Hardest Worlds In New Super Mario Bros Wii

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1 World 9: Star Land

I haven't done a level on this world, but I know it will be hard.

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2 World 8: Lava Land

I can not believe my eyes when I see that this world is number 8 on this list. More pain and effort is put into this than any other world by a complete longshot!

the rocks that come out the volcanoes annoy me and catch me off guard a lot - mikeyeggo

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3 World 7: Sky Land

I died about 47 times on Ludwig's fortress, and I STILL have to use super guide to beat it!

4 World 3: Ice Land
5 World 5: Jungle Land
6 World 6: Stone Land
7 World 2: Sand Land

It's the worst world ever. Ahhh!

Princess Peach would make a very big fuss if we don't complete this world fast.

8 World 1: Mushroom Land

Not hard at all. This world is EASY I did it in 1 day! That's right 1 day and the best world is world 4 with Bowser jr 1st battle

I did this in a hour

Why is this even on the list? Whoever put this here is horrible at this game.

I hate Super Mario Bros. Wii!

9 World 4: Tropical Land
10 World 10: Our world V 3 Comments

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11 World 11: Jurassic World
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1. World 9: Star Land
2. World 7: Sky Land
3. World 8: Lava Land
1. World 9: Star Land
2. World 8: Lava Land
3. World 7: Sky Land



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