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281 Kid Boo - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
282 Dracula - Castlevania
283 Nihilanth - Half-Life + Black Mesa Xen Levels
284 Harlan Wade - F.E.A.R. 3
285 The Helicopter - Half-Life 2
286 Dynamo Man - Megaman and Bass
287 Wheel of Fate - House of the Dead III

The Wheel Of Fate is very fast, reloading can be too slow and cause you to lose a life, his weak spot is tiny and the battle is long. I have lost many coins attempting to kill this thing.

288 Pokey Minch - Mother 3
289 Chuck - Angry Birds Go

I didn't make it that far, but, I used him, I mean, the speed attack, it will be impossible to win unless you have the special offered chuck

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290 Nevan - Devil May Cry 3
291 Millennium Star - Mario Party 3
292 Dark Riku - Kingdom Hearts

It took me weeks!

293 The Mawgu - Nicktoons Battle for Volcanoe Island.
294 Vice President - Toontown

First, you would always start with a level 1, level 1 and 12 or a level 12. after first battle you start with skelecogs lvls 8-12 one time 5 toons died from that part and you have to pie the vp which is kind of hard

295 Red Team - Club Penguin: Game Day

The first thing 2 do is hit greeny guy whily black pengy is using cannon. Second, you need to hit pink one. So hard when the black penguin is there. after dark blue guy, you gotta hit black

296 Hades - Kid Icarus: Uprising

Hatred for those stupid blue shots. Shoot em and they won't hurt you, right

He wasn't hard but I love this fight.

297 Dorter Slums - Final Fantasy Tactics
298 Parace L'Sia - Arcana Heart 2
299 Skeletron Prime - Terraria

When I was a noob, I walked to the dungeon not knowing what it was, I talked to the old man. Anyone who has played the game knows what happens next...

Uh, that is normal skeletron, skeletron PRIME is in hardcore mode after killing the wall of flesh

Dude, with that much health and all those arms, it's nearly impossible to beat this guy without cutting edge armor and weapons.

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300 The Twins - Terraria
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