Top Ten Hardest Ways to Eat Breakfast


The Top Ten

1 With Your Butt

Dude, did you see my list on Top Ten Most Random List Ideas or something? This was one of my submissions to that list I made. I made that list quite a long time ago and I was shocked off my arse to see that this list was actually made. - Cazaam

LMAO this list is hilarious - Not_A_Weeaboo

@Cazaam Yes. Yes I did. - imacg4

What is this I'm dying! 😂 - AnnieCallie

2 Using a Mouse (Animal or Computer) As a Utensil
3 On a Pyramid
4 With a Chimpanzee

It seems like you're obsessed with chimpanzees. - funnyuser

Because he might snatch your lunch before you're able to grab a bike. ~ AlphaQ

5 On a Chimpanzee
6 Using a Chimpanzee As a Chair
7 With Yourself On Top of a Mountain, and Your Breakfast On the Bottom of the Sea

That would be very impossible. - funnyuser

8 In the Sea

The food might sink if you let go of it - AnnieCallie

You swim or you eat and how the food Wetness - belarbi

9 In a Tornado
10 While Being a Tornado

The Newcomers

? While Looking at a Dita Von Teese Picture
? While Dead

You can't eat dead - AnnieCallie

The Contenders

11 With Justin Bieber
12 While in a Knight Helmet
13 While Lying Down
14 In a Hurricane
15 Without Arms or Legs
16 With Cazaam
17 With Dora
18 With Barney
19 With Your Foot
20 In Outer Space
21 With Your Penis
22 While Hanging Yourself
23 Without Arms
24 Without a Stomach
25 While Watching the Nutshack
26 Frowning
27 When You’re on a Diet
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