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21 No

It can be heartbreaking to have to say this, especially to someone you love. - Britgirl

22 I Lied to You
23 I'm Bisexual
24 I'm Fine

To the person who added this: thank you. That's reassuring to know. I'm absolutely fine too... - Britgirl

I can't say I'm fine cause the truth is I'm not fine

25 Thank You!
26 I Don't Like You
27 You're a Poor Teacher

This is such a difficult and sentimental thing to utter... - HezarioSeth

28 He's Dead
29 I'm Batman

But, I'm batman I mean, have you ever seen me and him in the same room together

Great. Know Joker knows your secret identity. - letdot52

Totally impossible to say

I said this to everyone I know - venomouskillingmachine

30 I Love Your Girlfriend
31 I Want You Back
32 I Can't Go Back
33 I Cheated On You

So,whats the big deal? Done it with all my 9 wives and am fine with saying this as long as its after we have sex.

I have said this with all my 9 wives, and am comferteble as long as I say it after we have sex.

34 I Have a Secret V 1 Comment
35 I Still Love You
36 I Have to Leave You
37 I Like You
38 I Want to Die

Very hard to say! - Garythesnail

39 She's Dead
40 Trick or Treat
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