Top Ten Hardest Wii Games

The Top Ten Hardest Wii Games

1 Donkey Kong Country Returns

This Game, It's Incredibly Hard, 2 Lives Per Character, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

This does a good job at upping the reputation of the Donkey Kong Country series as some of the more challenging platformers out there and the most satisfying ones to complete. - Entranced98

DK games are really really hard. - DCfnaf

2 Sonic and the Secret Rings

This game is terrible in sync with the motion controls and isn't hard in general its just a fail by nintendo - YOSHIA2121

I Don't Really Think I Need To Explain Why This Game Sucks - VideoGamefan5

Erazor djinn is too damn op

Very hard because of sucky motion controls. - LarkwingFlight

3 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

You Have To Get The Elements - VideoGamefan5

4 Mega Man 9

This Game Is The Hardest In The Franchise - VideoGamefan5

5 Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Get Ready To Use The Nunchuck For This Star Shooter - VideoGamefan5

6 Mercury Meltdown Evolution

Move The BALL! - VideoGamefan5

7 Super Mario Galaxy 2

It was easy at first but then it got increasingly more frustrating.

Harder Than I Expected - VideoGamefan5

Very easy until Grandmaster galaxy - YOSHIA2121

8 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Zombies Gonna Get You - VideoGamefan5

9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

Oh This Game, The Regular Verison Was Also Considered Hard, But This One Is Much Harder Because Of The WiiMote And Nunchuck - VideoGamefan5

10 Sonic and the Black Knight

Yeah, because the controls sucked. There's an obvious delay between when you swing your remote and when your character moves on screen. It's a constant fight. Man, I hurt my wrist a few times, playing this game.

Not As Hard As The Secret Rings, But It Took Me MONTHS To Get To the Next Level - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 New Super Mario Bros

In my opinion - Watchmojo

12 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
13 Sonic Colors
14 Punch-Out!! Wii
15 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mostly easy except intense boss battles - YOSHIA2121

16 Sonic Unleashed
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