Top Ten Hardest Things to Handle In Life

The Top Ten Hardest Things to Handle In Life

1 Having a baby
2 Getting teased or distracted
3 Being in a fight with your partner
4 Getting yelled at

It's hard to control your punches because of that as well - Ananya

5 Sleeping on Christmas Eve
6 Getting a bad grade in something

I can relate to this...

Help me I'm Asian and I got the B+ what do I tell my parents? :(

7 Messing up at an activity
8 Going to your least favorite class
9 Pooping

You must be constipated

10 7th grader crying and you miss all your homework problems

The Contenders

11 Being alive with very severe depression

I’ve experienced this hardship in my life. I still have depression that is hard to get over, and it’s just painful to be alive at the point of life I am at now.

12 Smoking
13 Rejection
14 Memes
15 Siblings

Siblings can be a pain every day. - Userguy44

16 Growing up

I wish I was little again sometimes because of how simple life was when I was a toddler...

17 Annoying relatives
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