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1 Battletoads Battletoads Product Image

First off props to Nintendo, for making all these hard games COUGH COUGH PUNCH OUT, CONTRA, NINJA GAIDEN, GHOST 'N' GOBLINS ETC. TO HELP ME WASTE MY TIME WHILE I'M BORED. I have finished many difficult games but Battletoads I have finished but it by far took me the longest to complete. The game's tunnel levels though VERY VERY COMPLICATED. BY FAR THE HARDEST GAME EVER. Even in co-op you can hit your own teammate.

I'm pretty sure most people have experienced the insane difficulty of the Turbo Tunnel. What most people probably don't know is that, aside from level 5, it doesn't get any easier than that. The last 4 levels of this game make the turbo tunnel look like a Kirby level. In fact, I'm almost certain that level 11 is impossible unless you either use an old CRT television, or use a pause trick at every corner.

I had a friend named Trevlyn Davis and he played it. He was on the Turbo Tunnel for so long and he eventually defeated it. He said if he was 1 pixel off at the end of the stage, he would've failed. After he defeated the Turbo Tunnel, he never played this game again. Never!

I have voted on this cause I see a lot of people saying its hard, I never played, One day I'll play it and finish '-'

The other games, I didn't find any hard game to vote, most of the games here I had finished easily... So, I'll Try Battletoads

2 Dark Souls Dark Souls Product Image

I use to think games set on the hardest difficulties were... But then played dark souls... And my character took a ten foot arrow to the knee and launched off a cliff. Your move skyrim on expert. Oh and I only died 80 times to a duel boss battle Ornstein and enough, no really no exaggeration it took me 6 hours to beat them.

I have play battletoads and this game and this game took way more lives for me to get past 4 bosses than it took for me to beat battletoads. This game has made me rage quit to the point I felt like blowing my brains out for a few seconds then I smoke a cig and calm down.

There is nothing harder than Dark Souls, the back cover suggests it "PREPARE TO DIE". This game isn't for the faint of heart and not for casual gamers you really need skill and patience. Everything about this game is hard, no doubt.

I have never died so many times in a video game and loved it before. This game is not only hard, but it's fair. You don't feel cheated when a dragon comes out of no where and burns your ass... Because it's a dragon :P

3 Contra Contra Product Image

I finished this without the hack of getting like 50 lives and man it took some work and getting used to. Nintendo needa stop making people rage.

You can have three lives one hit can kill you and the screen is overflowing with projectiles

It took me like a week just to pass level one. That code though, what would I do without it?

The only way most people ever beat Contra was with the Konami Code.

4 Cuphead

This game is hard. Not only do some bosses take up to hours to beat, but the run-'n-gun levels bombard you with enemies, not to mention you have a limited number of HP, which means you have to try as hard as humanely possible to stay alive. And then there's the Expert difficulty, which is just plain torture.

Why is this just number 11? Cuphead consists of bossfights that are also damn hard - except the root pack and 2 other exceptions have all taken me a lot of time, primarily Grim Matchstick! I took two weeks to crack him! Just a legend the game

Some YouTubers thought that the dragonfly in treetop trouble was a boss, when actually the level was a run’n’gun so it’s not a boss

The first level took several tries, and after it was just madness. Don't even get me started on how hard the boss fights can be. Oh yeah, did I mention I'm still in the first world?

5 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Product Image

This should be number 1 it's the hardest Mario game ever made.
Calling this game hard is an understatement the Lost Levels included Poison Mushrooms that damage Mario, high winds that interfere with the timing of your jumps and if that wasn't enough the game also had reverse warp pipes that send you back to previous worlds even searching for secrets can be a pain, even veteran players will have a hard time surviving.

Poison Mushrooms, 13 worlds, and warp zones that take you back to previous worlds. It pissed me off, I could barely even get to the first warp zone, and only got from World 1 to World 4 (not 1-4). The only way people could beat this game is with TAS, or Gaming skills (not by training in Call of Duty, but real games like Destiny, Mario LL, etc.).

This game is so hard! its not just about the items and wind it's the pipes that drive people nuts. iv completed this game after a year of playing and no youtube. after I was finished I got a new 3ds and destroyed the one with the game on it for good luck that no game will ever troll you that hard ever again.

I beat this game when I was 9. It was challenging but I never found it hard. Getting 100% (well it shows over 100% in the games) in the Donkey Kong games was way harder for me.

6 Ghosts 'N' Goblins Ghosts 'N' Goblins Product Image

If I said it once I've said it a million times, Nintendo is the greatest game company and makes the most frustrating and addictive games.

