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1 High School DXD High School DXD High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The series revolves around Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high school student who is reincarnated into a Devil by Rias Gremory after being killed on his first date. He later joins the Occult Research more.

Fans of this anime overhyped this anime so much. It isn't even that good. This anime is average at best and nothing special.

Besides nakedness it also has an interesting storyline

Plot with actual plot


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2 To Love Ru

This is pretty good anime


3 Infinite Stratos Infinite Stratos Infinite Stratos, also written as IS is a Japanese light novel series by Izuru Yumizuru with illustrations provided by Okiura and CHOCO. more.
4 Is This a Zombie
5 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
6 Nisekoi Nisekoi

I love it so much by the way team chitoge for the win!

I love Nisekoi so much. I am a bit disappointed from this series because my favorite character Kosaki Onodera lost but a bit happy to see Chitoge Kirisa won.

I love the manga and anime also.I don't know why they are not releasing season by season. It will be on top if they do so...😉

7 Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club is a manga series by Bisco Hatori, serialized in Hakusensha's LaLa magazine between the September 2002 and November 2010 issues. The manga has been adapted into a series of audio dramas, an animated television series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, a Japanese more.
8 Shuffle! Shuffle!

Much better than the ones before it

9 Magikoi Oh! Samurai Girls
10 Highschool Of The Dead Highschool Of The Dead Highschool of the Dead, known in Japan as Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead, is a Japanese manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō.

The Contenders

11 Familiar OF Zero
12 Samurai Harem

I think you mean Samurai Girls/Bride. - lavashooter

13 Baka and Test

Is this one really a harem? It's more about the dudes. - lavashooter

14 Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
15 Sekirei Sekirei Sekirei is a Japanese manga series by Sakurako Gokurakuin. The manga was serialized in Square Enix's seinen magazine Young Gangan between December 2004 and August 2015. A sequel to the manga began serialization in the same magazine in May 2017.
16 The World God Only Knows The World God Only Knows The World God Only Knows, abbreviated as Kaminomi, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki. It has been adapted into three anime series produced by Manglobe.
17 Overlord Overlord
18 Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend
19 Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi Muyo!
20 Sword Art Online Sword Art Online Sword Art Online is a series of Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. In 2012, it received an anime adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures and the SAO Project, and is directed by Tomohiko Ito . The first season is divided into two arcs known as "Aincrad" and "Fairy Dance". more.

Well, It's kind of a harem. - lavashooter

21 Eden of Grisaia

"A harem with an actual storyline? This is blasphemy! " No, it is a reality. The Eden of Grisaia is a harem with a rather dark storyline coupled with (I kid you not) psychological aspects, and for once, if you are thrown off by harem MC's that are too dense or perverted, fear not as Yuuji, the MC of this anime, is neither, being aware of the girls' feelings but still continues his task with his goal of revenge against Heath Oslo, the one who made him the assassin he was back when he was a child. Trust me, this is the darkest and most story-heavy harem anime I have ever seen in my life. - SelfDestruct

22 Date A Live
23 Rosario + Vampire Rosario + Vampire
24 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
25 Princess Lover
26 Trinity Seven Trinity Seven

The music and the way the magic is good and well thought out. All the girls are interesting and likable. This harem anime probably has better and more interesting characters than most of the entries on this list and the amount of character development is surprisingly good. The anime is a short 12 episodes long, so I recommend reading the manga. - AxelS

27 Monster Musume

Monster Girls yay!

One of the few harem anime where the mc is fully aware of all the girls that have feelings for him.

28 Negima! Magister Negi Magi
29 Masamune-kun's Revenge
30 Aria The Scarlet Ammo
31 Yosuga no Sora
32 Bladedance of Elementalers
33 Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate The Combat Butler is a Taiwanese television drama based on the Japanese shōnen manga of the same name by Kenjiro Hata.
34 Demon King Daimao Demon King Daimao
35 Heaven’s Lost Property
36 Grisaia
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