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201 Limbo V 1 Comment
202 Halo: Combat Evolved V 1 Comment
203 Dance Dance Revolution

Oh my Gosh, I just love this one! A way better challenge than those silly Just Dance games that are everywhere now. I didn't start doing Expert stepcharts until several months after I started playing - mastering those is definitely one of the more rewarding experiences I've had with a video game. - Entranced98

HARDEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE. have u seen this game! Its nearly impossible! All the megamans are hardest after

204 Mortal Kombat X
205 Rocket League
206 Askl
207 The Evil Within V 1 Comment
208 Super Contra
209 Contra: Hard Corps
210 Super Mario Kart

One of the hardest in the series. - Entranced98

211 Mario Kart 8

Not difficult at all if you take item luck out of the equation. Still good fun though! - Entranced98

212 F-Zero X
213 The Wonderful 101
214 Hyrule Warriors
215 Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
216 Undertale Genocide Run

The only hard things about this are the Undyne and Sans fights. Everything else is easy.

217 Need for Speed Rivals

This game is so Damn hard as you turn a cop smashes into you then you get damage critical then a racer pops out of no where and slams you then you're wrecked. As a racer this game is hard

218 Enter the Gungeon
219 The Witness
220 The Talos Principle
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