This game is impossible I swear it's just impossible you can't beat this, and even if you get through the ending you have to replay the whole game twice to get to the "true" ending. No saves, only 2 hits before you die of enemies that spawn everywhere & randomly. I can't even get through stage 1. And I've beaten games like Mega Man and Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels.

This is the most difficult and frustrating game EVER! Enemies spawn everywhere and attack you from angles where you are incapable of hitting them. You even need to memorize parts of the game since jumps I'm certain areas will make an enemy spawn right where you are going to land.

It gets slightly easier once you figure out the enemy patterns, but OH MAN I died so many times!
Although the final boss was surprisingly easy

7 Ninja Gaiden Black Ninja Gaiden Black Product Image

As somebody who has beat both this and Darksouls, I can say with absolute confodence that Ninja Gaiden is far more difficult.

One of the most competitive games I have ever played in my life... God of war is next of course but Ninja Gaiden bruh you put this on hard its impossible to pass.

It's not that hard. I beat it in 3 days

One of the Best Game out there

8 Bomberman: Act Zero Bomberman: Act Zero Product Image

Complete rip off of the bomberman series.

Worst game ever that is all

9 Gun Gun Product Image

What this game is so easy why is it in the list

This game is so easy I completed

An easy game


10 Frogger Frogger Product Image

If you think the arcade version of this is hard well here's my first difficult game in my childhood folks.

I play it online on my pc and I say it's DIFFICULT. I'm 149 in this

And 2d version is harder than 3d

Frogger 3D don't even get me started...it took me a month to beat level TWO! LEVEL TWO!

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? Need for Speed Underground 2 DS Need for Speed Underground 2 DS Product Image
? Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
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11 F-Zero GX F-Zero GX Product Image

This game is my favorite racing game ever. I spent so much time trying to beat everything and after trying and trying and tying. I would finally beat something and it felt so rewarding, especially because you also unlocked some new character too. This game is perfect

Contrary to popular belief, this game is actually NOT impossible...in fact, I just literally beat the Creators at their own game.

That's right; just to beat the mere STORY MODE of this game, you must literally beat the flipping GAME itself. How badass IS that?

Think of Mario kart at 10 000 km an hour. The corners are twice as sharp and ramming an enemy results in you flying off the edge straight away. This game is impossible.

Dark Sould is hard as heck but it pales in comparison with F-Zero GX.

12 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Product Image

You don't know what the hell you're doing at all in this game not even the nerd can beat it

It's unplayable

13 Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy Product Image

With freakishly hard levels in the game, it's impossible to beat. And there's 250+ levels in that game which makes it a total nightmare!

I actually beat it! It took me like 3 months of rage quitting to beat it.

So hard that it's on the list twice.

Already on the list

14 Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden Product Image

Bruh ninja gaiden the first few stages were self explanatory it just gets way harder I raged a lot but hey. I'm one of the few who completed it. Now I am filled with lots of regret for completing it, wasting hours of my time.

Believe it or not I could actually speedrun through stage 1 2 and 3 whithout getting hit once

Once you complete the game and get a pattern sorted, it’s HELLA EASY.

15 Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic and the Secret Rings Product Image

Very fun and fast actioned game. There are some very difficult parts in the game such as unlocking all the secret missions, getting gold ranks on all events, the zones, ABSOLUTELY GEETING ALL THE UNLOCKABLES, and defeating Erazor Djinn twice. In all, sonic and the secret rings is probably one of the best games, and also one of the hardest.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 should be here and Sonic And The Secret Rings should be removed from this list, because Sonic And The Secret Rings is actually more balanced and more playable. - Gehenna

Okay. The comments that have nothing to do with Sonic are by me. Sorry for that. I can't add an item. But I would like to say that Neon Mixtape Tour, Wild West, Jurrasic Marsh, and Far Future have officially been completed, and I am now on MD Day 30 and BWB Day 28.

OH, and I forgot the Sharktronic Shark boss. It is probably hard.

16 Solstice Solstice Product Image
17 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Product Image

This is waaay harder then the original and that's probably the 6th hardest

18 Silver Surfer Silver Surfer Product Image

Why this game is hard:

1. There are countless enemies on the screen at once, all trying to kill you.

2. Some enemies must be hit dozens of times to be killed.

3. One hit kills you.

4. You can die from touching walls, floors, ceilings, and even rubber ducks, basically anything that's not a power up, (which one can distinguish by the fact that power ups appear only once certain enemies are killed).

