Top Ten Hardest Things to Wait For

Sometimes it's impossible to wait patiently, and it's because of things like these.

The Top Ten

1 The Toilet The Toilet

I want to know why is it that when we are absolutely desperate to go, there is always such a long queue (line)? - Britgirl

When I have to wait to go to the toilet so badly and someone already took it, I get VERY upset.THAT'S WHY THIS IS #1! - Doge4lifeGaming

2 The Delivery Boy The Delivery Boy
3 Seeing Your Family Seeing Your Family
4 Sex Sex
5 The School Bell The School Bell
6 A Bus A Bus

Oh, I actually don't mind this. I play games in my head while I wait, like: Guess The Colour of The Next Car, and Guess The Gender of The Next Person to Wait. I mostly sit and write any old thing while waiting for one of these things. What am I saying?!?! I don't love waiting at all! I hate it! Flippin' bugbear of my life! Just thinking about waiting for a bus makes me want to cry... - Britgirl

7 Your Paycheck Your Paycheck
8 Special Events Special Events

But I'm willing to... WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT - keycha1n

9 Summer Summer

In England we spend MONTHS waiting to get some decent weather for six weeks and then spend it moaning because it's too hot! - Britgirl

10 A Package in the Mail A Package in the Mail

The Contenders

11 A Text From Your Crush A Text From Your Crush
12 Theme Park Ride Theme Park Ride
13 New Years New Years
14 A Movie You Really Want To See A Movie You Really Want To See
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