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161 Need for Speed: Underground
162 Halo 3
163 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game shouldn't be here! It's easy as heck! - Immersed24

It wasn't too hard, but world 9 was murderous.

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164 Portal 2

This one might just be me, but I found these puzzles pretty difficult, especially when you get to the different gels.

165 Syobon Action 3
166 Superman 64

It's only hard because it was so poorly programmed. There's a reason it's deemed one of the worst video games of all time.

Who has even got passed the first wings

167 Kaizo Mario World

Made to be practically impossible without using savestates every few seconds. It's winnable, sure, but can be proud of yourself if you manage to get through the first level! - Maplestrip

168 Max Payne 3
169 Head Soccer
170 Sonic Lost World

Oh this game is hard - Chaotixhero

171 Q.U.B.E.
172 Call of Duty: World at War

Have fun trying to beat this on Veteran difficulty. Veteran difficulty in this game is basically grenade hell.

Try playing the campaign on Veteran Mode.

173 NES Remix Pack
174 Hetalia
175 Hogan's Alley
176 Bioshock 2
177 Cave Story V 1 Comment
178 Gravity Guy
179 The Impossible Quiz

I hate this game

180 Slender: The Eight Pages
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