5. Power ups do not exist just to make the game easier; many levels are actually impossible to beat without them.

6. Enemies will take you by surprise, coming from the back of the screen, so levels require memorization to tell when you should expect an attack from behind.

7. You may think that checkpoints make the game easier, but they often do the opposite; you will have to obtain all the necessary power ups to beat the level while missing out on all of those available before the checkpoint.

I've probably missed some points, but those ...more

This game is so hard! You die in one hit from touching ANYTHING, including the walls, the ceiling, the floors, the enemy projectiles and no matter how far you get in each stage there are NO checkpoints, so dying puts you back at the start of the stage again. The control is awful, you have to keep on pressing the button, unless you have a Turbo controller and you can shoot behind you, but that only distracts you from enemies from the front. Oh, and the enemies have incredibly unpredictable patterns. The bullets on screen are invisible on the trees and it's… IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

At least Battletoads and Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels could be done well through trial and error, but this game will always screw you over no matter how good you are at gaming. THIS should be number 1!

Definitely the hardest. The thing about games like dark souls is that they are indeed hard, but also fair. This game is straight up unfair, instakill on almost everything, while enemies can take multiple. It’s just unfair, but super satisfying upon a win

You will see the game over screen so many times the image will burn into your T.V.

19 Mega Man 9 Mega Man 9 Product Image

The best one I can do is the splash woman stage

You have 3 lives to doge so many bosses that do a lot of damage. you have no health because if you get hit 10 times your dead.

I found it difficult to even jump:(

This Game is Just Hard.

20 World's Hardest Game 2.0

It's the hardest game ever, but also the best and most fun!
I spend hours playing this game and voting for it in this site instead of doing my work.

I can't even get past level 4.

This is too easy. Not hard at all. 2/10.

So hard but fun I got to level 8 or 9 but it was so hard but if you're looking for a challenge play this game

21 Devil May Cry 3 Devil May Cry 3 Product Image

Laugh out loud. I finished this game when I was in 6th grade. You know how long it took me to finish it?... ONE YEAR and 6 months on easy.

This game had to be released twice because of the diffaculty! This needs to be way higher this needs to be number one this is so hard!

This game is hard from an mature gamers point of view this game is very much fun.

Wow really one year six months it took me two, now takes me one

22 Sinistar

Anyone remember this? No? Nothing? Okay...

Best game ever

23 I Wanna Be the Guy

This is a terrible game and the developers should feel ashamed. It's free, though, so there's no use complaining there.

Not only does it require some insanely precise platforming with its awkward controls and threat of instant death, but there are traps everywhere that you will have no idea even exist until you've died to them. It's so disrespectful of the player that it isn't fun to play; you only do it because you want to tell people you've beaten it.

Am I the only one here that hates I Wanna Be The Guy and all of its variants? To me, it's a game that's designed to be hard first and good second just so dumb, gullible idiots will go "You wanna play a REALLY hard game? Check out this hardcore game! " and steals music, sprites, and levels from other, more popular games to exploit your nostalgia and make you think it's a better game than it actually is.

Why is this game so hard! Why do you want to be the guy! You're only 15! Why can't you just eat a donut. don't risk your life. Just Eat a donut. New game, I wanna eat a donut. Much better! Why am I asking so many questions. WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD

This game is stupid, and it pains me to put it on my list, but it's proper place is in the top 10. The impossible difficulty it has to offer has no forgiveness, and you have many regrets.

24 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Product Image

Destroyed me for video games. It was the first video game I ever played. Put hours and hours (and hours) of time into it and gave up after about 50 attempts at Great Palace.

I've never played an adventure game since.

How the heck is this number 36, it should be number 1! Adventure of Link is the hardest game I've played... took me a long time to finish level 1, don't get me started on the Great Palace.

I played this once and I didn't even get to the 1st dungeon. I died trying to get an item.

This game was kinda hard I guess, but not THAT hard in my opinion

25 Super Meatboy Super Meatboy Product Image

Not long played the trail on Xbox 360 arcade... Damn it's hard

The levels start out easy but as you progress they get harder and harder, I can't tell you how many times I've quit to the map and gone to the next level and my personal hardest level is level 13

I think this game should be higher on the list, it's that hard

Just got A+ on every level and 106% completion (maximum achievable) and I have to say this was the hardest game I've played, having played a lot of games in my life. This game should be a solid top ten.

This game is so hard! Not as hard as The Binding of Isaac (from the developer of this game) in my opinion, though.

Please put this way higher, please just please! Make it for me, or I will cry

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