Top 10 Most Harmful Decisions from U.S. Presidents

This list denotes the most harmful decisions. Not the worst decisions politically or in terms of career, so sex scandals and such are sort of off the table.

The Top Ten

1 Vietnam War (Lyndon Johnson)

It was an unnecessary war, as the domino theory proved false. The draft was reinstituted. A lot of money and lives were lost. And it ruined public trust in the government for generations. - marmalade_skies

Let's not forget who initiated direct American involvement in Vietnam. It was JFK.

2 Fighting a second war with Britain (James Madison)

It was an avoidable war for American pride, and for stealing Canadian land from the Indians. The White House was attacked and the existence of the United States itself was in danger. - marmalade_skies

3 Declaring a second War on Iraq (George W. Bush)

A war against WMD's that never existed. Not only did the war cost 2 trillion dollars and lots of lives, but it destabilized the entire middle east into chaos. - marmalade_skies

Another reason why he was a terrible president. - Catacorn

4 Japanese American Interment (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

The rounding up of thousands of Japanese Americans, taking them away from their jobs/families/businesses and putting them into camps was racist and oppressive. - marmalade_skies

I know it may sound cruel...but they were in the middle of a war at the time, so it does make sense if you think about it.

5 Allowing the South to secede (James Buchanan)

Buchanan was simply honoring his oath to the Constitution (imagine that). Secession was lawful; no permanent Union was created by ratification of the Constitution. So what's your point?

The Civil War was prone to happen anyway, but on top of an entire term of placating southern slaveowners, his decision to do absolutely nothing as Southern states left the union was appalling. The war may have been unpreventable, but he could have at least tried to have done something. - marmalade_skies

6 The Phillipines-American War (Theodore Roosevelt & William McKinley)

Despite being only briefly mentioned in history books, this early 1900's genocide was a case of the United States using cruel and violent tactics to colonize the Phillipines. - marmalade_skies

7 The War on Drugs (Richard Nixon)

Nixon's own advisors later admitted it was a tool just to suppress hippies and blacks, but nonetheless, The Controlled Substances Act resulted in the incarceration of millions of people for small marijuana possession as well as punishing severe addicts instead of helping them. - marmalade_skies

8 The Embargo Act (Thomas Jefferson)

Wanting to stay neutral in foreign affairs, Jefferson banned American trade with both Britain and France. It resulted in a short-term depression and it hurt a lot of poor/working people. - marmalade_skies

9 Bay of Pigs Invasion (John F. Kennedy & Dwight Eisenhower)

The decision to stage a failed coup in Cuba, on the false assumption that most of its citizens would support it resulted in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which had nuclear missiles positioned that could destroy the entire country. Thankfully, he handled it successfully. - marmalade_skies

10 Hawley-Smoot Tariff (Herbert Hoover)

Despite the explicit warning by many economists, Hoover's belief in protectionism drove him to sign it anyway. This resulted in a trade war which made the Great Depression even worse. - marmalade_skies

The Contenders

11 The Federal Reserve Act (Woodrow Wilson)
12 Withdraw from the Paris agreement (Donald Trump)
13 Building a wall (Donald Trump)
14 Abolishment of the Nuclear Arms Treaty (Donald Trump)

Because he abolished it. It might increase the chance of ww3.

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1. Fighting a second war with Britain (James Madison)
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