Top 10 Hardest Upcoming Geometry Dash Demons

The Top Ten Hardest Upcoming Geometry Dash Demons

1 Innards

This level Is Harder Than any Other Level Harder Than It Looks

The first jump is almost impossible...

It is like silent clubstep but on drugs

Legiterally number one

2 Bloodlust

This should be harder than zodiac!

Deserves to be number one - randyr

Recreation of Bloodbath, but more buffed and longer. Being verified by Knobbelboy. - Doge4lifeGaming

Renevant will most likely be harder.

3 Orochi

Much harder than both Bloodlust and Zodiac,and how the hell is Innards 1?

It is almost harder than Innards okay it was me who posted Innards

Literally silent level difficulty (if it isn't nerfed too much)

Should definitely be number one.
RIP to mobile players.

4 Kenos

Hardest level

Hardest upcoming demon after cimmerian shade

5 Renevant
6 Tartarus

Note Circles might be harder - randyr

7 Note Circles

I seriously believe it will be above Sonic Wave when I finish it - randyr

An upcoming extreme demon by Randy Randomson (aka KappaMaticXD). It will be almost four minutes long and not even a third of the gameplay is done yet.

8 Woodkid

Harder than Bloodlust, almost as hard as Sonic Wave Infinity, Bloodlust came out

Great tribal theme. This level will be extreme.

Should always be number 1 and second place orochi

I watched the preview and it's so blended in it will be hard as hell.

9 Crimson Planet

So hard. Like, how the frick is something like this possible?

Definitely harder than BL - randyr

10 Super Buffed Sonic Wave Infinity

Way harder than anything

The Contenders

11 Cimmerian Shade

Yes Hardest level

2nd hardest upcoming level for sure!

12 The Apocalyptic Trilogy

In my opinion harder than any level except Woodkid.Even harder than Orochi.

1. Kenos
2. Cimmerian Shade
3. Innards
4. Tartarus
5. The Apocalyptic Trilogy
6. Sonic Wave Infinity
7. Deimos
8. Revenant
9. Crimson Planet
10. Sakupen Realm

13 Blade of Justice

TrusTa is currently verifying this. Insane straight flying ships. :P - Doge4lifeGaming

1.Bloodlust (190/200)
2.Blade of Justice (184/200)
3.UB Allegiance (180/200)
4.Fusion Z (175/200)
5.Sonic Wave Rebirth (173/200)
6.Sakupen Hell X (171,7/200)
7.Sonic Wave Infinitiy (168/200)
8.Phobos X (164,9/200)
9.Silent Club (157/200)
10.Glowy (155/200)

14 Deimos

1. Woodkid
2. SWI
3. Deimos
4. Innards
5. Cimmerian Shade
6. Note Circles
7. Orochi
8. The Hell Field

15 Silent Abyss

Basically a rebirth of Silent Club. Verifier is CreatorViruZ. - Doge4lifeGaming

16 Buffed Unnerfed Allegiance

Basically the unnerfed Allegiance, and buffing it. Verifier is EndLevel. - Doge4lifeGaming

17 The Yandere

The hardest demon in the game

Not hardest demon

It should be number 1
harder than knobbelboy's levels

18 Black Blizzard

Extreme timing demon. The dual part is why this is hell. Gonna be verified by Krazyman50. - Doge4lifeGaming

19 Glowy

This is very outdated

Basically has 270K objects and VERY long length. Verifier is BHFusion? - Doge4lifeGaming

20 Quantum Processing

A remake to Blast Processing. It has extremely precise timings. Verifier is Krazyman50. - Doge4lifeGaming

Verified - randyr

21 Anathema

Anathema is dead. We should focus on Note Circles. I bet it will go above Sonic Wave and somewhere between Bloodlust and Renevant. - randyr

22 Catharsis

Woodkid-like level, probably almost as hard as that
Again, my opinions don't matter, only 2% on BL

23 Fusion Z

This level is dead - randyr

The last level of the fusion series. Verifier is ChiefFlurry. - Doge4lifeGaming

24 Sonic Wave Infinity

A much harder remake of Sonic Wave that is being verified by Cyclic.

25 La Lame Du Chaos

This doesn't even exist boi

I wanna show the hardest upcoming démon ever

? #%^^^ how is this possible?!?

26 The Ultimate Phase Infinity

Remake of The Ultimate Phase. Verifier is unknown. - Doge4lifeGaming

27 Cosmic Cyclone

Going to redefine limits. It is a harder sequel of Sonic Wave, which is already in the top 5 hardest demons on the Pointercrate list, and this one makes heavy use of tight spaces and 4x wave speed. Sonic Wave isn't enough

28 Unnerfed Gamma
29 God Eater God Eater is an anime adaptation of the God Eater video game series. It is animated by Ufotable and began airing on July 12, 2015 after a one-week delay.

This is harder than woodkid and yandere in my opinion

30 Zodiac
31 Silent Akbar

This level was made to be harder than anything ever, even more than Bloodbath or Yatagarasu (Yatagarasu is harder than Bloodbath and Yatagarasu got nerfed)

32 Sakupen Realm

What? This is easy

Lol this is harder than Bloodlust but easier than Renevant and Crimson Planet

33 Silent Circles


34 The Hell Origin Rebirth

A rebirth to The Hell Origin. Half way decorated. Verifier is unknown. - Doge4lifeGaming

35 Ultraviolet

So hard do not try this!

36 Silent Clubstep X

Impossible demon

37 EgOo

Harder than innards definitely. Upcoming legendary demon

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