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101 The Forgotten Path - Klonoa 2
102 Quick Man - Mega Man 2

Hardest robot master stage in MM1-6.
Damn those lasers. Quick Man himself isn't easy either on Difficult.

103 The Caotic Realm - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
104 World 8 Second Tower - New Super Mario Bros.
105 Wily Stage 1 - Megaman 9
106 Reactor Core - Metroid Fusion
107 Stage 9 - Lost Planet
108 The Ancient Ship of Doom - Ninja Gaiden 3
109 Ice's God Vengeance - Kid Chameleon
110 World D-4 - Super Mario the Lost Levels
111 Click Clock Woods - Banjo Kazooie
112 Lil Asagi Comes Home - Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero
113 Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2

That was really easy when I beat it a few times as knuckles and one or two times as sonic. took me a long time to beat it though. act two was hard because of the mega mack and the water boss. the boss shoots mega mack at you and that is hard too. act one was very easy. I once got time over once as knuckles on act two it was hard. I took some secret places which lead to the boss. also I kept falling in pits and losing lives. I was also getting game over all the time. it took me almost forever to beat act two. that was really really really hard. it was insane to beat act two chemical plant. I kept drowning.

I did ever defeat the water boss a few times as knuckles and once or twice as sonic and I have ever broke the capsule.

I have beat this level as sonic and I have also beat it as knuckles too. it
Was very easy when I had beat it a few times as knuckles and once or twice
As sonic.

114 Spetriniv Gulag - Black
115 World 5 - Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls is alone one of the hardest games ever made and the 5 Worlds you can go to show just how hard this game can be which is The Boletaria Palace, Stonefang Tunnel, The Tower of Latria, The Shrine of Storms and The Valley of Defilement. They all have very strong enemies especially in Pure Black World Tendency where enemies drop the most souls and best items but are at their peak in strength during the playthrouh (the game gets even harder in NG+) Black Phantoms of regular enemies will appear which are ALWAYS strong and a super strong named Black Phantom will appear and the enemies get stronger and stronger as you go further in any of these worlds. And Most of the worlds have 3 bosses in them (not including the bonus bosses) but Boletaria Palace has 4 and at least one of the bosses in each world will make you angry and can easily kill you if you aren't prepared, aren't careful, or not experienced enough. And to top it all off: when ever you die you lose all of your souls and ...more

116 Ant Agony - Crash Twinsanity
117 Mad Space - Sonic Adventure 2
118 World 9-7 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
119 World C-3 - Super Mario Bros 2. The lost levels

Come on you cannot tell me this easy

120 Wily Stage 4 - Mega Man
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