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161 Mega Man X4
162 Mega Man 6
163 Bubsy 3D

Who would even play this in the first place? - Entranced98

164 Mega Man X
165 Angry Birds Rio
166 Mother
167 Kid Chameleon

This game is really long and so boring it has more than 100 levels, the boss fights are just floating heads, and did you know there's floating boxes and when you hit your head on it you'll get a power up so original who would have thought of it. Yep it is another mario rip-off.

168 Back to the Future (Nes)
169 Mega Man II
170 Cat Mario

Annoying pipe. - computerfan0


171 Alien vs Predator Marine
172 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
173 Street Fighter x Mega Man
174 Metro 2033

Difficult to kill enemies, need to conserve ammo because it's hard to find and it is currency, and there is no HUD.

175 Bear In the Dungeon

Loved this one as a kid - very difficult so I'm glad to see someone put it here! - Entranced98

176 Ghouls 'N' Ghosts
177 F-Zero GX
178 Grand Theft Auto IV

All Grand Theft Auto games are tough without cheats.

179 I Wanna Be the Boshy
180 Resident Evil 4
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