Top Ten Hardest Things to Try in Video Games

You know, all these videos of video game stuff that do amazing tricks. But if you want a try. its risky! If you do this you might happen to fail at it. Maybe its hard?

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1 Attempting to Hack - All Games

Yeah, what might happen other than glitchy models if you try to change the game's script, and functions? And might happen to corrupt the file!

An example is the Mario World Hack Brutal Mario - Super64Mario

2 Attempting to TAS Speedrun - All Games

Its pretty hard. but you have to get used to it. Consists of framskipping that's advanced. - Super64Mario

3 Fight Bosses Without Taking ANY Damage - All Games

Nintendo Unity must help you, this is very hard. You have to be skilled though. - Super64Mario

4 Attempting to Catch MissingNo. - Pokemon Red and Blue

You might know what happens if you catch this mysterious creature. - Super64Mario

5 Try to Escape the BROD - SM64

Well your stuck now. Just give up and press the reset button won't you? - Super64Mario

6 Fight Magolor/EX/Soul Without any Copy Abilities - Kirby Returns to Dreamland

Hey no worries, I got a tip for you! Run away! Since this boss has full-load of MOVES! - Super64Mario

7 Attempt to Kill Alyx Vance - HL2

Hey heres a tip, no friendly fire. The only person I know you can kill from is Dr. Kleiner, I mean Mr. Higglesworth. - Super64Mario

8 Attempt to Complete Watch out for Rolling Rocks in .5 A Presses - SM64

You are going to need Pannenkoek2012 to help you. Also ignore a orange dinosaur with laser shades and believes nothing about a presses. - Super64Mario

This is really hard. You should attempt it just to see how hard it is... and on an actual N64! But first, we need to talk about parallel universes. Also, TJ "Henry" Yoshi is really depressing and naïve.

9 Attempt to make Cheat Codes - All Games

Gonna be hard, but you need to be advanced at coding. - Super64Mario

10 Complete Sonic Wave - Geometry Dash

Let's say it's Bloodlust/Crimson Planet/Arctic Lights - Brachiozaur

The hardest level in the game and one of the hardest things to do in gaming

The Contenders

11 The Youngster Joey Challenge - All Pokemon Games

Just need a ratata, and yourself to be named joey. DO NOT EVOLVE YOUR RATATA! NOR CATCH POKEMON! - Super64Mario

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1. Attempting to Hack - All Games
2. Attempting to TAS Speedrun - All Games
3. Fight Bosses Without Taking ANY Damage - All Games


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