Taking Care Of Business

There are so many users on TheTopTens that it's hard to count. But some of them go the extra mile. You know those people. The ones who have so many lists and so many achievements you feel jealous. But that's because of all that hard work and experience that those special users have.
For example, we've got a famous user: PositronWildhawk. Everything about him is amazing. He is the second most followed, has the most comments, and is even Number 1 on the list " Best Users On TheTopTens"! But that's because he's on here since 2013.
In the end, you're pretty much taking care of business. To quote The Beatles, " It's been a hard day's night, I've been working like a dog!". You just gotta work hard, and be inspiring to be as famous as PositronWildhawk. Or, you can stay on this website and never leave, so that eventually you will have the same amount of success. Either way, you just have to work hard. After all, you're better than you think you are, and that's why you're called the working man ( to quote Rush).


I knew Rush would make it into this post at some point! I agree. I've been here a reasonable amount of time, and it's kind of payed off I suppose. - IronSabbathPriest

Bachman-Turner Overdrive made it in too. - PetSounds

In the title - gemcloben

So did The Beatles. - Pony