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81 James Pond II: Robocod
82 Mario's Adventure 2
83 Star Fox

Star fox is hard? Wow. You people suck.

84 QWOP V 3 Comments
85 Amped 2
86 Mega Man

The controls are clunky the patters are extremely hard to master and even then the controls aren't good enough to pull it off. - winfreyb

Not only is the level design very challenging, I've barley fought any bosses harder than the Yellow Devil.

The whole megaman franchise makes up my entire list. With dance dance revolution at the top of course

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87 Super Hexagon

Challenging, but with a lot of practice it's not so bad to master. - Entranced98

88 Rayman
89 F-Zero GX

Its already at number 10

90 The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Long ago I played this game and a voice said the adventures of forest steam

I didn't know the title was called the adventures of forest steam

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91 The Legend of Zelda
92 Spelunky
93 Viewtiful Joe
94 Devil May Cry
95 Mortal Kombat (2011)

Who has beaten Shao Kahn on their first try?

If you beat Shao Khan, you're the Mew2King of Mortal Kombat

96 Half-Life
97 Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition V 1 Comment
98 Fallout 4
99 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Come on all you do is drive around tracks easy on 50cc - computerfan0

100 Lost Odyssey
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