Top 10 Hardest Upcoming Geometry Dash Demons


The Top Ten

1 Bloodlust

Recreation of Bloodbath, but more buffed and longer. Being verified by Knobbelboy. - Doge4lifeGaming


2 Blade of Justice

TrusTa is currently verifying this. Insane straight flying ships. :P - Doge4lifeGaming

1.Bloodlust (190/200)
2.Blade of Justice (184/200)
3.UB Allegiance (180/200)
4.Fusion Z (175/200)
5.Sonic Wave Rebirth (173/200)
6.Sakupen Hell X (171,7/200)
7.Sonic Wave Infinitiy (168/200)
8.Phobos X (164,9/200)
9.Silent Club (157/200)
10.Glowy (155/200)

3 Super Buffed Sonic Wave Infinity

Way harder than anything

4 Silent Abyss

Basically a rebirth of Silent Club. Verifier is CreatorViruZ. - Doge4lifeGaming

5 Quantum Processing

A remake to Blast Processing. It has extremely precise timings. Verifier is Krazyman50. - Doge4lifeGaming

6 Silent Akbar
7 Fusion Z V 1 Comment
8 Buffed Unnerfed Allegiance

Basically the unnerfed Allegiance, and buffing it. Verifier is EndLevel. - Doge4lifeGaming

9 Glowy

Basically has 270K objects and VERY long length. Verifier is BHFusion? - Doge4lifeGaming

10 Black Blizzard

Extreme timing demon. The dual part is why this is hell. Gonna be verified by Krazyman50. - Doge4lifeGaming

The Contenders

11 The Ultimate Phase Infinity

Remake of The Ultimate Phase. Verifier is unknown. - Doge4lifeGaming

12 The Hell Origin Rebirth

A rebirth to The Hell Origin. Half way decorated. Verifier is unknown. - Doge4lifeGaming

13 Anathema
14 Cimmerian Shade

Yes Hardest level

15 Sonic Wave Infinity

A much harder remake of Sonic Wave that is being verified by Cyclic.

16 Kenos
17 La Lame Du Chaos

I wanna show the hardest upcoming démon ever

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