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1 Classic Harley Quinn Classic Harley Quinn

Best Harley outfit. If there is a Suicide Squad 2, or Harley Quinn movie, I would prefer to see this one. Margot Robbie herself said she preferred this outfit over the Suicide Squad one she had to wear.

The original and best. The pattern and color scheme work perfectly and helped solidify Harley as a special and well loved character. - Verderame

Yep. This is for sure number 1. Classic Hadley will always be the best no matter what! Everything about her is so perfect!

I mean, definitely, THE best - BBugQueen

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2 Suicide Squad (2016) Suicide Squad (2016)

Margot Robbie is cool and she's really cool for Harley Quinn, but they could've given her a decent costume/design.

I love this costume can't stop staring at harley

Can't stand this costume. The tattoos are dumb and way over the top. The jacket is pretty cool but the rest of the costume is lame and really cliche.

Not the best, but better than all the other trash. Deserves number two. Classic, MJST BE ONE - BBugQueen

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3 Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham Asylum

A great twist on the character and fit into the theme of the Arkham Asylum game perfectly - Verderame

They oversexualized her.. But it's alright

Unrealistic body... Ugly costume

4 Injustice: Insurgency Injustice: Insurgency

Love this one!

Kind of cool - Stevenuniversefangirl

5 Batman: Arkham City Batman: Arkham City

This costume was like a combination of Classic Quinn and Arkham Asylum. And the result is beautiful. - Verderame

6 Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight

This one is hot

7 Joker (Comic)

Oh wow. I didn't think a whole lot of other people knew about this comic. I loved it and Harley's outfits look really cool in it.

8 DC Bombshells DC Bombshells

I LOVE DC Bombshells Harley! The only flaw is that she's dating Ivy in that universe lol. But that doesn't have any effect on how cute the costume is though. Lol

I love how crazy this outfit is and how it really suits her. It sticks to the classic colour theme and adds a bit of steampunk in it with the goggles. Plus she's dating Ivy and they are my OTP so that's great. ♦️

9 New 52

Way better than the Suicide Squad movie costume. This look is a nice new take on the character while still maintaining basic aspects of the original or "classic" design such as the red and black color scheme. A very underrated entry. Deserves to be higher than number 10.

10 Suicide Squad (Comic)

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11 Batman: Assault on Arkham

Hate the character, love the costume.

12 Injustice Injustice

Don't understand why they used the color green for her hair but it isn't a terrible costume other than that. Definitely at least top ten for sure.

13 Injustice 2 Injustice 2
14 Justice League: Gods and Monsters
15 Batman: the Brave and the Bold
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1. Suicide Squad (2016)
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1. Classic Harley Quinn
2. Batman: Arkham Asylum
3. Injustice: Insurgency
1. Batman: Arkham City
2. Classic Harley Quinn
3. Injustice: Insurgency

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