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21 Addiction

Addiction carrys a burden which a lot of these things

22 Goodbyes

When you make a new friend on the beach only to say farewell to him and never see him again :(

23 Divorce
24 Accepting criticism

It's hard to know that you will never be perfect, but criticism is people trying to help

25 Math V 1 Comment
26 Succeeding

I know this is a rather complicated matter. Everybody has his own terms in calling his life a success after a long period of time. But I think it's the hardest thing to achieve regardless of your personal objectives.

27 Death

We don't know what it's even like, so how do we know it's hard? It's not in life either, you're dead when death happens.

28 Having no one to rely on

You don't have to rely on anyone, Make yourself so independent, so strong that you don't have to rely on anyone...Always love what people you are important in your life...And yes - don't ever forget to help them when they need you - Ananya

It's one thing to have family and friends, but to be able to truly trust someone is not in the cards for me. Trust is an illusion; there is only mutual self interest.

I'm an oldest sibling, which means I have no one to rely on in my family, and I'm lonely and don't trsut people too easily, which means I have no one to rely on outside of family. It's just me, myself, and I, I can't rely on anyone else - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

You don't have to rely on anybody - Ananya

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29 John Cena losing a match

John Cena isn't even my favorite wrestler. Far from it.

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30 Making friends

It's easy for some people, and hard for others. - MaxPap

31 Sports

PE is just the worst thing to think of - Jake09

Play video games instead unless its flappy bird Call of Duty or earthbound - ikerevievs

We still need to at least be physically fit, you know?

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32 Losing a child

I would never be able to live. I love kids as I am one. But just losing one is like killing yourself you can not replace them nor be replaced. I would hate if someones child died and then they don't care. I would get so mad. How do think people who can't have kids see someone lose kids and they don't care. Just a tragedy:( - TheMazeRuner

Sounds awful, glad I've never had this happen to me, but I know some people aren't so fortunate - SilviaCat

33 Being a Christian

Being a christian means that you have to go through countless trials of your faith and people that are constantly judging you. It is especially hard to be a christian when people assume that you hate Atheists, Liberals, Feminists, Muslims, Jews, and members of the LGBT community. Christians love everybody, that is assuming that they are an actual christian and not someone that is just wearing a mask. That ancient book never tells us to hate anyone. Luke 6:35, "But love your enemies, do good to them and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked." You have to read that ancient book in order to tell others what it says @PolishGuy

Actually, I'd say hating atheists, liberals, feminists, Muslims, Jews, and members of the LGBT community is easy, especially if you believe in an ancient book that tells you to hate them. - PolishGuy

34 Crime

I know doing crimes is worst activities in life but still sometimes it help you earning lump sum amount

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35 Breathing

Troll alert - MaxPap

36 Bankruptcy
37 Fighting
38 Quitting smoking

I could imagine how hard this would be. - funnyuser

39 Loving someone too good for you
40 Withdrawal

The most unbearable suffering in the world.

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