Top Ten Hardest Voez Songs

What are the top ten most challenging songs on the mobile game Voez??
All of them sound amazing by the way!

The Top Ten

1 Nöel

This is the only level 17 song to be introduced to Voez. Boy it is so hard to keep up with!
Weirdly enough it is possible to score a 'Full Combo' on this song as a YouTuber posted a video about it... - infinitecirculation

2 Interstellar Experience

A very galactic space themed song. Seems all calm in the middle...but wait till you get to the end! It's all chaos! - infinitecirculation

3 Pupa

Another very amazing yet fast paced song. It is impossible to score a perfect combo on this! - infinitecirculation

4 Platinum

The classical, one of the first Level 16 songs to be introduced to Voez. One of the reasons why this is so tough is because it is so, so fast paced! - infinitecirculation

5 Dual Dragoon

This is a karate, Chinese classical song with a given twist. It is extremely fast and difficult to keep up with. - infinitecirculation

6 Unicore

UGHH! This is so insanely tough! - infinitecirculation

7 Beyond the Horizon

Don't be fooled by the kawaii looking cover art! This song will have your fingers sore for days trying to play it! - infinitecirculation

8 Freedom Dive

Fast, and Relentless, freedom dive will Challenge even the best VOEZ players.

What this song's notes are everywhere!

The hardest in Cytus returns! The notes are impossible to hit! You'll regret it!

9 Event Horizon

This song is my favourite out of them all. Sounds like something in an action fighter movie. It is very hard but said to be one of the 'easier' Level 16 songs.
I think not! - infinitecirculation

10 Like Asian Spirit

Another classical East-Asian themed song. Sounds amazing but wait until you try to play it! - infinitecirculation

The Contenders

11 Owari to Hajimari No Oto

It's a video game themed song (sounds like it anyway) it's doable but still very tough being a Level 16 song! - infinitecirculation

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