to accomplish I started drawin horses when I was about two since then this is my eleventh year on drawing and study the horse when I look at one that I recently have drawn and feel bad about my shading work I look at old old drawing and look at other people art to make me feel motivated

Horses can be really hard to draw

Mine look fat

17 Eyes

When doodling eyes, I always start with the left eye, then I’m like hey this looks pretty good lets draw a whole fa— uh symmetry argh

Lips can be difficult

Pupils are always too small on mine

soo hard to get the shape

18 Human Legs

They're always too small and weird looking compared to everything else

never the right size

I drew it

Eeh I dunno about this one

19 Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

Getting the texture of the feathers, beak and feet can be difficult at times... you have to practice it is not something you accomplish over night

The legs always look horrible

... bock


20 Hands

I don't even have to explain

Mine always look feminine

21 Chameleons

I remember that tumblr post about that guy trying to draw a chameleon

Chameleons are very difficult to draw - even with a reference. Try drawing one from memory, the results are quite humorous

22 Water

You can bearly see anything in water but people think its blue

23 Ears

I don't even know what an ear is supposed to look like, much less draw it correctly

Ear anatomy is surprisingly difficult...

Ears are relatively easy for me to draw but hard sometimes

24 Anime Eyes

I can't draw anime eyes is so hard

They look terrible unless you color them in or smh.


25 Ponytail

They Are Easy (For Me, Maybe not for You).

It’s hard to make it not look like your a two year old

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