Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast


The Top Ten

1 With Your Butt

LMAO this list is hilarious - Not_A_Weeaboo

Dude, did you see my list on Top Ten Most Random List Ideas or something? This was one of my submissions to that list I made. I made that list quite a long time ago and I was shocked off my arse to see that this list was actually made. - Cazaam

@Cazaam Yes. Yes I did. - imacg4

What is this I'm dying! 😂

2 Using a Mouse (Animal or Computer) As a Utensil
3 On a Pyramid
4 With a Chimpanzee

It seems like you're obsessed with chimpanzees. - funnyuser

Because he might snatch your lunch before you're able to grab a bike. ~ AlphaQ

5 On a Chimpanzee
6 Using a Chimpanzee As a Chair
7 With Yourself On Top of a Mountain, and Your Breakfast On the Bottom of the Sea

That would be very impossible. - funnyuser

8 In the Sea

The food might sink if you let go of it

You swim or you eat and how the food Wetness - belarbi

9 In a Tornado

Now why would you eat in a tornado? - Demon_Kitty

Look on the bright side. Now I'm safe in the eye of the tornado. - romanempire249

10 While Being a Tornado

The Contenders

11 With Justin Bieber
12 While in a Knight Helmet
13 While Dead

YOU CAN'T EAT DEAD - Demon_Kitty

I find it amusing that this is at the bottom of the list. - romanempire249

You can't eat dead

14 While Lying Down
15 In a Hurricane
16 Without Arms or Legs
17 With Cazaam
18 With Dora
19 With Barney

I find it amusing that this is harder than eating without a stomach. - romanempire249

That would be so awful!

20 With Your Foot
21 In Outer Space
22 With Your Penis

Why would you eat with your penis? - Demon_Kitty

23 While Hanging Yourself
24 Without Arms
25 Without a Stomach
26 While Watching the Nutshack


27 Frowning
28 When You’re on a Diet
29 While Looking at a Dita Von Teese Picture
30 While Falling
31 With Caillou
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